Sorry Theo, your Arsenal career is over

Why Selling Theo Walcott Would Be A Smart Move For Arsenal

Silly season is nearly upon us once more, and all Gooners will be hoping to see a lot more activity during this summer’s window than we did 12 months ago. However, in addition to recruiting new talent, it’s inherent that Arsene Wenger needs to think about shifting some of the dead wood; in my opinion, Theo Walcott should be first out of the Emirates exit door.

Media outlets have strongly linked the England man with a potential £25m move to West Ham United this summer. Football Whispers, the world’s first transfer predictor, picked up the rumour several weeks ago too, suggesting that there could be genuine substance behind the potential switch.  If a bid does materialise, it would be criminal to turn down.

I’ll concede that it’s difficult to dislike Walcott. Having signed from Southampton back in 2006, the  27-year-old has given us a decade of service, making him one of the club’s longest servants in living memory. Furthermore, it’s impossible not to sympathise with the combination of injuries and need to sit patient for his chance. On the other hand, fans have had to sit patiently too. After 10 years without any real reward, time has simply run out.

In spells, Walcott has been unplayable. There have been several occasions over the past decade where it’s looked like he’d reach the heights that so many people projected when he first signed. Alas, the stats don’t lie: Walcott has reached double figures in the league just once. For a supposedly top player at a top club, it simply isn’t good enough.

Both the manager and the fans demand consistent quality from the team. Walcott simply hasn’t delivered. A decade down the line, it’s still difficult to label the No.14. Is he a winger? Is he a striker?

Either way, he’s not a regular starter. And he’s certainly not worth keeping if a bid in excess of £20m arrives.

A return of 80 goals in a decade is pretty poor, and it looks even worse when you take into account that 21 were registered during his solitary solid campaign of 2012/13. The fact that a string of England managers have been hesitant to make him a genuine starter gives further credence to the notion that he isn’t a player of the standard needed to fire Arsenal back to the top. After all, challenging for league titles and European trophies is where the Gunners belong.

A sizeable weekly wage packet needs to be taken into consideration too. For a reported £140,000 a week, you’d want an indispensable star attraction. Right now, young Alex Iwobi looks a far more promising prospect for next season on the right. Meanwhile, an inability to operate as a lone striker places the England man behind Oliver Giroud in the attacking pecking order too. Given the fact that a world-class striker will be top of the summer shopping list, it’s hard to envisage any situation where Walcott could vindicate either his salary or the continued faith.

Admittedly, his pace will always make him a threat from the bench. But that cannot be considered enough to keep him. Of course, it’s great to have options, especially against tired legs. However, there’s plenty of raw speed available through Iwobi and other academy graduates. Besides, for all the perceived improvements in shooting, it would take a brave man to back Walcott converting the one half-chance that might come his way against a difficult opponent. When it comes to the final product, Arsenal need ruthless. Not toothless.

On paper, he had the all the attributes to emulate the famous No.14 before him. In 2016, though, those comparisons to the great Thierry Henry end at the shirt number. It’s not just the respective goal returns that are miles apart; Walcott’s general level of performance has left a lot to be desired, especially when it matters most. The fact Wenger often overlooks him on the big stage says it all. And if he’s not deemed good enough now, he can’t be the man to fire the club back to the top either.

I’m sorry Walcott, but your time at Arsenal is up. Thanks for the service, and the handful of magical memories. However, for me, your time at the Emirates will be remembered with sadness.  Unfortunately, the prophecies of stardom never came true. It’s time to call it a day.

With the right support, Walcott might progress to a point where he finally becomes the player we all once thought he would. Personally, though, I can’t see it. He’s certainly not the worst player in the squad right now, and most fans will anticipate several departures between now and the end of August. Nevertheless, Walcott’s should be the first name on the departures list.

If Wenger can fetch in the region of double the purchase price in the process, the it’ll be up there with the best deals of the summer.  

