Souness explains why Arsenal CAN win EPL title

It would have been a big help to Arsenal and our chances of winning the Premier League this season if Leicester City had managed to beat Chelsea or at least stop the league leaders from adding another three points to their total, especially after the setback of a defeat last week and the loss of their main striker Diego Costa this weekend, but the fragile Foxes could not even hold out for seven minutes.

Going into the game though, and judging by the respective form of the pair this season, not many people expected anything but a Chelsea win. But the Blues do have tougher times ahead and there is a long way to go, so they will need to keep their best players fit and firing to hold off the challenge of Arsenal and others and according to the football media this week they could be about to lose arguably their most important player Diego Costa.

There are rumours going around about a possible big money move to China for the striker and also about a dispute over his fitness, which could mean that Costa has already made up his mind to accept the massive salary and head east and if that is true then Graeme Souness reckons it could spell the end of their title challenge, as a Sky Sports report explains.

Even though Antonio Conte has a strong squad full of stars like Eden Hazard, Pedro and Willian, the former midfielder thinks that Costa is their main man and that without him Chelsea would struggle.

He said, “This is the very last thing Chelsea need. He is playing out of his skin. They lose him and all of a sudden they are not going to win the Premier League.”

There are plenty of ifs and buts here, but if Chelsea do lose Costa how much will it hurt them. And would ASrsenal be the club to take advantage?



  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Tired of people explaining WHY Arsenal CAN win the League….
    can somebody please explain to me WHEN Arsenal WILL win the League?

  2. Trudeau says:

    Souness is talking out of his a**. With or without Costa, Chelsea are strong contenders for the crown. Obviously stronger with him but to write them off is daft.

    And while it’s hard not to take some pleasure in Chelsea’s predicament, no fan of the Premier League should be happy about this development. Costa today, Sanchez/Aguero/Alli/Etc tomorrow. How do you say no to 30 Million net? If my math is right that’s five or six times what a 200k/pw player takes home right now.

    1. HA559 says:

      They will be weaker. Those games where he got the solitary goals, other players in their team wouldn’t have done that.

  3. mobaygunner says:

    win our next 3,games and we are bk in..yes that includes beating the russian maffia at the bridge

  4. smokescreen says:

    I love Sanchez…Bt f*##k him if he wants to leave.idont care if we finish 10th in the league am tired of players putting themselves before the club.f$#$k him if he wants to leave.who does he think he is Henry?pires!Beckham? We are arsenal….We will always be..Thts why I love Arsen Wenger…..Give it all for the club..F**k divas….I’d rather not win the title with a bunch who love arsenal than these divas….He can go to Shud always come first ….We are not Newcastle meet

  5. Taiwo says:

    Many Arsenal fans are mediocre and it’s easy to understand why they are used to winning the league on paper while they are out of tune with doing it where it matters. Rewind some few games and you will have a better judgment of the team and for me all the stakeholders lacks the whatever it takes to beat the rest of the nineteen epl teams to the prestigious award except the fans who usually do so in our dreams.

  6. sanmi.marvellous says:

    Some negative articles on this site makes my heart bleeds.
    Why should we be waiting for clubs to have crises before we can win the league.
    Come to think of it, Costa did not play yesterday in Chelsea away to Leicester, yet they did what’s needed. Convincing display; emphatic 4-0 victory. Can you imagine our own best player – Sanchez – not playing ?

    Yes! we too had 4-0. But with our hearts in our mouth for most part of the game. We need to grow up from our loser thinking corner.

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