Southampton surprised that Arsenal came in for Cedric Soares

Southampton pleased as punch when Arsenal came in for Cedric Soares.

Arsenal pursuit of Cedric Soares came as a surprise to Southampton and the Saints’ couldn’t believe their luck when Arsenal shelled out to sign the Portuguese full-back.

Metro Sport claims that the Saints were expecting the defender to run down his contract and leave for free in the summer.

They did expect his agent would be in talks with other teams over a move last month, however, they never expected a club of Arsenal’s stature to want the former Sporting Lisbon man.

Interestingly, the defender is expected to also be out with an injury for the next few weeks, yet Arsenal made their move for him and he was still signed for the next six months.

The report claims that when arsenal came for the full-back, the Saints were more than happy to allow him to leave and it was a pleasant surprise.

Arsenal had dedicated the last transfer window to signing defenders as they have struggled at the back for much of this campaign.

The recent injury to Calum Chambers also made it doubly-important for Arteta to bring in a defender.

There is no definite time for Cedric Soares return yet, but Arsenal is confident that he will turn out to be the signing they want him to be when he has fully recovered.

If he is not then questions will obviously be asked. It is not the first time Arsenal has signed an injured player in the winter transfer window and if this one goes wrong then someone somewhere will have to answer for it.


  1. Arsenal goes for cheap options that’s why they prefer injured players that going for expensive fit ones. If he doesn’t play at least some remaining games then why did they bring him?

    1. Great comment, point and question in one sentence!

      I guess we signed an injured Tierny, knowing he’s fragile, still injured; what was and the use for? Start Saka til injured? Ridiculous, pathetic as signing an assistant coach instead of a top manager! Takes money and ambition to win! Kroenke only ambition is to see us fill stadium, make him more rich than he is!

  2. If Soares doesn’t cut it, Arsenal probably could get Nathaniel Clyne in the summer. Clyne may be able to give Arteta some insights about Klopp’s system

  3. Arsenal is just been arsenal
    I laughed when I heard many saying we hard a great window
    Buying injured players is there hobby

  4. Here we go again some fans buying into the negative publicity of us getting cheap injured players, I remember when we sold a injury prone Ox to Liverpool approximately 3 years ago many of our fans were mocking the pool and to top it all one of the reasons he didn’t want to extend his contract with us was, Wenger didn’t want to give him a go through the middle the exact position he is now excelling at with the pool, another former injury prone winger not deemed good enough was Gnabry look at him now. So long story short when buying a player expensive or cheap, injured or not, there is never a guarantee.

    1. Have you been following arsenal recently
      I have lost count of how many injured players we signed that was just a waste and it’s winter market routine last season.
      Ox wanted out and rightly so
      Ox is nothing special though better than some of our current players
      Gnabry refused to stay and did agree to extend his contract
      So I don’t understand your point

      1. Lost count? Please tell me apart from squillaci and kallstrom how many injured players have we signed? The way you have worded it makes out that it’s like 10 very misleading I cant think of any others.

        1. Tierney, Suarez are two I can think of straight away and there are more if I did the research but cant be bothered but may be worth an article at some point.

          1. And Rory are you saying its good to sign players that are injured on loan, i dont care if its one or ten, we should not be.

          2. You honestly think I didnt read 4 lines? Until you give more examples there are four… and of course I dont want us to sign injured players but hes back in two weeks and we dont play for another two weeks…

            1. Nope, you did not read what I wrote otherwise you would not have responded the way that you did. I made it absolutely clear there was more, David Ospina as an example and I made it absolutely clear that I could not be bothered to do research. So, please do not come on here and twist my words when what I wrote was as clear as water.

          3. According to transfermarkt ospina wasnt injured when we bought him, and I’m not twisting anyones words I can only give examples I know which was 4… just because you say there is more doesn’t mean I know them. And 4 is hardly enough to lose count over, which was my whole point, furthermore with someone like Tierney it would be foolish not to buy him over an injury which means he will miss 5-6 games out of a 4-5 year contract. Situations like kallstrom however are completely stupid.

        2. I think the best thing to have said is that Arsenal keep buying cheap deadbeat/ finished player. It even worse because we are also known to buy injured players on top of that.

  5. Nobody can give me an explanation that makes sense as to why we signed a loan player, that was deemed not good enough for Southampton,was loaned out by them in the past and is injured until probably march. It is only Arsenal that can do that.

    1. Who says he was deemed not god enough for Southampton?? Who’s to say they didnt offer him a contract which he refused to sign? As for this article saying Southampton were surprised etc is all nonsense no credible source to confirm it, and most of the Southampton fans I’ve read about his departure are sad to see him go

      1. You don’t loan a player out to a team in italy, if you think he is good enough for you. He is injured and he wasn’t their first choice right back. Like i said, you have not convinced me.

        1. You do if you think your going to potentially get a biggish fee for him at the end of the loan, if he doesn’t want to sign a new contract you want to sell or loan with the option to buy while his contract is still at its longest, wait around and he will go for free… pretty simple stuff.

          1. I meant when they loaned him to inter… he still had 18 odd months on his contract so if they know he isnt going to renew his contract with Southampton they loan him hoping to sell him to inter while he still has at least a year left therefore will earn back more than the 6 mill they paid for him.

  6. What are his stats? If anyone can prove he is a poor defender then so be it. Until then, why not sit down and be quiet?!

    Wait for now and judge only when it is time to. He could be just the man we need?

    1. Exactly thank you mate!! Is he going to be a world beater? No but it doesn’t mean he wont be a solid addition for that position, seems decent enough to me from what I have seen, and were never going to get great players in January it’s a rarity, we just need to get to the summer and hopefully strengthen properly

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