Sonny’s Newcastle v Arsenal Preview Podcast – Talking points ahead of an easy win

Okay, here is the latest podcast from our newest JustArsenal contributor, Sonny TV Unfiltered, who is a passionate Arsenal fan that gives his in-depth and unfiltered views on all things Arsenal.

He believes the new Arsenal line-up will do the job at St. James Park even though Ozil and Kolasinac are left out for security reasons, but we could see a couple of our new signings on the pitch, and we would love to see Pepe, Aubameyang and Lacazette as our front three for the very first time. And of course will Ceballos start despite only being at the club for a couple of weeks in Ozil’s absence? We can’t wait to find out!

One thing we really would to see is a clean sheet away, which was a very rare occurence last season. Can Luiz help keep Newcastle out? I sincerely hope so!

Anyway let’s listen to what Sonny thinks ahead of the game….


You can follow Sonny on Twitter @sonny_arsenal and on his SONNY TV Unfiltered Youtube Channel


  1. An easy win huh? Best you check NU’s forwards as well as their impact sub Maximin… Against or porous midfield and back line. ?

  2. I have tried to look at the pictures of the training i wanted to see Luiz near Guendouzi but i have not found any??

    1. That’s the picture we’ve all been waiting for, the Hair Bears! Sideshow Bob and the Kid (I can’t think of a good name for Guendouzi yet) ?

  3. Off topic here but I’d like to ask a question to the general fanbase here. Since the sale of Iwobi and even before there have been questions concerning us not having a left winger. Question is, even if we had one,where would he play?

    Is it possible to fit Auba, Laca and Pepe on the same pitch and still field a left winger?

    Secondly, there seems to be a general belief here that a left winger should be left footed and a right winger right footed. This might have been the case 30 years ago, but in this day and age, in the last 5-10-15 years, how many teams have succeeded with a winger playing with their stronger foot on the outside? Not even the great Thierry was effective on the right. Why are people still expecting wingers to be able to play like that?

    1. Joe I would say it should be about fielding the best 11 based on tactics and countering the opposition, not shoehorn in a LW.

      We played our best football with Wenger under a 4-4-2 I believe, no LW.

      You should devise proper tactics, identify the best 11, then formation last. If one starts with formation first you weaken the team from the onset.

      It’s the tactics and players that matter, not formation.

      That’s my opinion anyway, hope that helps.

  4. @joe, Just ask man city and Liverpool what it means to have a natural winger, in this age you need a natural winger to cut inside and shoot not just to cross out only, klopp has been successful with that even when he was in Dortmund, pep used it when he was in Barcelona, now he’s doing the same at city, Bernardo silva, sane sterling they are all inverted wingers who can switch play anytime for there team, you need a real winger not a midfielder playing as a winger like we did with iwobi and ozil last season.

    1. All good points, but it still doesn’t answer two things. would you fit a winger in the current arsenal team? would a left footed winger successfully cut in if he played on the left?

      My general query is with the above two obsessions people on this site are having.

      I’m so much for inverted wingers BTW, I think they are more effective than straight ones

      1. How about inverted wingers with only one leg though ?
        I prefer a winger who’s other leg isn’t dead myself

        1. Besides CR7, how many inverted wingers do you know who can use both legs effectively?

          Actually even straight wingers? How many don’t rely heavily on their dominant foot?

      2. Its easy for a right footed winger to play on d left n cut in to shoot with his strong foot but we dont have any winger now may be Martineli will come good

      3. Joe, traditionally, (ok in the olden days where I’m from), a left winger got to the byline (or goal line) and crossed the ball with his left foot for the other forwards to head or shoot for goal and vice versa a right winger with his right foot. So their predominantly better foot was used for crossing but most good players could use both feet (apart from Liam Brady that is) and so a left footed left winger could cut in and shoot with his right foot. If you follow all that you’re a genius ?

        1. Declan, some people on here would say Liam Brady (one of the most gifted players to play for Arsenal) had a “dead leg”, ??

  5. The problem in the Arsenal squad that I think was not addressed during the last summer transfer window was the lack of signing a senior top quality left winger player period to the selling of Iwobi and after he was sold on transfer deadline day. Arsenal strengthened their right wing position by their signing of Pepe. But left their left wing position weaker than it is weak by selling Iwobi without doing any upgrade to Iwobi signing to strengthen their LW position. Right? However, opinions of Gooners who have opined on the issue are making to believe one of Nelson, Martinelli or Saka will if slot in into the left wing position to play there for Arsenal will become an upgrade to what Iwobi brought to the table for Arsenal in the left wing department before he was sold.

    It’s okay then as us will soon find out at Newcastle tomorrow when the Magipies host the Gunners in a PL match encounter when us should see Emery play one of Nelson or Martinelli as a left winger in the match for Arsenal. And again do the same thing against Burnley at the Ems and at away to Liverpool. Then us can judge if one of Nelson or Martinelli can truly be an upgrade to the departed Iwobi or not. Or Arsenal should have signed a senior left winger like Everton Soares during the summer window as a proper upgrade to Iwobi. Emery has not listed Saka in his 28 man strong Gunners 1st team squad submitted to the Premier League. But I think he can still play him in the PL but I don’t really know.

    1. If Pepe, Auba and Laca were all on the pitch, where would you be fitting the said left winger you’re so worried about?

      You realize that for the majority of games, arsenal won’t have a space for a left winger

        1. Wouldn’t playing Laca as an attacking mid weaken the team in general considering he’s never actually played there? Also wouldn’t it reduce the return of the team since there’s no one to feed the strikers?
          Also, I don’t think you’d be allowed to field 12 players

    2. So Iwobi had nearly three years to prove himself, and you give our youth only 3 games to prove they can be upgrades? With new teammates as well?

      C’mon now try to be fair at least! Absolutely ridiculous standard you propose.

      We should hold Pepe to same standard then. He gets 3 games not 3 years to decide if he’s an upgrade or not. Ceballos too regarding Ramsey replacement if you’re being consistent.

  6. I don’t see an easy win as many may think. It is going to be tough.
    I think a draw is on the way.

    1. Don’t think anything will change can still see us conceding plenty of goals think Newcastle will do us 3-1 then we will see how far we are still behind million miles away from challenging for anything!!

      1. @Dan
        Its as if most of the fans never have a proper look at the oppositions players. They just look at the opposing clubs name and predict from there… ????

        1. Dan, your air of pessimism pervades every post, even before the season starts. Can’t we at least see how Arsenal performs in its first away game?

  7. Pepe is a very talented natural left footed player who can quite easily adapt to playing as a conventional left winger, indeed Emery may well have him earmarked for this role to bring balance to the team.The current obsession of playing inverted wingers frustrates me and many others.In essence we do not need another winger.

    1. But unfortunately Grandad, that is where soccer is now. Conventional wingers are out of style and I don’t think we’re going back Arjen Robben, Frank Ribery, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Zaha, Hazard, Ronaldo, I could keep going, but I don’t think for both wings you can name the top 5 in the world without them being inverted wingers.
      Let’s face it. Putting Pepe on the left would make him less productive

  8. I’ve watched Sonny’s rants on AFTV! ?? He dropped a particularly colourful interview on the 1-1 draw with BHA. Could have sworn he was on a roid rage. Never seen anyone that agitated, not even DT.

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