Something has to change with Arsenal’s transfer and negotiations policies

Arsenal’s winter transfer window and transfer policy

As we reach 2 weeks into the winter transfer window Arsenal have been linked to many players but still yet to sign anyone. Denis Suarez, who looks like he could be joining the club, could be a good addition to the team but still not filling the crucial position we need, which is a centre back or maybe even a winger. Keylor Navas, who was also rumored to be joining after it was reported he was frustrated with his lack of game time at Real Madrid was shot down a couple days later as it was announced that he signed a new contract for his club. Other rumours suggest that we are interested in Yannick Carrasco who would be a great signing for the club, but it’s never a good thing to be too confident about a transfer especially when your an Arsenal supporter. Even now we’re hearing that the players signed in this window will be on loan, as we apparently don’t have enough money to sign players on permanent deals.

In my opinion our transfer policy over the last couple of years has been one to be concerned about. We may have got some players that are helping us this season, but it still seems like we’re neglecting the positions we need to fill in order to be competing for a title again. Yes, Sokratis and Lucas Torreira were great additions to the team to help out those needs in those crucial positions, but it is still clear we need to sort out the defence, especially with the injury to Rob Holding, and Laurent Koscielny looking like he lost a yard of pace after returning from his long-term injury. Lucas Torreira has seemed to have fixed our problem with a proper defensive midfielder, but with Aaron Ramsey on the verge of departing maybe Denis Suarez would be a good addition after all.

Part of this whole dilemma with transfers and contracts can be the fact that our owner refuses to back the club and the manager with funds as it was recently reported that Stan Kroenke invested nothing over the past 8 years. We’ve been left with a self sustained structure which ended up leading to us losing crucial team players, such as Alexis Sanchez, Jack Wilshere and what seems to be inevitable; Aaron Ramsey. All these players have gone for nothing mainly due to the fact that we don’t want to, or can’t, pay a player the wages their demanding. Another issue that I think can be contributing to our contract dilemma is the fact that Mesut Ozil is on £350,000 a week. This season it is clear that Unai Emery does not rate Mesut’s attitude towards playing, and that he has been injured a lot, making a player with wages like that into one we need to get rid of if he won’t be a player Emery is going to get along with. I think the renewal of Ozil’s contract was a hurry, because we knew a club was eventually going to swoop in for him and get him for free, and that’d put a huge burden on the negotiation team.

Mentioning the negotiation team, I’d like to express my thoughts on the Aaron Ramsey and Danny Welbeck contracts situations. First of all it’s obvious by now that Aaron Ramsey will be leaving, but whether he’ll be leaving this month or in the summer is still up in the air. It was announced early into the season that Arsenal are no longer trying to extend Aaron Ramsey’s contract as they could not agree terms. The Welsh midfielder reportedly was asking for £250,000 but Arsenal were holding out for £170,000 eventually leading to a fall out in both party’s. We call ourselves a big club and are supposed to be attracting the biggest players in the world but we’re struggling to pay £250,000 to a player that proved himself more than Mesut Ozil did last season? Even this year when he’s not a regular starter he’s still the club’s top assister with 6 and scoring 2 goals. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of funds that are preventing us from tying players down but losing Aaron Ramsey will be a crucial loss to the team and we’ll see how much we’re going to miss him when he leaves. Another important squad player that will most likely be leaving for free is Danny Welbeck. After receiving what looks like a season ending ankle injury against Sporting in the Europa League, missing Welbeck off the bench has shown how much we need him. Eddie Nketiah is not a plan B off the bench, so losing Welbeck would look like a disaster if we fail to re sign him. There hasn’t been news about renewing his contract, so we can pretty much assume he’ll be gone in the summer.

One thing our negotiation team can do to prevent these players from leaving for cheap or even free, is by tying players with more than a year on their contract. We didn’t want to pay £250,000 a week for Ramsey’s contract this season, but maybe last season he would’ve agreed lower wages. Players will know that the club is desperate to re-sign them so they demand high wages and if they don’t get it they’ll leave for free and go to a club where they will get their demanding wages. Whereas if we were to re-sign a player with more than a year on their contract, we have the advantage of getting a player tied down for less wages.

