Sorry Spurs! Schneiderlin says he wants Arsenal transfer!

When Arsenal were being heavily linked with the Southampton and France international star Morgan Schneiderlin last summer, it was not just the south coast club that was trying to stop the transfer from happening, because Mauricio Pochettino also wanted the player to follow him from St. Marys to White Hart Lane.

Maybe we should be glad that the Saints were so stubborn because Schneiderlin may have been convinced that his former boss could get Tottenham back amongst the elite clubs in Europe. Another season of disappointment for the spuds down the road, however, has been enough to convince Schneiderlin to snub Spurs and choose the Gunners for his transfer move this summer, according to a report by The Telegraph. It is funny that he does not seem to be too keen on playing in the Europa League as well, stating that he would rather stay where he was.

The 25-year old said, “I think my decision is made. If I leave Southampton it is for a club that plays better than Europa League.

“The Champions League is my goal and if I leave Southampton it will be for a club in the Champions League.

“I have to give myself every chance of playing in the European Championships next year.

“The goal is to stay in England. I know the league and it is a lot of fun.”

So a Premier League club in the Champions League then? There are others, of course, but it is the Gunners that have been chasing Schneiderlin for over a year now and he does seem perfect for our team. However, I wonder if the central midfielder is getting a bit concerned about the recent Arsenal transfer rumours claiming that Arsene Wenger has already agreed the transfer of the Chile international Arturo Vidal from the Italian champions Juventus.

Which of these two would you prefer Gooners?

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  1. all of us are going gung ho about schniederlin, bt the fact is he is no better than the player he will replace in the squad , i.e. cazorla . Who is currently our box to box

    1. he is to come and play more as a DM , but also CM. cazorla can’t play DM, Coq can’t poay 40+ games.

      1. he cant play pure DM but if a pure DM like Coq or Wanayama is playing along side him….he will be able to perform….

        take a pure DM out and you will lose the defensive steel….

        1. what? not quite sure what you mean. but ofc he can be asked to play deep. he leads the prem with tackles etc. so yes, ofc he can be asked to play more defensive.

          1. Leading in tackles doesn’t mean your an ideal holding CM, it just means you put in a lot of tackles for your team.

            How well known was Schnederlin before Wanyama went to join him? It has been the last couple years that Schederlin has been in the papers for doing well and we can find him getting forward into the opponants box while playing that holding role, he wondered!

            Just because someone can tackle it doesn’t mean they will have the right type of mentaility to stay back.

            Song use to wonder forward and leave our def exposed and one of the reasons why he and Bould had the bust up was because Song wouldn’t stay back.

            If it was just about stats then look no futher than our own Ramsey for the solution, he has been successful in more tackles per game than Schederlin last season and last seasons tackles for Ramsey is better than this seasons for Schederlins… and this season has been his best for tackles.
            This season Ramsey has been out a lot and also played RW a LOT as well and we can’t compare a RW to a CM so thats why I have used last seasons stats for Ramsey.

      2. Ramsey?
        If tackles are your argument then Ramsey was successful on more tackles per 90 mins when he has played CM.

    2. I would take Vidal, I know some of you would say he gets injured all the time but I still think Vidal is different class. He pops up with goals and is an extreme fighter. That’s what we need badly, a fighter like Vidal. I don’t think Vidal would join us, I just can’t see that happening, too good to be true. So I would settle for Morgan SCH…can’t seem to learn his name even though we have been linked to him for a year now, hehehe

  2. all of us are going gung ho about schniederlin, bt the fact is he is no better than the player he will replace in the squad , i.e. cazorla . Who is currently our box to box , looking at other teams we have the most world class player in that position.

