Two more Arsenal players out the door?

Joel Campbell and Wellington Silva are said to be closing on deals away from Arsenal Football Club.

The Gunners are believed to be actively seeking a striker to add to their options this summer, but with a wealth of players available to play in the midfield and advanced positions, some players will not be guaranteed the amount of football they would have wished.

Joel Campbell enjoyed a run in the first-team last season, and impressed, but the emergence of Alex Iwobi from the youth side has knocked him back down the pecking order, and he is now claimed to have been told to find a new club. It does not say he must leave permanently, but at 24 years-old, you would think both parties should be considering parting ways.

Wellington Silva signed for Arsenal in 2010, although wasn’t permitted to complete the switch until 2011 when he turned 18, and was then not given a work permit, which complicated things further. The Brazilian was then sent out on a succession of loan deals to Spain, as they looked to give him experience, while awaiting his permit.

Last summer, Silva was granted the right to work in the UK, and was then sent out on loan to Bolton Wanderers, but has so far failed to live up to the potential shown when trialling for our side in 2010.

He has recently given a big hint that he could be set to return to Brazil this summer, by holding up a Fluminese kit, with the words ‘A good son always returns home’ captioned.

Whether these deals do go through or not remains to be seen, but what looks apparent is that if they stay put, they will be limited to rare occasions of first-team action, if any.

Does Campbell deserve to fight it out this season? Has he shown enough ability to warrant a place in the playing squad?

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  1. Kante just signed for Chelsea. This is the Chelsea that does not have Champion’s League to offer.
    Man U are also doing good business.
    If with Champion’s league, we are not attracting top targets, what shall we do if we miss out of Champion’s league one day.
    I hope not…but just think about it.
    Are we doing good business at the transfer window? Just think about it.

    1. Nothing to think about there, mate, this is wenger we are talking about, he will always do the opposite to whats expected. .. so just when we think theres nothing coming in, he will go out and Land Higuain or Mahrez or even both. ?
      Just keep the negative vibes coming in. .. Wenger feeds off of it lol.

  2. W.Silva is done, 4 year deal… no mention of a fee, but it was suggested that he probably got released, just to get him off the books.

    Campbell’s destination is Spain, his more than likely to be sold, Valencia and Villarreal have been mentioned.
    Poor fellow must be wondering how Ramsey says good morning to Mr Wenger! ?? must be in the handshake? ?

    1. If this is the case, as it seems it may, AW really must get a couple players regardless of how badly it seems he does not want to. Inevitably we’ll be hit with the injury bug and need that depth. I’m not counting Walcott and Ox, most of the time they seem to be a waste of a player out there, like playing with 10 almost the way they give the ball away.

  3. I think joel should leave, clearly wenger does not rate him highly enough to give him a reguler start. It is bad for him, he wants to play football and bad for us because we are paying him not to play football.

      1. The club pays Jack Wheelchair
        94,000 quid a week not
        to play football.. he missed
        50 games last season.
        Chamberlain 60,000 quid not to play football, well not well anyway.
        Wellbeck 75,000 quid a week to be useless and injured a lot.
        Walcott 110,000 quid a week to be average and injury prone.
        Debuchy 70,000 quid per week to be useless
        Arteta 80,000 quid a week to be old and useless
        Rosicky 80,000 quid a week to be iold and injured all year
        Flamini 70,000 to be over the hill.
        Sanogo paid 50,000 quid a week to be useless.
        So lets sell Campbell who was paid 30k a week to make 35 appearances!!!
        Something is seriously f#cked up at this club.

      2. Agree, unless we sign a top RW (in which case he is a great backup, better than Walcott and Ox), would loved to see him start out right.

        With a clinic CF he would flourish due to his creative ability. Not to mention his workrate getting back as you mentioned.

        1. An asset playing in away matches especially CL. A manager like Klopp would appreciate and integrate him in the team asap.

  4. I like Campbell. High work rate, creative, a little flare about him. More than others in his position *cough* Walcott *cough* offered this season.

    Seems Wenger’s set on letting him go though. If that’s the case, we should offer him to Leicester as part of a swap deal for Mahrez.

  5. Losing Joel is a big loss
    He wasn’t WC but when other players didnt perform well or were injured Joel was worth having because of his work rate and consistency

  6. Not a big Giroud fan. But i desperataley do not want him to go anywhere. All i want is one world class striker and keep Giroud in the team. But alas! We are gooners. We do not always get what we want.

  7. Wasn’t really impressed with Joel tbh. If he stays, Wenger should play him on the left and not on the right. With Sanchez (a right footer) on the left, and Campbell (a left footer) on the right, our play looks very awkward and narrow.

  8. Joel is a good player, too good to warm the bench equally not good enough to start for Arsenal.
    probably we should add a buy-back clause in case he becomes a DeBruyne or Pogba. 😉

  9. Campbell doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. Hope he leaves and finds success cause he’s a very talented player. If Wenger prefers Walcott over him then he is blind.

  10. Sometimes I wonder how Wenger thinks,leaving Walcot,sanogo and selling joel? Its unbelievable

  11. So, Theo Walcott gets to stay?? Joel!! See u later with more success. After 10 yrs, Walcott needs more chances?? He shld be captain by now. Which title winning team does this?? Oh,oh!! Sorry, we don’t win titles anymore. We put player’s careers over the club’s success. Wenger wants players to owe him. He has lost the plot. We won’t win the EPL. Hahahaha!! Have u guys seen our 1st 3 fixtures?? No better striker, no defensive additions. If our team was good enough, we would have won the league last season. But hey Wenger Knows Best!! Sparing myself the heartache and Wenger blaming us fans once again (which might happen soon). The only thing consistent about AFC is us droping points fron February and fans blaming players and management (all sort of insults because of frustrations). Hoping for the best. Not trusting Wenger. Only hoping a miracle happens.

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