It has come to times at this club where we have become helpless being a self sustained business. Whether you blame it on Stan Kroenke, the board or our negotiation team, it’s clear to see that something needs to change if we want to compete with our top 5 rivals. Champions League Football is 100% still in reach this season but we still need to buy players in order to actually call ourselves competitors for the Premier League or Champions League.



  1. Dan Burcea says:

    I totally agree with you!

  2. Yg says:

    OT : loukman of Everton looks like a future star, he can be a decent addition for the right wing, he should also come cheap.
    How do these smaller clubs keep finding these gems and arsenal with all our reach and resources can’t?
    If the club won’t spend money on buying finished products then they should invest in young players with super potential

  3. Lupe says:

    The new regime would need time to fix the mess left behind but we have to understand that ramsey isn’t worth 170k talk less of 250k, therefore he has to leave. The mistake was not selling him when he had a few years left. Ozil should have been sold too but wenger and gazidis never wanted to change players, they kept on stock-pilling players until their values dropped to the point we had to sell for peanuts or loose on a free. We have so many players that are overpaid and untill that is sorted we would have problems in buying players due to our owner. I saw that kolasinac earns over a 100k per week, i know he was signed on a free but my God thats going to be a problem in the future.

    1. Me says:

      As far as I can see the “New Regime” and Kroenke are entirely to blame for the fact that Arsenal are in decline, that we don’t have the money to sign new players for the foreseeable future and the fact that over the space of five games we have let an eleven point gap between us and Man United evaporate to nothing simply because the manager is an incompetent idiot and aside from Aubameyang there isn’t a half decent player at the club.
      Arsenal are a fuc**ng shambles managed be cretins who shouldn’t be allowed within ten miles of a football club – Unai Emery, Raul Sanllehi, Vinai Venkateshambles and Sven Mislintat are a bunch of jobsworth’s who should be arguing a massive case for investment but instead do nothing.
      I am so angry to see that all the promises of competing with the biggest and best was nothing but empty promises and fraud.
      Take the money and fuc**ng run….

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Isn’t that amazing? the number of points between us and united and how a month ago we were laughing and mocking their team..and with 5 matches, we’re on same points now..Lose to Chelsea next week and then United is in our spot, fighting for top 4??.. I’m having a hard laugh, this team and the coach seems to be more worse than it was under Wenger.. hell what manner of fückery should we call this??

        1. Midkemma says:

          £70 million on def players and we are conceding more per game than last season under Wenger.

          I am happy that our team seems to show more fight… I do not think Emery is such a great manager though, coach yeah… manager, not so sure.

          1. ACE says:

            Is it really that surprising considering the
            collect talent purchases for that sum

            Socratis—been solid, but at 30 hes a decent
            complimentary CB going forward. He isnt
            the future rock of the Arsenal back line.

            Leno—young, talented but still mistake prone.
            Still has time to blossom but I would of
            preferred a young EPl keeper with big game
            experience. Scmeichel for the same price or even less money would of been nice.

            Torerria— fantastic player when slotted in
            at DM but left exposed in the middle of the
            pitch when paired with the hapless Xhaka.
            A Doucore type B2B midfield would see the
            diminutive Urugyuan elevate his game to
            WC status.

            Liverpool spent £75M on VVD, anyone wish
            to argue which money spent has had a
            greater impact?


          2. ozziegunner says:

            Midkemma, please apply for the job when Emery walks or is sacked.
            You will probably be the only applicant, as no self respecting well credentialed manager would aplly, given the state of the current squad, the transer budget available and Kroenke’s self sustaining financial model.

          3. Ozyy AFC says:

            Emery wont EVER be sacked, he’s the yes man that Wenger was and will keep the books balanced enough to keep silent stan happy and keep the profits ticking over, without kicking up too much of fuss at having no funds.
            different face leading the march but its the same tune, maybe worse now that Usmanov has gone. Did any of you really think anything would drastically change with the onset of Dick emery?
            Only time things will change is when the Kroenke family are gone from the Arsenal rolls and someone who is football minded and wants his team to win is on the owners sheet.