Liam N

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  1. SA_Gooner82 says:

    Although I wish him well I don’t even see him becoming a descent, consistent performer. The guy cannot even run with a football without leaving it behind

    1. karansagar says:

      If we wanted to actually make a statement, we should shell out 75 mil in this window in the following way:

      GK: Cech, Szczesny, Macey
      Def: Koscielny, Laporte, Gabriel, Bellerin, Monreal, Gibbs, Chambers, Jenkinson
      Mid: Ozil, Cazorla, Carvalho, Coquelin, Ramsey, Wilshere, Elneny
      Fwd: Lukaku, Sanchez, Lacazette, Griezmann, Iwobi, Welbeck, C.Willock

      Sell: (95 mil)
      Walcott = 20
      Oxlade = 15
      Campbell = 15
      Mertesaker = 10
      Ospina = 10
      Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini = 0
      Giroud = 15
      Debuchy = 5
      Hayden, Sanogo, Akpom, Toral, Silva = 5

      Buy: (170 mil)
      Laporte = 25
      Carvalho = 20
      Lukaku = 45
      Lacazette = 35
      Griezmann = 45

      Loan Out:
      Zelalem, Adelaide, Bielik, Gnabry, Niles, Martinez, Kamara, Crowley

      1. jonm says:

        Sell ospina annd keep szezesny? Have you looked up ospinas stats for last season, best gk in PL by a long way.

      2. ras911 says:

        Lukaku, Lacazette, Griezmann is VERY unrealistic as they are all very good forward and wouldn’t move to play second string to another forward. Realistically we could land either Lukaku or Lacazette. If we really wanted to show we want to challenge for the title we’d sell Giroud and get Lukaku as an upgrade on him and lacazette as well to give us a different dimension

        1. supertuur says:

          With Welbeck injured there is a fat chance we sell Giroud. I think Lukaku or Lacazette are good options.

          Also read reports about Janssen, however Dutch eredivisie players notoriously struggle in EPL, with Suarez and Van Nistelrooy being the exception.

      3. Luko Bratzi says:

        What ya wanna keep Gibbs ya gotta be kidding me. CB

        1. supertuur says:

          Arsenal will sell or let go of 7-10 players first team players / loan players. It could be home grown Gibbs but I think there are higher priorities.

          Here is my top 19 players which have a chance of being sold. With a % the chance of them being sold by Arsenal. For some it is just because they have 1 year left on contract for others it is competition.

          1 Rosicky – 100%
          2 Arteta – 100%
          3 Flamini – 95%
          4 Walcott – 80%
          5 Sanogo – 80%
          6 Debuchy – 80%
          7 Szczesny – 70%
          8 Wellington Silva – 70%
          9 Mertesacker – 50%
          10 Jenkinson – 50%
          11 Campbell – 50%
          12 Toral – 40%
          13 Martinez – 40%
          14 Cazorla – 40%
          15 Hayden – 40%
          16 Oxlade – 30%
          17 Gibbs – 30%
          18 Giroud – 25%
          19 Ramsey – 25%

    2. Luko Bratzi says:

      If I was Walcott it wouldn’t come sooner, get out and start playing again week in week out and put up the middle finger to everyone who runs ya down. Good luck CB

      1. Tas says:

        i honestly think we should loan him out to mid to low table EPL club for one season with the agreement of them playing TW in the first eleven, lets see what he can do with regular start up then we can decide, but i’m sure he has other idea about his carer

  2. davidnz says:

    Absolutely!!! Get rid
    of Theo for 20 mill.
    Sell Wheelchair while he’s
    actually fit for 20 mill.
    Sell Chamberlain 20 mill before everyone
    else realizes he is useless.
    Buy an attacker, a midfielder and a CB.
    All done with out spending any of Stingy Stan’s money.
    It’s so easy surely even Wenger can’t stuff
    up the transfer window this time.

