Southampton v Arsenal Player Ratings – A limp display all round….

All in all it was a rather limp performance against an organised Southampton defence, who did there job admirably. We expected a lot more effort from a team chasing the Champions League places….

Ramsdale 6
Didn’t really have much to do, and had no chance with the goal. Otherwise he was fine.

Cedric 4
His worst performance since replacing Tomi. Lots of movement but little end product

White 5
Our busiest defender but didn’t have much to do in reality

Gabriel 5
Solid game, but not much action

Tavares 6
Still don’t understand why he didn’t play last week. Solid game, even got a couple of shots off up front.

Lokonga 6
Wasn’t very mobile, but didn’t take many chances either so did not do much wrong.

Xhaka 6
He played further forward than usual but had to try to break Southampton’s defences, without much luck…

Saka 6
Came out second best against Forster but could have been a bit more accurate. Perhaps he needs a rest?

Odegaard 6
A busy day, but little success against the wall of Saints

Martinelli 5
Hardly got a look in, despite running around a lot.

Nketiah 5
No added value in replacing Lacazette. Had as many touches as Smith-Rowe, who only played half an hour. Poor effort


Smith Rowe 5
Added some energy and nearly scored.

Pepe 5
Didn’t take his chance to impress the boss.

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  1. Did the manager took his chance to impress we the fans??.
    He can bench whoever he likes for his own personal reasons and Claim it’s football related.
    Who bench him when we have a poor run?? Nobody.
    11 players can’t be doing everything wrong for the 3rd time in a row.
    He takes a lot of credit for what he did and didn’t do, how about share the blame too.

    1. What?
      Cedric was miles better than white yet he got a lower rating seriously.. he was one of our most creative players too

      You would of thought we had won or at least drawn by listening to these ratings. Shows how far our expectations as fans as dropped

      you don’t deserve extra praise because you’ve tried. This shows how much the standards have fallen at this club

      Arteta has broken another record; he is the first Arsenal manager since 1984 to lose 3 consecutive games twice in a season. Something people will like to turn blind eyes to and when the manages team wins 3 games comparison with klopp will surface and he will become one of the best managers

      Love how White dodges any bad rating even though he was partly at fault for the goal playing everyone onside by rolling around pretending to be hurt, then get straight back up when he realised the ball was still in play. Same with Saka missing a tap in,
      meanwhile how was Saks better than Pepe even after playing the whole match
      Pepe is still our best finisher at the club
      Lost 4 games in 5 scored 2 yet somehow Pepe the club’s best finisher can not get a game this is completely personal to arteta and unacceptable there is no footballing reason to justify Pepe not playing

  2. I’m happy to see that kreonke will not get champions league money, He sets no target and that is the same for Arteta boys .some of us give up on the manager long time ago and those with blind faith continue being embarrassed.Same old,we need a priest at the Emirates the situation now is beyond joke,next season to infinity ♾

    1. He never get a rating when the team are not doing well.
      But he’s awarded all the credit when the team does.
      He cleared the deadwood as being said.
      His team is the youngest in the league.
      Made the right call with the transfer windows.
      All his signing are so great.
      Unite the team.
      This is the achievement that the fans are obsessed about and apparently not how and where we finish on the table. Where it matters the most.
      I laugh at does who blame Edu for lack of recruiting in windows, none of them gave him credit for the summer signing, and even gave Arteta the credit for not signing anyone in January and letting players go.
      But now, they all quickly pointing fingers at Edu. Saying signing players is not Arteta job .
      Should Edu bring a player where the manager won’t approve??
      Didn’t the manager came out and justify not signing anyone and get praised for that.

        1. Another valid point.
          Perhaps he might have convinced the board that the left over squad is capable to achieve their target.
          Having in mind that , those that left was his decision, the likes of edu and board just backed it up.

          1. Exactly don’t think he gave away a striker and couldn’t get a player. Arteta will get us a shit position again at least the deadwood is gone

  3. Patrick Lencioni said there are three virtues to look out for in people.


    the best has all 3 qualities and thr most dangerous only has 2 (hungry and smart). This is the person that can fool you and it is difficult to identify, you do not want to hire this person. This makes me think of Arteta.