    2. gotanidea says:

      I think Arsenal intended to make their players/ staffs happy and feel the ownership/ family culture at the club. Hence Wenger’s multiple contract extensions, the trust on the players over their contract decisions, keep starting the underperformers, etc

      Good intention, but usually it is just a business for some players. Arsenal should be more ruthless next time, when their people are stalling, plagued with recurring injuries or consistently producing bad forms

    3. Midkemma says:

      The signing on for free, if we had bought him then the total outgoing could have been more than the wage, more so when we consider he was in the team of the season when we got him. He could have been sold for £30 million if his contract wasn’t out, if they had bargaining power.

      That would be £5 million over 6 years or if we break that down to weekly wage then it is around 96k a week… but that is only the transfer, not wages on top… At ~£50k a week, over the 6 years of transfer fee being paid as a wage, it would allow a further 3 years wage at 96k a week.

      That is 9 years of 96k a week if we signed him at £30 million and paid £50k a week instead.
      If we sold Kola now then we would be making money on a transfer which cost us nothing, this could go some way to negating any wages we have ever paid to him. For example, if we sold him for £30 million now then we would be up.

      If we isolate things from other contributing factors then we do not get the whole picture.

  4. Dan kit says:

    Nothing will change until mr tight arse as moved on from the club ..
    The odds on Dennis Suarez have now drifted which is usually a good indication on how things are in that front,he was 1/5 on now he’s 8/13 on ,still crappy odds as betting is concerned but not when you’re waiting for you’re team to actually sign someone.
    Always a depressing time transfer windows for us arsenal fans ?
    AKA xxnofx


  6. rkw says:

    i think its the owner unfortunately

  7. gotanidea says:

    Denis Suarez is a CM with good close control in the mold of Cazorla, but Arsenal already have too many CMs. Navas is another BS rumor, since we have got enough GKs

    Carrasco’s performance as a left wingback in World Cup was not excellent, hence I really doubt he could torment EPL’s defenders as a winger. If he excelled as winger in Spain, Atletico Madrid would have kept him

    Losing Ramsey is a loss, but can be replaced with our young CMs. Ozil’s wage doesn’t justify his appearances and forms, while Arsenal could get two younger and pacey wingers with his mega salary

    1. Me says:

      If Denis Suarez was a good player then why isn’t Barcelona fighting to keep him?
      Why isn’t Liverpool, or Man United or Bayern or any other big club after him? after all he is only £14 million.
      Is it because he is not very good?
      This is what it has come to – we are the new Everton or West Ham.
      Mid table mediocrity looking for mediocre players.
      Placing signing rubbish like Suarez a priority over giving players like Smith-Rowe a chance.
      Smith-Rowe and players like Saka, Ameachi and Nelson are really talented players – blood them in, sign some defenders…
      Arsenal need a complete revamp from the top to the bottom….

      1. gotanidea says:

        Because those big clubs you mentioned can afford someone better and they already have their first team CMs

        Arsenal’s spending in this season should have been better, but I have got a hunch that they would surprise us before this transfer window closes

        I agree that Arsenal have become weaker like a mediocre team. But if Pochettino’s Tottenham and Ranieri’s Leicester can stay competitive despite the lack of funding, Arsenal should be able to do it as well

  8. A.N.OTHER KEN. says:

    excellent article mate.

  9. Eddie Hoyte says:

    “It’s really worrying,I know that Unai Emery has had his problems with big players in dressing rooms before and it seems like, to me, Ozil in this dressing room is the one he’s taking it out on.
    “For Ozil not to be in the 18, whatever’s going on with them, I can’t get my head round that.
    “We cannot afford to have arguably the highest paid player in Arsenal’s history not even in the 18.
    After 60 or 70 minutes, they didn’t create anything at West Ham . I don’t think Arsenal are in a position where they can be leaving Mesut Ozil totally out the 18.” – Ian Wright…

    But according to experts on here, some of us are delusional and kissing Ozil’s ass for questioning why Emery keeps freezing him out of the team….
    Oh is Ian Wright stupid and delusional also? maybe he’s just licking Ozil’s âss??

    1. Me says:

      His problems with big players isn’t half as significant as his problems with tactics….

