Soon Arsenal fans will know for sure if the Kroenke’s really care about the club

The Kroenke family that controls Arsenal are hardly loved by the Arsenal fan base, in fact, they are among the most despised owners in the Premier League but at least they have been trying to do the right thing in recent years.

They have spent some significant money, we cannot deny that, they have also shown loyalty to Mikel Arteta that no other top-six club would have shown under the same circumstances, we have to give them credit for the positives they have done.

However, they did try to drag us into the awful Super League, they did allow Arsene Wenger to stay far too long, they were too slow to dispense with Unai Emery and their loyalty to Arteta could still come back and bite them on the butt.

So, it is thin ice that the owners are on with regards to the fans, if Arteta works out and success is finally delivered then the vitriol aimed at Josh and Stan will abate for sure.

If the fans can see and experience good progress then most of them will probably not be so vocal and give the owners a break and cut back on the criticism, I mean, they would have delivered success, that is all we ask for.

However, a time is coming fast that will test the Kroenke’s and if they fail that test then the path forward for them will be extremely difficult.

Take it to the bank that the rich boys in football, Newcastle United, Man City, PSG, Chelsea and even the likes of Man Utd will sooner or later come knocking for our brilliant youngsters, it is going to happen.

Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe, Gabriel Martinelli and a couple of others are already on the radar’s of those clubs and at some point, one or more will make their move.

It will be at that point that the Kroenke’s will have to stand up and be counted, that will be the crunch time.

Arsenal has lost a lot of money over the last two seasons, they have not received any Champions League money in years and they have spent a lot despite the precarious finances.

So if City or Chelsea come in with a £100m plus offer for one our talented youngsters the temptation must be there for the owners to cash in.

But if they did then they will experience a backlash the likes they have never seen before, it would be unforgivable if Arsenal sells their best young talents for just money.

But the time is coming, make no bones about that, those that buy success will come knocking and then we will know for sure if the Kroenke’s truly love the club or if it is nothing more than a cash cow for them.

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    1. Because or you want to read is things are fantastic
      He’s the owner of an arsenal team who finished 8th twice
      No one is going to be positive about that

      1. Yes mate, because Kroenke is the owner of Arsenal ad we finished 8th twice. Let’s moan about it and be negative for the rest of our lives. Your life must be fun as an Arsenal fan

  1. The amount of money Kroenke spent for Wenger and Arteta have shown that. Moreover, he assigned his son to directly supervise the club

    He is surely not the best owner, but I’d prefer him to the fossil fuel oligarchs

  2. How were they “too slow to dispense with Unai Emery”?
    In his first season, Arsenal were runners-up in a European competition and were 3rd in the league with 7 games to play, before injuries (most notably Aaron Ramsey) and other factors contrived to prevent a Top 4 finish. They also managed 73 league goals (unlike the dreadful attacking record under Arteta, even when Aubameyang was still scoring goals).
    In his second season they had 15 points after 8 games, and were near the top of the table, and just 9 games later Emery was gone. So bad was the form over those 9 games that I agreed with the decision to let him go but to suggest they were too slow to do so is almost bizarre, especially when you compare him with Arteta, who has been making elementary errors for 2 years and is still there.

      1. We’ve also been charged by the FA with misconduct by failing to control our players against City!

        1. Give it a rest Dan, I just don’t appreciate the constant negativity.what would the penalty be and if it is for surrounding the ref I trust it is equally applied.

    1. Yes,I just read about it, truth being told I was looking forward to it and had been quite optimistic.😞

      1. Assuming the Forest game goes ahead on Sunday – they also have an outbreak – at least Gabriel will be back for both legs. Although surely our Burnley game will now be moved??

        Carry that optimism over another week, Siamois 🙂

  3. Arsenal has never been and never will be a cash cow for any one. Sports franchises don’t make money like stadiums don’t make money.
    Sports franchise owning is about ego. Kroenke said as much himself years ago that he did not buy Arsenal to win because winning costs too much money. And he is right. The Champions league may yield 30mill if you make it past the group stage but you will have to spend at least 100 mill in purchases and salaries to maintain that level of success. Only Leicester’s freak win in 2016 went against the trend. Abu Dhabi oil Etihad and Russian gas Chelski between them have bought 11 titles since 2005. Liverpool spent mega to win their title in 2020 and the Champions league in 2019. Man Utd have also spent massively for no titles these past 9 years. Kroenke has made it clear he will not buy titles at Arsenal. Having said that Arsenal bought Laca 50m Auba 60m and Pepe for 72m Partey 45m Torreira 27m Saliba 27m But those prices were “normal” immediately prior to covid.
    What were those who sold out to Kroenke (apart from money) thinking? What did the club hierarchi think at the time 2009? What does the club think now? Would the club ever tell us the truth? Probably not. So is Kroenke a “major” factor in our onfield success? No because our most expensive players are performing so badly while our value priced players and free youngsters are our stars.

