‘Sorry, bro’ – Bamford story highlights hilarious David Luiz traits

Patrick Bamford has revealed a hilarious story from Arsenal’s clash with Leeds this season where he clashed with David Luiz.

The two players know each other from their previous spells with Chelsea in West London, but their previous camaraderie went out the window when the two faced up against each other.

The striker claims that he ‘accidentally’ struck him with his foot early into their match, before apologising to Luiz, an apology which appeared to have been accepted, that was until moments later when he was on the receiving end of much worse.

“David Luiz I knew from Chelsea,” Bamford said on the latest episode of Peter Crouch’s podcast. “When we played against Arsenal, first ball I accidentally kicked him on the ankle. I was like ‘sorry, bro’.

“He said ‘don’t worry, don’t worry – it’s fine’. He was chatting to me.

“Next time I got the ball, he absolutely clattered me. He didn’t just put me on the floor, he then trampled all over the back of my legs.

“I thought, you dirty b*****d! You just told me we’re brothers and you’ve just done that.”

I’m sure Bamford is not alone in having stories to tell about the character of Luiz, and I’m sure I’m not alone in clearly picturing his face when he was rolling around on the floor as if he had been shot, only for him to be laughing as Man United’s Rafael received the red card.

Luiz certainly is a big character, and while his antics are not always appreciated, his desire to win can be a big boost to our team at times.


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