  10. Phil says:

    Ok -perhaps someone could help me out with this.FFP is still relevant I believe and is calculated purely on Gross Income against player wages.No CL seriously affects income as the Europa League offers only a fraction on revenue in comparison.So is this the reason why the loan deals are being considered in this transfer window?
    If this is the case then it explains a great deal.I just fail to believe money isn’t available for purchases.If this window is too soon and players are being targeted in the summer then this is just something we must be patient with.But what is does highlight is just how important CL football is to every ambitious Football Club.The fact that next season is likely to be our third consecutive in the EL shows how far we have fallen.The other top sides will strengthen so getting back in is likely to be harder still.I read today Abramovich has just paid £69.1m into Chelsea to balance the books.There is ZERO possibility of Kronke paying 69pence of his own money into the Club so we are likely to be playing catch up for years to come.Unless of course I am missing something

    1. ozziegunner says:


  11. Eddie Hoyte says:

    By the way I keep reading about us reaching FFP limit and all bullshít… Are y’all saying the whole Arsenal team earns more than PSG and Man City, did we even spend half of the money those clubs spent?? anybody care to explain why we can’t sign players?

    1. Midkemma says:

      FFP limit is based on individual clubs, not the biggest in the EPL or EU. What City or PSG spend are not the limits for all clubs.

      We can only increase wage bill by 7% (I think, could check but being lazy, sorry), with the hike of Ozil and new signings etc, we tend to hit that limit. I’m pretty sure if we looked at Arsenals wage then it has increased each year, around the limit we’re allowed.

      I have thought that the reason for this is that once we get that high wage, we can replace overpaid players with quality, we couldn’t just jump up to paying a massive figure without the growth. I’m not saying we could afford to buy the players XD but we do now have a wage bill that would allow EPL competition along with UCL… WHEN we get back in it 😉

      Flipping our wage growth to a wage decrease, we would have difficulty affording WC players wages if we can’t pay it without breaking the allowed increase for FFP. We can at least afford the wages if we look to remove some of the higher wage earners, a swap in sorts.

      Some of our older players will be leaving soon and that wage can be reinvested without fear of breaking FFP.

      1. Phil says:

        Thank you-so the chances are it’s the FFP we are constrained under that is preventing us from BUYING as opposed to LOANING WITH AN OPTION TO BUY.
        The Adidas deal gives us £30m per year to add to our income.Welbeck Cech Lichstiener etc must free up at least £300-400,000 plus per week in wages.So there is every reason to believe that the summer window really does give us an opportunity to move on players and be able to replace as necessary while still keeping us within FFP.That is of course provided we have the transfer fees to pay.
        Hopefully the Club Management know exactly how much is needed and are identifying their targets within our financial constraints.BUT WILL THESE CONSTRAINTS GIVE US THE FUNDS THAT ARE REQUIRED?
        I am not so sure

        1. Durand says:

          Or the owner to greenlight the spending. For example, if we have £120 million available for transfers, will Kronke still only allow £70 million transfer kitty?

          I see him keeping the extra £50 million and telling fans “self sustaining” or no CL football, or even keeping for long term rebuild. Our owner is cheapskate tightwad, 10 years proof at Arsenal, and another 10 years previously in the States.

          We could have £250 million available, and Kronke would only release £70 million and a load of bullshit as to why we don’t touch the extra £180 million.

          1. ken1945 says:

            I think if it is FFP the club would have said surely.
            They must know the backlash that saying we could only afford loan deals would have on the supporters?
            If there was a way to blame anyone else, they would have used it.

          2. jon fox says:

            You still actually then believe this club will tell US PLEBS anything? Well Ken I do not and have learned that through bitter experience. He is called Silent Stan for a very good reason. All billionaires are silent when it comes to informing the “little, unimportant and plain ordinary people” of how they are continuing to screw us. Surely your long life has already taught you that Ken? Irrespective of FFP or anything else, when , since Kroenke hijacked our club , has he uttered a single word to us “little folk.” If memory serves me well, some years ago he admitted that he was not in it to win silverware and since then ZILCH! Expect continued silence. I do!