    1. “Kroenke said as much himself years ago that he did not buy Arsenal to win because winning costs too much money “do you really expect people to believe he said that?😂

      1. @Siamosis. Yes Kroenke did say that he did not buy Arsenal to win titles. Many football fans have three week long memories. So what Kroenke said 9 years ago is well beyond the memory reach of most fans.

    2. May yield £30,000,000 if you get past the group stages????
      In Wenger’s last stab at CL, just qualifying meant £10,000,000 (always paying his salary of course) without any extra media /advertising revenue.
      When the spuds got to the final, the estimate was that that bought in over £100,000,000 without any of the extras, such as merchandising etc etc etc.

        1. When did Arsenal last win the Champions League?
          When did Arsenal last semi-final? ​2006.
          Last quarter final 2017
          Arsenals salaries alone cost 120mill.
          Leno 27m
          Ramsdale 30m
          Chambers 16m
          White 50m
          Gabriel 25 m
          Mari 7m
          Tierney 27m
          Tavares 8 m
          Partey 42m
          Xhaka 30m
          Lokonga 17m
          Elneny 8m
          Odegaard 30m
          Martinelli 7 m
          Guendouzie 8m
          Saliba 27m
          Laca 50m
          Aubameyang 60m
          Pepe 72m
          Fees paid for players are in excess of 600mill
          Last 20 years fees and salaries exceed 4 billion.
          Champions league is probably an additiona 10-15% income but higher fees for players and their salaries are at least treble that.

          1. That ranting does not cover the ridiculous statement that reaching the knockout stages will only benefit any club by £30,000,000.

            Your very quick to try and disrespect others, but when someone questions you, it’s a different matter.

            It is reported that The Arsenal average £3,000,000 at every home game, have a very healthy sponsorship deal with various groups, rake in money from the TV deals and have a billionaire owner….. maybe, just maybe all the above help pay the players salaries?
            As you seem to be an Arteta fan, are you saying that he shouldn’t be paying the salaries that he has authorised?
            Are you also of the opinion that, if Aubameyang leaves, we should try and get a top class striker, but not pay what the going rate for said striker is?
            I know some believe MA is a magician, but even he would have difficulty pulling that one off!!
            Unless, of course, you believe we shouldn’t have signed any of the players you mention?

          2. Well mentioned FF, invested so much and never really had any intent to win it.Lucky for us we have a determined manager who started hiring determined players and the changing scenario is too much for some to digest, hence they will always find some reason to complain about Arteta.

    3. Stadiums can make money but you have to keep them booked, Jerry Jones in Texas and in Detroit basketball and hockey use the same building, but ya gotta keep it filled. I thing the Rams and Chargers both use SOFI in LA.

      1. Waiting list of a reported 100,000 for season tickets shouldn’t worry the kronkie’s too much.

  4. What backlash, a few demos, and a few rude chants, that will be it, you will not see Arsenal fans do anymore, not at the level of what Man Utd Fans did, we talk the talk but we don’t walk the walk.

  5. I didn’t like Kroenke from the moment David Dean broke ties with him nore than 10 years ago. But taking off my dislike for Kroenke tinted glasses, the guy has backed his managers. But those transfer funds and wages have been wasted on overpriced or shiny social media celebrities.
    Mustafi £35 million
    Xhaka £30 million
    Ozil £45 million
    Laca £50 million
    Auba £60 million
    Pepe £70 million
    Torreira £27 million
    Partey £45 million

    Then you have promising talent like;

    Saliba £30 million
    Odegaard £30 million
    Ben white £50 million
    Ramsdale £30 million
    Gabriel £28 million
    Tierney £25 million

    On top of that the first group has players earning wages ranging from between £100,00 – £350,000 a week.

    And in my own opinion some of the players in the first group have not been value for money. We will end up or have ended up giving them away for free.

    I think our transfer funds have been mismanaged for a long time. I was much more comfortable and happy with our recent summer buys than some of the shiny object signings that have shown up at the club in recent years.

    1. Ah Goonster! By making up the numbers in the UCL, we did earn a participation fee of 10M per season, so in their terms no one should complain. Investing over 220M for a return of 20-30 million or less, great economics! That is why our previous magician was also jokingly called the professor of econimics! I have to feel for the Kroenkes, how they were hoodwinked all these years.

  6. Not a lover of the Krankies but he is throwing everything at Arteta and its all there for improvement. If we get top 4, then Arteta needs praise but so do the Krankies for bank rolling him. I dont like them but they are giving it a real go, that can’t be denied.

  7. Along with Willian, Mari, Suarez and Aubemeyang’s new contract, plus the giveaway clause for Mavs and Guendouzi.
    Of course, some will have forgotten these other examples…. I wonder how much that has cost the club?
    It seems that, if one is honest, the club has failed from three seasons ago (?) right up to the present day.

      1. That’s a matter of opinion Jon.
        Of course we could go back and discuss George Graham’s decisions – selling David Rocastle, Charlie Nicholas etc etc etc and it just EMPHASISES my point that the club has always made mistakes and so are you, by quoting 13 years… eleven of which saw us as a top four club…. something that we are now craving for.

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