Sonny’s Arsenal v Burnley Preview Podcast FT Gooner Claude, Kenny Ken and Terry

Okay, here is the latest podcast from our newest JustArsenal contributor, Sonny TV Unfiltered, who is a passionate Arsenal fan that gives his in-depth and unfiltered views on all things Arsenal.

Today we have the Arsenal v Burnley Preview Podcast with the famous Claude, Kenny Ken and Terry Davis. There are very many talking points to consider ahead of the game, and I don’t think they have left many points uncovered. Will Emery throw in all our new signings? Will Burnley give us another hard game as usual? Or perhaps Emery will stick with the kids that did us proud last weel. Should be an interesting game….


You can follow Sonny on Twitter @sonny_arsenal and on his SONNY TV Unfiltered Youtube Channel


  1. Phil says:

    So-not a lot of interest in this one then?

  2. jon fox says:

    Podcasts are not of much interest to many on here. Can’t even remember the 16 year old’s name (who looked about 14) whose podcasts failed to interest enough Gooners. Stick to written comments, Admin Martin. The forum failed to take of too. This site is ALREADY a forum. Change for changes sake is pointless. Just remembered; he is Alfie. Nothing personal Alfie.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      Why name me, I never posted this or any other podcast. FINAL WARNING

      1. jon fox says:

        Are you not the Admin then? Or is it still Pat? I seriously want to know who is in charge on this site as I obviously do not wish to make comments to someone who is not responsible for running the site. Serious question then Martin, who is in overall charge now?

        1. Admin Martin says:

          Pat is known as simply Admin, I am known as Admin Martin. We are both Admins of the site.

        2. Admin says:

          Martin is in charge of running the site and he is very very good at it in eyes.
          As you all know I’ve had health issues and i can’t continue putting my whole life into it.
          Martin is a good guy but fallible as the rest of us. He is a real gooner and is still learning in some ways although he has also taught me a lot since coming o board. Please give him a chance he is doing well and he has taken great weights of my shoulders
          Have faith PLEASE

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