          3. Ozzy AFC says:

            we should ALL know by now that Kroenke has no interest what so ever in a sucsessfull football claub on ly in the martgage leverage it gives him when looking to buy other business ventures. Silent stan doesn’t give two farts about Arsenal or the fans only what it affords him in his portfolio.
            We have no say and no opinion and he doesn’t care what we think or say in any case. Look at what he’s done to succsessfull clubs in the US and you think he cares about us???.
            it was a fatl blow allowing him to become the full blown owner of Arsenal and as far as I can see we are done with being sucsessful now until the Kroenke clan get out, all they care about is money and nothing else, certainly not the sucsess of the club on the pitch nor the thoughts of the fans that pay to see the team.
            Its over fce facts.

  12. Midkemma says:

    While it would be nice for Silent Stan to say “Here is a £1 billion loan, pay me £1 a week back for the next billion weeks…”, we all know it will not happen so dreaming about it will only bring about negative feelings.

    What we can do is look towards how the club has been managed, we do generate a respectable income and we have spent well over the past 5 years, we have however failed to maximise the returns on investments.

    Lucas Perez is a prime example, we signed him as a panic buy because the board wouldn’t back the ex manager and we ended up losing a lot on money on him as well as having to pay extra for the original target. Perez transfer cost us in Perez and Lacazette price hike.

    We can find a few transfers which have cost us, no obvious resale price and obviously lacked quality for us to progress.

    Then I have to touch upon the Auba deal, I like Auba, I wouldn’t change the fact we got him. I have to recognise though that the consequences of paying a record fee for a CF when we not long spent a record fee on a CF was bound to bring about consequences.

    For me, the real issue isn’t Silent Stan but how we been doing business the past decade. Selling players for low fees and not spending on the right players soon enough. This all comes to Gazidis.

    Bright side…
    No more Gazidis. We may take a couple seasons to sort our books out but once we do then we will have funds to spend and to compete. I honestly believe that… Well, assuming we start getting more for players we sell, this means from the main squad and kids we loan out but not good enough for our 1st team.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Great post. Kroenke is an easy target but it’s far too simplistic to say it’s all down to him. There are only three teams in the PL that could make as many mistakes as we have made in transfers in and out and salaries and still be competitive at the top. Those are City, United and Chelsea.

      We can’t buy ourselves out of this mess. Need to be patient and hope that the three wise man can turn this around with better decision making than we’ve seen over the last few years.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ??it will take good management by the Trinity, time and patience to sort this mess out!

    2. jon fox says:

      EXCUSE ME ? “We have spent well over the last five years”? Mustafi, Xhaka, Licht (on a free but with high wages), wasting huge money on Ozils wage hike, and other poor to moderate players paid far too much. Contract son key players allowed torun down , thus making them unsaleable at all but giveaway prices. I accept that Laca and Auba were decent value in todays ridiculous market and also Torreira and Guendouzi. But IMO, that is the short list of value finished right there. I could not disagree more with your odd statement above.

      I DO though much agree with the rest of your post and on Gazidis, as you well know by now, (despite having bizarrely accused me of not previously condemning him, which I did DOZENS of times, but let that now pass), but I also disagree when you say the “real issue isn’t Silent Stan”, since it clearly IS the real issue, RIGHT NOW, as well as being a main cause(though not the only one)) under WENGER / GAZIDIS TOO.

      1. jon fox says:

        I should have also added Holding to the value list

  13. McLovin says:

    United won Spurs away. Wow.

    Now if that aint down to manager, I dont know what is.

    When will,Emery start performing like that?

    1. ozziegunner says:

      McLovin, when will Arsenal have a squad as good as Manchester United?

  14. Declan says:

    Well, United beat spurs but we are still 5th and United are still 6th.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Declan what are you telling yourself? are we any better than United?

      1. Declan says:

        Presently yes, but by goal difference only.
        I’m afraid we would have been beaten by either team on yesterday’s and today’s showing.

  15. McLovin says:

    United were in total chaos for months, yet they are on level with us. How come?

    1. Declan says:

      Not level, still behind us ?

    2. Midkemma says:

      Do you not feel that Arsenal have become predictable? More so than before…

      Arsenal will try to play out from the back.
      Arsenal will play the ball back so we can play out from the back.
      Arsenal backline are not full of ball players, they can/will be forced into mistakes.
      Arsenal CM lacks any real passers of the ball who can consistently find a forward pass so Arsenal will go out wide to the wing backs a lot.
      Arsenal attackers are few, easy to mark and cut our forward passes, forcing more wing back play.

