Sonny TV new podcast on Xhaka – Captain of the Titanic

There have been more than enough articles written about Unai Emery giving Granit Xhaka the Arsenal captaincy on his birthday, but it seems that no-one is more upset than Sonny, who has gone to his camera to have a quick rant about exactly how he feels about this.

He simply doesn’t think he has earned the right to lead the team, in fact he thinks Xhaka shouldn’t even be in the team, never mind the captain!

As always he is not shy about coming forward and he will probably live up to his “unfiltered” description, so if anyone has delicate ears then please look away now!


You can follow Sonny on Twitter @sonny_arsenal and on his SONNY TV Unlimited Youtube Channel


  1. Xhaka has been captain elect well before Emery arrived and a good captain he is.
    But the point is Xhaka is not a good enough player in the first instance.
    Emery has to accept this b/s like he has to put up with a sh#te central defence.
    Arsenal has six bang average CB’s and two barely average DM’s.
    These sh#te players are not Emery’s selections. The board bought this sh#te.
    It does not matter who is selected, what the formation or tactics are what ever way
    you look at it Arsenal has a sh#te central defence.
    Man U will all look like Ronaldo against our Ali Baba open sesame defence.
    Till Emery gets a central defence he + the team will be in continuous damage limitation.
    Don’t all come whining on here blaming Socrates, Luiz, Xhaka, or Emery after Man U spank us Blame the board for buying such garbage central defenders.

    1. And who did emery sign for us?? Dennis who? I bet you pretty remember him he was here second half of last season. You dont want us calling for the head of Emery? But he clearly is the one who puts Xhaka in the team week in week out and puts LT,MO,CC all on the bench where Xhaka has rightfully merited.

      Well I’ll save my total slating of Emery until the game against United. I believe he has seen for himself who needs to start.

      1. I’m embarrassed that my club captain was scared of the relegation placed Watford. Never heard of such nonsense even of my school team captain way back when we were in school.We were told to show courage and fight till the final whistle. And Unai names this player as his captain!Why?To tell the fans who boo him from the stands “I am the boss” We have enough of talent (forget the wages, lets discuss football. I have finally decided to stop complaining of players wages and transfer fees) to be in the top three, but Unai is familiar with mid table teams, I do not blame him, that is his level and capacity. It was the mistake of the board to hire him. Hope we have a decision made on October 1st. Have a nice weekend Gooners

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