  3. The only thing we need is a world class phsycologist who can change the mentality of the team to a street fighter , who wins on any condition, and myb a faster giroud

    1. @usama afc
      Bang on dude…
      Van Gaal confirmed what many already knew about us. We are the “best” team in the EPL. We just lack the killer/fighter instinct to run through mufukas and finish em off…

    1. spot on.Cos Wenger can buy all these top players but if his tactics are te same we won’t win

  4. Wow Reports are saying Khedira’s heading to Turin. Does it make Vidal available ? =D
    (Vidal > Schneiderlin)

    1. Vidal an Schneiderlin are totally different players Vidal is an attacking midfielder an Schneidlin is more of a defensive midfielder.We need a defensive midfeilder,we’ve got more than enough attacking midfielders.But knowing Wenger he’ll probably want another AM like Vidal,which would just unbalance and confuse our squad without improving us enough to catch the Chelseas an Barcelonas

  5. Not once did he say he “wants Arsenal transfer” like the title suggests. Please authors, please don’t turn this site into the Daily Mirror! It’s supposed to be an interactive site for Arsenal fans to discuss talking points… Not a site for you to gain “hits” on your story by using false titles…

      1. Oh right… Well whoever is responsible for turning this into a “gossip column”, please refrain!

  6. Schneiderlin is a very good player some of his performances this year have been fantastic. But is he a step up from what we have? Would he really improve us and make us title contenders? With the form of Coquelin santi moving deeper, Ramsey Jack I’d say no. With the new premier league TV deal mid table clubs who you’d expect to be safe in the premier league could now have some serious money to spend improving there teams and making them even harder to beat. That means we need players of top class only were already pretty strong we just need a couple of players to push us to the next level. Although I like Schneiderlin I’m not quite sure if he’s at the level we need. Saying that I’m not a scout he could come in and make this comment look stupid. And after getting linked to Vidal I think he’d be the ideal player so now everyone else doesn’t quite match up.

  7. Just wondering, who would people rather have, Vidal or schniederlin? thumbs up for vidal and thumbs down for schniederlin

    I think id rather have Vidal… but i’m still thinking neither of them are the true defensive leader of the midfield we need! Le coq is brilliant but we need competition for him.

    1. Yes I would rather have Vidal as well, but I also want to have Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard, Suarez, …….oh I would want all of them it it was possible.

  8. After reading an article in The Guardian, it looks like Vidal is the man we’re after, as well as Martinez.

  9. Arsene I know don’t buy players the fans talk about too often….Schneiderlin won’t be bought…remmember Higuain’s arrival???..maybe someone else certainly not this guy

  10. How important is a new DM?
    Last summer Wenger
    did not buy a DM
    believing Arteta and
    Flamini could do the job.
    Its not clear whether our defensive
    lapses before Feb were because of injuries to
    our CB’s or weakness at DM or both.
    And was our improved defensive performance
    post Feb due to the emergence of Coquelin
    Bellerin Monreal Ospina or simply
    the return from injury of Mertz and Koz?
    Maybe Arteta and Flamini could have done the job
    if Szcz was in form and Koz and Mertz were available.
    Maybe the hype about Le Coque is a little over rated?
    Maybe we need another creator rather than a destroyer?

    1. I think what Arteta does for the team is massively underrated. For three seasons he was the ever present and only real disciplined midfielder. I’m not sure if he was even bought for that role but a clever player who filled the gap. I don’t think Flamini’s performances have been up to scratch and I think he needs to move on this summer. I think the whole team has improved their defensive work since January Coquelin’s defensive work is superb but every player is working harder and getting back behind the ball. Not having another defender was a mistake but if players weren’t available then I’m not annoyed that we didn’t bring someone if it was someone who was just to fill a gap then long term would just take up squad space. It’s a tough balancing act building a competing squad and it takes time. I think even with another defender bought in the summer we would have fallen just short anyway this season. For me Vidal is the man our team need a strong aggressive fantastic all round midfielder.