      Easy how to counter Emerys Arsenal in 6 easy steps.

  16. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Thanks for explaining mate?

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      for Midkemma

      1. Midkemma says:

        Happy to share what I know.
        I may be wrong and if so then I hope someone corrects me (^.^)

        1. Durand says:

          Nope spot on Midkemma. And every PL club knows it as well. Emery hell bent to ALWAYS build up from back, and utilize winger play when we lack wingers. Add in the AMN shuffle all over the pitch (kid will be another Ox; wasted talent b/c won’t bring in FB or winger) and there you have it.

          Add his fued with Ozil that only helps our opponents, and we are where we deserve to be. I think in 3 or 4 years Emery is gone and we’ll be after another 2nd tier manager b/c that’s just Arsenal with Kronke as owner.

          Simply disgusting the state of things. Dien and former board should be flayed alive. Kronke throws cash at them, and they sell their soul because their love of money outweighed their love of Arsenal. Period. Don’t want to hear them speak about “love” of the club when they jumped for the cash offer first chance they got.

          1. Ozzy AFC says:

            Emery is NOT a PL winning manager and he is a tier 2 manager at best, he may have had a good run but he lacks the defensive quality and creative quality in midfield and that comes from having no budget and no investment wich gets us back to our old nemesis silent stan.
            Emery was virtually an unknown until he gor the job with us and why do you think he gor it?
            cos he wont make waves about having no funds for good transfers, he will tick along and spout all the right soundbytes about improvement and positive attitude and here we are with getting back into champions league football as our only ambition?????
            how we have fallen in the last decade?
            is cobblers that a club with as storied a history as Arsenal are now the everton of todays premier league.

  17. Ajf930a says:

    emery is a very limited manager I go to games when I can and it’s the worst football I have watched since our move to the new stadium.

  18. John Wick says:

    Players should have paid as they play written into their contracts, then you wouldn’t have players just happy to sit around or not performing because they want to earn their big payday! I find it shocking that kicking a ball around can earn you 350k a week or in Ozils case not doing anything! And also want to add that Sokratis is not a (great addition) Arsenal were smashed at Anfield and Sokratis was awful and also conceded 32 goals this season.. nobody is gonna tell me he’s a (Great) addition! Adequate at best.

    1. Sue says:

      I actually quite like Sokratis ? yes sometimes he thinks he’s in UFC… but he’s one of the better defenders we have…you don’t have to remind me of the 32 goals btw ?
      And don’t give me that you’ll stop writing on here ? you love it just as much as everyone else on here ?

      1. John Wick says:

        That’s not saying much when he’s the best we got ? when I look back at the defenders we once had its depressing! Some younger fans won’t have seen Tony Adams, Keown or even Sol Campbell in their prime those were defenders.. we must go out and buy a genuine world class defender like Van Dijk even he makes average defenders look better but I’ve conceded we won’t be getting someone like Koulibaly he would be absolutely ideal! Haha well I’ll always check in out of curiosity I suppose ?

        1. Sue says:

          There’s only one Tony Adams ? those were the days hey!
          So did you watch the match earlier? I did.. i actually wanted United to win ? glad Kane didn’t score!! De Gea put in yet another MOTM performance!!

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Arsenal players like McLintock, Rice, McNab, Simpson and O ‘Leary weren’t bad either!

    2. ken1945 says:

      John Wick, not arguing against what your saying, but I have a issue with your assumptions.
      Nobody knows what any players contract contains except for the club, the agent and, of course, the player.
      The same goes for the manager and his backroom staff.

      I would be absolutely amazed if anyone’s contract didn’t have clauses in it, except if your a politician of course!!

      1. John Wick says:

        Ken it’s not an assumption it was an idea that should be made mandatory to footballers.. if you look at the Carl Jenkinson situation, well he’s been at the club a long time and is on say between 50-70k a week and for what ? The odd appearance.. my point is too many players (not all) are just happy not to play and pick up wages! Would you or I get paid for not showing up to work ? Or not doing our jobs properly? Certainly not! If you’re meaning the 350k a week contract of mesut Ozil well of course I’m not certain of that but in any case it’s a big paying contract! Agreed with the clauses in contracts Ken but I would be astonished if one of the clauses were as I originally suggested.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Sorry John the word assumption was incorrect.
          Let’s look at your thoughts on the players paid as they play.