    Arteta is dangerous to Arsenal

  4. Soares’ rating is too low. Because he worked hard and generally played well, apart from his atrocious free-kicks

  5. Unpopular opinion but Ramsdale needs to be dropped. He is off form, how many shots do we have at other keepers but don’t score and how many shots do opponents score against us. Previously when opponents take shots at our goal I would never shake, he was pulling off world class saves. I don’t expect him to do that every second but common it’s an embarrassment he seems to concede with every shot. I don’t even rate Leno but right now Leno over Ramsdale. Apparently Leno said he wasn’t dropped for footballing reasons so it might likely be that favoritism is playing here, an Arteta sigining. Leno is the better short stopper and Ramsdale is off form. How many mistakes has he made recently? If those mistakes were made by Leno everyone would have been on his neck. The goal we conceded yesterday was shot straight at Ramsdale and he couldn’t save it. Don’t tell me he had no chance with that, had no chance with what? Tell that to Foster. Now here is my major reasons why I think we need to bring back Leno in goal for the remainder of the season.

    1) Ramsdale is off form and as such when a player is off form for an extended period should be benched to allow fairness within the squad

    2) With the upcoming matches and the caliber of attack we will be coming up against, I expect more shots at our goal. Leno is a better shot stopper and should step in during this period.

    Doesn’t mean we should bin Ramsdale, Ramsdale is the present and future but I think he is terribly off form as Saka too so should step aside for now.

    I’m only saying a temporary change for now and not a permanent one.

    1. Well said @Chapo. Spending 3OM on Ramsdale
      when we already had Leno; 50M White when we had Saliba – were major cock-ups, likely to haunt us for years.

  6. A lot of us on here simply knew that what we were doing wasn’t sustainable, and now we are seeing the proof…zero rotation, thin squad, lucky draws and wins and almost zero entertainment value.

    We went on a great run but along with some good performances, most were just bang average and some terrible! We have no balance in our team, attack is completely stifled by these tactics.

    Let’s not forget that MA is playing with his team now, the team he has created and wanted, the team he’s been telling us for the last 2 years he was building….so what’s his excuse now?

    FA Cup win was with the rubbish deadwood he didn’t want or need apparently that weren’t playing the way he had “envisioned”

    Maybe we win the next 5 games who knows, but what I do know is that it won’t be building a sustainable team.

  7. Ratings too generous. To many 6’s for a bad performance. How they get those numbers and played a 3rd lifeless 1st half.

    Rather than assigning numbers just apply “choked” beside the players names.

    Turgid, limp, languid, listless, rudderless, any of these would also be applicable.

    Expect more for a quarter billion dollars and manager with complete control.

    Goals for and against tell a story of stagnation not progression.

  8. Much improved performance and I will tell you why.

    No obvious square peg in round holes.
    Yesterday was the best performance of the last three games.
    All most complete dominance in an away game..
    The game play in what you would call one of those days.
    We are slowly finding our way back.
    One must remember we are playing with a thin squad that lack quality.

    So yes baby strides make, but am down by the loss I will admit .
    Am a little more tolerant with Arteta not signing in January more than some fans do.
    My reason is, incoming players should be of the marquee types, which is a challenge in January

    1. Auba was signed in January and also given away in January both times he hit the floor running ,spuds made a couple of solid signings and now sit above us .
      The thin squad is down to Arteta that’s on him so that’s not an excuse and you say lack quality but these are the players wanted and signed so again who’s fault is that .

      1. It all depended on what was our need in January Dan Kit.

        Defensive midfielders and strikers of the marquee types.

