Sonny TV’s Arsenal v Spurs Breakdown Podcast FT Diehard Gooners

Here is the latest Podcast from Sonny TV UNfiltered after our dismal draw/fantastic comeback (delete as appropriate) against Tottenham on Sunday.

This podcast has been expanded to include a whole host of diehard Gooners including the usual ImAGooner, Chris, Vali, Mike and Simon, so you are going to get a wide range of opinions about the game and especially Emery’s team selections and tactics. So sit back and join in the fun, just remember that Sonny’s Channel is unfiltered so expect a few expletives to be thrown around!


You can follow Sonny on Twitter @sonny_arsenal and on his SONNY TV Unfiltered Youtube Channel


  1. This empty comments section SHOULD tell you something about Podcasts Mr Admin. Have you learned nothing from young Alfies lack of success with them? We like written words on here!

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