Some rotten Arsenal stats after the humiliating 5-0 loss to Man City

Arsenal has just been beaten 5-0 by Manchester City in one of the worst performances from them in a while.

After thrashing West Brom 6-0 in the Carabao Cup in midweek, the fans had been confident that the Gunners would put up a spirited performance against City this weekend.

They started as the brighter side before conceding the first goal and they couldn’t get their rhythm back.

Granit Xhaka was eventually sent off in the first half as Arsenal went into the break 3-0 down.

Their fans would have expected a much better second half, but that never happened.

City scored two more goals and conceded none to see Arsenal earn a third straight loss in as many games this season.

The Gunners’ defeat has plunged them to a new low and increased the pressure on Mikel Arteta.

One of the stats behind their season shows that only the Gunners and Shrewsbury Town have played 3 games among the 92 clubs in the England league pyramid and haven’t scored a goal. Here are some more depressing stats:

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  1. One after the other with these records tumbling on our way down!

    He needs to go but we all know Arteta and Stan arnt going anywhere.

  2. Honestly, can’t say I was surprised. Chickens finally coming home to roost: the coming together or culmination of the deluge of poor management decisions we have been complaining about on JA for the last year, at least. It’s no use blaming individual players. That won’t help. Major surgery is needed at the highest levels of the club.

  3. A wise maxim says nothing is decided in November.
    Yet here we are only in August and fans have already given up.
    This despite playing the best team in the world away and the CL holder.
    This despite half the squad being injured or out with covid.
    Half the league will have 5 or less points by the end of the round.
    If we beat Norwich Burnley and Spurs we will be mid table after just 6 of 38 games having played 2 of the top 4.
    A little perspective is advised.

    1. Hi Fairfan I hear you I really do, but I thought we was past this sort of beating, regardless of who plays and who doesn’t , I’m losing my nerve…….

    2. Please Fairfan what makes City the best team in the world or is winning the premier league now a criteria for been the best in the world above those that won the Champions league or club world cup? Please to qualifying people with words you can’t logically defend.

  4. worst is happening to arsenal since arteta came. Arteta has done nothing technically to improve the team. What is happening now is strange and should be stop by sacking arteta. During arteta rain arsenal has become weak team in london

  5. Hi VasC

    Not sure if you are responding to my post above?
    The thing is even so called average players in the premier league are bloody good footballers, our team today should be strong enough, professional enough not to get stuffed…..

    1. No, GoalDan. Definitely not, as a response to your post.

      It’s something to do with an entirely different post in JA titled – “Xhaka calls for unity among fans and players after Chelsea defeat”. You’ll understand better, if you scroll through the comments in that post.

  6. Soares completed seven passes, 44% of the total he tried. He lost eight duels, more than any other player, failed in his only dribble attempt, made no blocks, attempted no tackles, and lost all five of his aerials.

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