  11. MANU could be in contention too. LVG recently said he wants to sign a cover for Carrick. So do dont get carried away. Now the question is can we match transfer free when MANU is competition too? Welll.. ummm… Weng…

  12. If we want Schneiderlin, Spuds can do nothing. But only IF. Our link with Vidal surely make Schneiderlin’s rumor confusing. They are both DMF aren’t they? Schneiderlin is more defensive minded, when Vidal look more aggressive as box to box player (some of us will argue that Pogba is b2b ,Vidal is DMF). If AW consider Vidal as DMF, then Schneiderlin story is just a rumor. If AW consider him as b2b, we’ve plenty good ones like Ramsey and Wilshere.I believe Vidal or Schneiderlin can share with Coquelin to role our defensive line. Question is who will be accompany Cazorla as deep lying playmaker? Ramsey and Wilshere are not ready yet. They don’t have the discipline to stay deep and their long range passing won’t match Cazorla’s accuracy. Maybe AW want to make Vidal as deep lying PM (Andrea Pirlo is doing this job for Juventus). Ilkay Gundogan is a ready made deep lying PM, but we don’t know exactly what in AW mind. Can’t wait to see the end of this story. Whatever will be, AW should use all of his resources in these summer windows.

  13. I will say No, thank you. He is not a proper DM and he is not an upgrade on what we have at B2B. Keep Cazorla (though old for B2B demands), Keep the Ox, Rambo and Wilshere fit and bring in a top striker, a DM to rotate with Le Coq, maybe an older top GK in the like of Cech, then let’s see what will happen by January. We can not buy all what are available but what we need. We needed him last time but he was not available. Bye dear.

  14. I would love to get MS onboard. He could be our answer to Chelsea’s Matic. Coq is good no doubt but he is not intimidating like other DM in the league or beyond. I want tall, strong and pacy DM. DM role is not only about the being technical. Its about opposition psychology too.

  15. Don’t rule out United making a move for Schneiderlin! It’s no guarantee we get him. Juve will sell Vidal to make money they will ten use to keep Pogba. If they got Khedira on a free good for them. I hope we end up wit Vidal but I’ll be happy with either.

    1. There was talk of Chelsea and Man City going for Song because he’s classed as homegrown and they both need homegrown players. Schneiderlin is also home grown for that reason I think he could be a possibility for any of the clubs in the champions league next season. Could also push his price up.

  16. Vidal Doubloons or Morgan Schenderlingerling will both enhance the squad and our chances of success.

    Now, just sign Cavani, Zlatan, Greizmann, Varane and Lloris and we are good to go.


  17. Just been told that they are installing an upright stretcher in the home team player/staff area at the Emirates.

    This is the clearest indication yet that ancelotti will in fact be joining us next season.

  18. i dont mind schniderlin(as he is primarily a d/m that just has the energy levels to make the odd forward run) he would do a great job for us, either along side le coq protecting the back-line in some games or as a rotation with him.
    i think he is a more finished artical version, or where le coq should try to attain to as le coq is a year or so younger, could be great competition for d/m for years to come.
    plus would be interesting to see if he can step it up to the next level we are club that gives these players that opportunity make make it to the top lets take a chance and see what happens.
    i cant see the vidal move happening myself he seems to love being at juve and living in turin if they win the c/l he will want to stay and defend it again most likely.
    schniderlin and kondogbia together in midfield and and top striker plus a l/w is a must fekir or thauvin. g/k is there is lose change left over after we have had a good clear-out.

  19. Won’t even mind if we get both of them…but need to off load the deadwood first……!!!

  20. Get BOTH: Schneiderlin AND Vidal
    Lose BOTH: Flamini and Diaby

    For DM and B2B we will have Ramsey, Coquelin, Schneiderlin, Vidal, Wilshere and Arteta to be water boy

  21. Vidal is naturally a B2B MF. He’s versatile tho. Schneiderlin is more of a DM that plays CM just to accommodate Wanyama. Since he got injured, Soton form dropped and people are here saying Wanyama is better.

  22. He said no such things directly. Author should stop misleading people. Total shit this is!

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