  3. NY_Gunner says:

    I think Theo let his injuries mentally stifle his performance…He still is quite dangerous and defenders are well aware of this. But, he needs to just let go and play, instead of worrying when/where the next injury is going to happen…

    1. Ozzy AFC says:

      you could have a point there
      My dear old dad was having radio therapy last summer and the guy who drove him to his appointments has a 15 year old son in the youth team who quiet freely stated that in the dressing room the rumour is that Theo has lost his bottle and doesnt want to injured again.Thing is he was in my opinion NEVER really that good he is great if he has no time to think about his last touch but give him that extra second and he fluffs his lines continuously
      He is also really really lazy and he really looks like he just cant be bothered and AW giving him a contract extension AND wage increase just shows how far from reality the changing room has become.
      See you Theo you’ve been with us for ten years and all you’ve managed to do is grow a beard.

  4. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    If I win the lottery I’m going to buy Theo Walcott

    1. Big Gun says:

      His wages will bleed you dry…

  5. davidnz says:

    Am I the only one
    sensing that a new
    3 year deal for Wenger
    is already on the table?

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      I hope so…

      1. Tas says:

        yes why not he will be a hit in the accounts department

        all joking aside i think his a bit like Theo his lost his confidence but if he was to splash the cash and buy one or two great players likes of Lewandowski he can turn it around

    2. stubill says:

      You’re not sensing it at all, you’re just repeating what Piers Morgan said.

  6. Big Gun says:

    We need a proper world class CF and a LW. Play Sanchez RW, and Iwobi as backup. Sell Walcott, Chamberlain, Ramsey, Wilshere and bring in Lukaku, Reus/Mahrez, Kante and Isco.

    Those players alone would make us a heck of a lot better.

    1. Agreed. The overrated injury prone likes of Wilshere. Walcott and Chamberlain are a drain on the clubs resources. I doubt there would be any effect on our league position had they been fit and available for the whole season. We must try our best to secure that griezmann chap and maybe a defender to replace mertescker. And if there will still be some money then a striker to cover for the injured Welbeck and the tall donkey.

      1. Foxtrot says:

        We can buy Lukaku and Geizman for 45 mil each. Selling our deadwood would recover the cost. So Wenger will have to spend net zero amount.

    2. Ozzy AFC says:

      I like the sound of this, but you and I both know it wont happen

    3. atid says:

      And then when Lukaku, reus kante and isco get injured we have no one to bring in.

      Ffs why do we need to sell more players then we have to? To sign 4 players we only have to get rid of 8, szczesney, martinez(loan) macey(loan), Debuchy, flamini. Arteta, rosicky Sanogo.

      Let’s build a proper squad not just have a bare minimum backed up by a load of kids.

      If we need more than 5 then sell the likes of wellington, jenkinson gibbs Mertesacker walcott giroud on a 1 out 1 in basis to make more room.

  7. arsenalkid1970 says:

    I think the way AW has treated this kid is nasty. To play O G week in week out with no goles shows that AW is the problem here. If we let TW go to say Liverpool he will rip tbe EPL apart because kloop will get the best from him. AW always finds a way to make it look like its others not him. TW is a very good player but AW just can’t work the best out of players now and it’s far time he went. If A S goes then that’s it Arsenal won’t get anything near what we need. So they are saying at least 11 players going so is there 11 coming in? No because it’s not easy to get players but any other club can get them

    1. Ozzy AFC says:

      Nahhh this wont happen TW is never going to be the striker he could have been as his attitude is too flippant, he’s lazy and happy to sit out his time collecting his 140 a week, compare him to Sanchez who works non stop for 90 mins EVERY week.
      sell the lazy Git and be done with is we’ve wasted far too much time and money on TW.

    2. rkw says:

      i volunteer to be treated nastily for 140 grand a week!!! I am sorry but the whippet has always been a very mediocre and overrated footballer ….its just taken most fans 3 years longer than your average football loving pigeon to work it out

  8. ken2 says:

    the papers heavily link walcott with west ham; i saw a report, in that lovley yellow banner that marquee’s across your screem(HD if you got it) that west ham chairman declairing that two players, one of them being a striker will be perseud with as much as 25mill on the table, might that be the sources of this heavily link paper report.

  9. ken2 says:

    wenger held on to diaby for 10 years!!

    1. supertuur says:

      Diaby played 1 full 90 mins for Marseille and the next game limped off again with another injury.

    2. Admin says:

      Don’t exaggerate! It was nine…….

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