Southampton should not be a problem for Arsenal – Unless we make it one…

Anything less than a win against Southampton is totally unacceptable

Happy weekend, Arsenal folks around the world! In a matter of hours, Arsenal will be playing host to Southampton in a Premier league game. Both teams need this game but it should not be a problem for Arsenal. Arsenal need to bounce back from heart breaking defeat inflicted on them by Leicester, unfortunately.

Now, if we were to play this game some seasons ago, we won’t have been worried because it was almost certain that we were going to win this game. However, things are weirdly different at the moment! It has gotten so bad, that even if we were to play against a community football team, we were still going to lose or at best, draw the game. Oh my Arsenal, when will you wake up?

A win against Southampton is a must and this should be registered in the hearts of the coach and the players. We need to approach this game like it was the game of our lives. We need to approach this game with the right mentality and without fear. We have approached most games this season with so much caution and it has cost us more tears than smiles. Allowing the opponents to possess the ball and waiting for them to lose possession so that we can counter attack them, does not really work so well. We need to possess the ball; attack them with the ball, and score goals.

What does it take to win a game in the premiership? I don’t know about you all but I believe tactics, pace, physicality and the ability to score from set pieces should win you a game in the EPL. A team needs to at least possess more than half of those qualities I mentioned. unfortunately, Arsenal is lacking in more than a few of these qualities.

A lot of Arsenal fans are not happy with the club right now and it will do Arsenal a lot of good to start making their fans happy, beginning with the game against Southampton. We deserve happiness from the club we have been supporting almost all our lives. The owners of Arsenal seem to be more interested in raking in profit than winning trophies; this mindset needs to change fast and things need to start taking shape, from now. We are asking the club to go out there this weekend and win that game for us. Southampton should not be a problem for Arsenal, unless we make them a problem with our own hands.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Bryan says:

    We always make it an issue. Don’t be surprised if we end up drawing this game. To me this is a make it or break it game for Emery

    1. Top4gone says:

      Just as you thought against Leicester

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