Sorry England! Wenger has a job to finish at Arsenal

We will have to be content with speculation on the subject of Arsene Wenger and how long the Frenchman will continue to be the manager of Arsenal, because however much the fans or the football media might think they know, it could be wrong and the only person that really knows for sure is the man himself.

One of the many bits of speculation going around in the wake of the Sam Allardyce debacle is that the FA will turn to Wenger to rescue them from this unholy mess, according to the Daily Mail, and I can certainly understand why they would. Not only is the prof almost certain to not get caught up in a dodgy sting attempt by the British press, he is one of the most widely respected and dignified figures in football and that is just what the three lions need right now.

But you could say that the previous manager Roy Hodgson also fitted that bill. The problem was that he was not much good at getting the results that the demanding English public wanted, so with Arsenal’s record of success Wenger might well be seen as the ideal man for the job.

He might well be, but the problem for England is that the Frenchman is currently in the middle of something with our club and for the first time in over a decade he is in charge of a squad that looks capable of challenging for the Premier League title.

While this is the case there is no way that Wenger would walk away from Arsenal, so will England wait until the end of the season or look for someone else?


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  1. Twig says:

    While Arsenal has since moved forward and have found a clinical striker in Alexis, why am I still seeing “Jamie Vardy on why he snubbed Arsenal” articles around? LoL! Who gives a [MUTE SOUND] anymore?!

    1. Namosky says:

      Goes to show that he may be regretting that decision now. We’ll Jamie, the opportunity has come and gone. Better get used to playing for a mid-table team.

    2. k klin says:

      I thought you’d know a sound of regret when you here one…

  2. adrian says:

    Let’s be honest here.
    If Wenger is planning to retire then I think this will be good for England. Wenger is good coach and youngster will flourish under him.
    His problem is spending money. He still evaluate player’s value by their performance which is good but in this inflated market, it will not work anymore. Only exception was Mustafi
    As a national team’s manager, he will not have this problem and he will definitely improve England.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Wenger will be lost without Ramsey. There’s more chance of him becoming the Wales Manager. ?

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    The FA can wait until the end of the season, they can give the England job to David Moyes for now, he is long over due to get the sack from Sunderland. lol ?

  4. Twig says:

    After the 3-0 victory over Chelsea, Arsenal fans love Wenger all over again. Sweet 🙂

    1. bran99 says:

      till the next careless loss

  5. tissiam says:

    for years big sam was complaining about the fact that british managers were not given the chance at one of the big clubs in the epl or as england manager,the guy gets his so called dream job and what does he do?he makes a mockery of it,i don,t think he did any british manager a favour,the football world is laughing at england&the FA!!

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