‘Something seriously wrong’ if Man United or Liverpool don’t buy Saka

Garth Crooks has heaped further praised on Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka this week, before claiming that both Manchester United and Liverpool would be crazy not to buy him.

The youngster has been a rare shining light for the club over the last two seasons, with his performance level rarely dropping.

Saka’s only spell of average football came shortly after his return from injury just after the international break, but he hasn’t taken long to get back into the swing of things, and is already rated amongst Arsenal’s most important players.

Garth Crooks has now gone as far to claim he should be rated on par or better than Man City’s Phil Foden, and that both United and Liverpool would be crazy not to buy him.

“Regular readers will know what I think of this lad,” Crooks said.

“If Manchester United or Liverpool don’t get their hand in their pockets and buy him there is something seriously wrong with them.

“Bukayo Saka has been outstanding for Arsenal all season. He was their only shining light against Villarreal on Thursday night and his performance against West Brom days later was devastating.

“Everybody is talking about Manchester City’s Phil Foden, this lad is just as good if not better.”

Are Arsenal in a position to turn down a big offer for Saka’s signature? What 100M be a fair price IF we were willing to sell?


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  1. Les says:

    I think that Garth Crooks should keep his opinions to himself. This ex Spud is stirring the pot, won’t be long before Germaine Genius joins in. Saka is a gooner and has just signed a long term contract. Perhaps is time for Arteta to get him and Smith-Rowe on decent wages and put a release clause in them. 100 million would do for starters, for both of them!

    1. Dean Cragg says:

      So very true mate, I just posted pretty much the same as you, I hope they are given massive contracts, these 2 are a big part of Arsenals future.

    2. joe says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

  2. Dean Cragg says:

    ha ha, What a joke Garth Crooks is, trying to get our best players to leave Arsenal, what a tool !!

    Typical ex spurs stirring the pot, Just because they have had no success in decades he feels like he has to jump on the band wagon.

  3. Timothy says:

    Well that’s all we need Arsenal to continue 2 b a feeder club! 😡😠 U don’t sell your best 2 your rivals hello!!! 🤔😕☹️😡😠 The Gunner’s will keep going back ward’s! from Timmy Blazen Gunner Paul in Bermuda Gunner’s 4 life!

    1. Big Gooner says:

      All we need is so called fans to stop criticising the club for comments, with no substance, made by ex spuds about our players

      1. Les says:

        I agree with you there to some extent, but it annoys me when these idiots who have never managed a club, could never manage a club, criticise somebody who is trying to manage a club!

    2. Les says:

      I agree Timmy, we should not keep on nurturing this talent, just for somebody to come along, offer a reasonable fee and get the best out of them. It has to stop!

  4. Stu889 says:

    Just mindless drivel as usual from Mr crooked.

    1. Les says:

      I think that is an insult to drivel myself lol!

  5. Grimlar says:

    They were talking about a possible relegation battle for Arsenal at Christmas before Arteta was forced to use ESR and Saka due to injuries to other players.

    Thats how bad Arteta/Arsenal were last Nov/Dec. (How bad Arteta is generally as far as Im concerned.)

    So, no I dont think Arsenal can afford to sell Saka, or ESR, because it would almost certainly cost more to replace them than we would get for selling them.

    Because if there was a cheaper player that was as good, the buying club would go for them instead.

    Which also assumes that genuine, quality replacement players exist to be found, who were willing to come to Arsenal and would settle in with the team/club/country immediately.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Saka has been a regular since the season kicked off and started 12 out of our first 14 games. Not sure why you think he only started playing at Xmas, he was about the only silver lining we had in the autumn

  6. Les says:

    Well, Saka at the start of the season was rated at 80 million, Smith-Rowe has got to be over 50 million! Personally would sell either of them for all the money in the world!

  7. Declan says:

    Headline should read “Something seriously wrong if Arsenal sell to”………..anyone!

  8. Grandad says:

    Crooks is a complete fool.

  9. guy says:

    Crooks is and always has been, a buffoon. I will never understand why the BBC continue to use him. I know exactly why they STARTED to use him 30 odd years ago (although safer not to mention it these days) but he’s been dining out on it ever since.

  10. Fedi says:

    Do u know every time Pepe and Aubameyang play together, Arsenal loose?. 90% 0f cases.

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