Sorry but the Premier League must not return

There has been a number of ideas put forward to get the Premier League back in action, and while Arsenal would benefit from it, it is just too risky.

Germany have all the plans in place to return next week supposedly, but prime minister Angela Merkel is yet to sign it off. The decision has been put back twice now, and a decision will now supposedly be revealed on May 6.

Teams in Germany had already returned to training, readying for a possible return date of May 9, but those involved now hope that May 16 or 23 are the more realistic targets.

The Bundesliga is the only major league that is believed to be close to resuming however, while the likes of Holland, Belgium and France have ended their campaigns early, using differing methods on dealing with winners and relegations.

England’s reaction to the Coronavirus so far has come under scrutiny, and there is much debate as to how much of a grasp the country has had on dealing with controlling the pandemic, while they would seemingly be in the earlier stages of the virus compared to countries like Spain, Italy and Germany however.

Gary Neville has suggested that we could take the whole league to somewhere ‘two or three spots that are within three or four hours of this country that are coronavirus free.’

The most reported suggestion is that the Premier League will return behind closed doors, be it at neutral venues or the current stadiums, but there are serious safety concerns, insurance issues, and doubts amongst players who do not feel safe considering a return at present.

Not only that, but football being played behind closed doors is not a smidgen on playing in front of a crowd, and wouldn’t give the full effect that a Premier League encounter should have anyway.

I’m struggling to believe that there is any fair way of moving forward. Should a team lose their PL status after a turn of fortunes behind closed doors, or lose out on promotion to the PL for the same reasons, would be sore.

As much as Arsenal would be giving up a shot at trying to challenge for the Champions League spots, I’m struggling to believe the risk matches the potential reward.

I’m losing any belief that the league could possibly return before September currently, and will be watching the situation in Germany closely, not only because I’m craving live football, but because it could be a basis for how we plan to move forward.

I personally think the points-per-game proposal seems the fairest, and that clubs should call it quits and get ready for next season.

Can the Premier League 100% guarantee the safety of players/officials and families of those individuals to return to action?


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  1. “Can the Premier League 100% guarantee the safety of players/officials and families of those individuals to return to action?” Even with herd immunity, and a vaccine, they can’t during the flu season, so they definitely won’t be able to now.

  2. Can’t see it happening, too many players worried about Covid 19, and it will have to be agreed with the Player’s union, this is not down to the PL anymore, scrap it and start again, it’s the only solution

  3. Firstly, Its great to see PATRICK writing a non incoming player rumour article. Secondly he is totally right, as there is not a cat in hells chance of a summer Prem resumption. I offered a £1000 bet on here to someone who was sure of an early resumptionm but who then promptly faded away, silently.
    I offer that same bet to anyone else on here who thinks we will resume in June. Any takers? I bet professionally and this is a perfect chance to take money without risk if anyone is dumb enough. You have only to accept ! But I advise saving your dough as I DO HAVE A CONSCIENCE!

    1. At Jon
      Sorry jon your money doesn’t frighten me. I have proven you wrong on here before and it shall be done again. Not so long ago you were head master for Emery’s University. How did that turn out?

  4. I think we are all suffering from frustration Sue ,locked down as we all are, but when I see the hundreds of deaths every single day I cannot believe the Government would put more lives at risk to satisfy the Football authorities when other Leagues in Europe have already shut down.Morally , professional and indeed amateur football in this Country should not be resumed until the battle against Covid19 has been won.I appreciate this could take some time ,but so be it.

    1. Believe it or not Grandad, I do agree with you. Yes, I miss certain things, but what is more important, watching a game of football or being healthy and alive?! Another 739 deaths in the UK alone… It isn’t letting up…

  5. I agree September at the earliest.
    What happens if clubs or the league force players back sooner and a player or staff contracts Covid on the pitch and there is a death as a result.. not only would that impact football in general but surely sponsorship deals.
    Is it also corporate manslaughter? In which case there is no way any club will get insurance to play anytime soon.

  6. I don’t see it happening this side of September . And think European football will be or should be on hold until next year .

    1. South Korean ‘K League’ returns next week, Czech Republic 25th May, Switzerland 8th June, Sweden 14th June. German Bundesliga 16th or 23rd May, Italian Serie A looking at end of May and Spains La Liga planning for mid-June. The French are well known for throwing in the towel and their decision is being ignored widely it seems.

      1. Martin, What about the moral repugnancy that even trying to start again brings while hundreds are still dying daily. Or don’t you care about that ? Seems you care nothing for that MARTIN. AS FOR ALL THE OTHER REASONS ,NO POINT REPEATING THEM FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME, SO I WONT!

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