          Are you saying they get paid on the number of games played, or how they are judged to have played?
          If it’s the first example, then Ozil and Jenks won’t be earning their reported salaries will they?
          If it’s the second example, who’s going to judge their performances?
          It’s been long recognised that win bonuses are part and parcel of a footballers contract, our players are also losing out on that as well.

          As for getting paid for not turning up for work, it’s not just the game on a Saturday/Sunday/weekday is it?
          They are in every day training etc etc.
          They are also playing for other teams within the club, as does every player in every other professional club.

          No question that all footballers are paid excessive amounts, but so are most professional athletes, CEOs,managers,bankers, the list is endless.
          It’s the world we live in and if Arsenal won’t pay the going rate, there’s hundreds of clubs around who will.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            ?players have to meet all their required commitments to the Club, playing (if fit), attending matches, training, medical and rehabilitation sessions, media events etc to be paid under the terms of their contracts

          2. jon fox says:

            ozzie,You left out listing the vital ALWAYS GIVING 100% EFFORT! I wonder who I could be thinking of! Though I doubt very much that you wonder.

  19. covenant says:

    If Stan Kroenke does not want to invest in arsenal,then let him sell it to the guy that want to buy arsenal for over 3billion.

    1. jon fox says:

      Theres a long queue of that type willing to stump up £3 billion then? Do tell us who? The Nigerian fellow is first waiting to see what happens in his business deal , so he is not on the list right now.

  20. John Wick says:

    Those certainly were the days ☺ no I didn’t watch it Sue I was out but I was shocked utd winning… Solskjaer is doing a great job I hate to admit it but he is! I never want utd to win or Totts so when they play a draw is fine for me ? de gea is amazing Sue he’s saved utd so many times it’s not even funny ?

    1. Sue says:

      They played alright ?? always nice seeing that smacked arse look on Alli’s face… just a shame it was against United!!
      So 6 days to get our act together.. I’ll be so happy if we beat Chelsea… I know it’s a huge ‘if’ ?

      1. John Wick says:

        Haha that’s funny Sue ? yeah it is but oh well Totts have lost twice at not their home in a row so all good it’s a pity we can’t win and take advantage ?. You’ll be more than happy as will I ? 6 days for sesame Dracula to get his act together ?

  21. Jeremy says:

    Nothing will change if SK remains the owner.

    I am seriously wondering how the club is being managed. Why do we get in high profile recruiter when we just don’t have the money.

    SK get out of the club, please!!!

  22. Agun says:

    Our player look playing without pressure to them when the opponent have the ball and just wait until near our own area of ​​the box, that make them easier to find a chance. Vice versa, when our players have the ball, the opponent always presses us from the middle of the field but our players are afraid to fight. It is all about because our players look they do not have enough capability to do that…

    For example like:
    Iwobi is quite mediocre. He was good sometime but not consistent. He was poor in passing and read his partner moving, he passed in wrong way so many times ..
    Xhaka also is not quite good. He was good sometime for passing, but not consistent. He was poor in defense, can not compete run with most opponents.
    Koscielny is already old..

    We need real good play maker that we have to sign as soon as possible. And need to train the players to pass the ball more accurately..

    Sorry if my English is not good enough…

  23. Grandad says:

    Gazidis and Wenger have a lot to answer for.We cannot blame Kroenke for the utter incompetence displayed by these two in the area of acquisitions and contract negotiations.Emery has inherited a very weak unbalanced squad and without a cash injection from the Owner it will take him 2/3 seasons to turn the ship around.Emery is not immune from criticism and rightly so.He is paid very well to Manage the “assets” he has and his decision to play with a defensive back three when we do not have a top quality centre back on our books seems a bit mistake as demonstrated in the away defeats to Southampton and West Ham..This system should be binned asap and our promising youngsters should be given a chance instead of non performing seniors such as Mustafi, Lichsteiner, xhaka etc.

    1. jon fox says:

      You mind reader you! You certainly read mine!

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