        You will agree the gaffer did try to sign Vlohovic and Lacottelli,
        Those positions are still outstanding and what better time to address same than in the summer

    2. @gunsmoke. What utter crap you write. We dominated the match because Southampton are aware of arsenal threat or lack thereof. Most team know arsenal will have most possession of the ball but useless possession so to speak that will amount to so little. Teams know once they score on arsenal first it is highly unlikely they the opponent will lose the match. Passing the ball from side to side is generic, almost all footballers can do that. What is not seen on a daily basis is quick one twos and switching the play with ease to not get the opposition comfortable defending. Going the by- line is easy to defend against,push the player to outside so he have less room to square, pass or get around the opponent and use two player to cut out the pass. Arsenal does this a lot going to the line and opponents work it out a long time ago. It’s really annoying to see how arteta set these guys to play, it’s like watching training. But I guess garbage in on training ground, garbage out on match days.

      1. Okay let’s put things in perspective.

        So you do agree we dominates the game.
        Have we dominates the game like this against Palace and Brighton.
        Are you aware of the amount of quality chances we created in this match as opposed the two previous games.
        Are you aware there goal keeper was the MOTM
        Just mentioning a few factors a think you may have overlooked

        Now can you honestly state here , that if we had dominates the previous games creating equal amount of chances the result wouldn’t have been different.
        The law of average dictates it would.

        Am not expecting us to suddenly start playing like Man city, and looking dangerous with every attack,
        But I did state small strides has been made as opposed to our previous two games

        1. We had 6 shots on target gunsmoke ,the week before Chelsea who some on here were saying we would catch stuck 6 goals past them ,yes we were the better team (and we should be )but I’m afraid goals wins points not possession ,our tactics are cumbersome and and easy to play against which as been going on since Arteta arrived ,he as no plan B except from throwing on countless attackers when it’s not going our way which because of how sh1t our offensive players are even that does not work .
          The big sams and the Tony Pulis of this world can do what Arteta does but more effective without spending as much ,he’s way out of his pay grade managing a team like Arsenal .

          1. Strongly agree with you on two points.

            It was a huge and bold call to bring in Arteta as a coach.
            Not just because of the size of Arsenal but also the state the club was in and having lack the experience was never going inspire that confidence.

            Yes we have become predictable and teams figure us out pretty easily, and as a result overly reliant on a moment of brilliance from individual player.

            Arteta does seems he can get the team set up defensively solid, when he works at it, where I think he is struggling is striking that balance with the offensive side to the game with current players.

            So he need an injection of a minimum of two marquee midfielders and a striker.
            It is for this reasons I think time will have be given to him
            As having giving him the job in the first place, he haven’t done that terrible bad to demand his head yet

            The gaffer has made mistakes, he had taken decisions more experience manager before him struggle with

            1. Good reply gunsmoke and a few valid points from a Arteta fan ,but big ups as one of them that does Not get personal because we have a different view ,respect from me to you (which I I shouldn’t have to say )but fair play you are few and far between on JA 👍

              1. Gunsmoke, more experienced and better managers are held accountable for their mistakes. Why are you giving this guy a free pass. He lacks judgement at evaluating players abilities, finds it difficult to deal with personalities and has a negative, controlling mentality. What is Arsenal’s future while he remains in charge.

  9. This drama happen every season now. I am not surprised. Though our target is sixth. I guess this target is due to the poor ambition of the owner. Kronke should please,sell to a football loving owner. Let me rate Arteta as a rookie and novice coach

  10. This drama happen every season now. I am not surprised. Though our target is sixth. I guess this target is due to the poor ambition of the owner. Kronke should please,sell to a football loving owner. Let me rate Arteta as a rookie and novice coach

    1. Where do you people get that our target is 6th? Who on earth came up with this lie? To target 6th is to target failure…end of story!

      Kroenkes invested a ton of cash, so not sure what you are talking about?

  11. So tired of excuses given by pro arteta each time we lost a match. Their claims sounds like broken records. Arsenal team today is arteta’s team. He preffered young inexperienced tatents over matured experience players. Whoever told him he will get anything better with these inexperienced kids are fooling him.
    I hid my face in shame seeing the kind of mid fielders we have today while he pushed out quality players over personal selfish reasons.
    Some of us who believed in artetaout are gradually being vindicated.
    Come summer I bet anyone we how cares that arteta will still go for young inexperienced players and some people here will be busy telling us ” trust the process”
    At this stage of the season, what we need is three points and not RATINGS, please

  12. Teams tend to be a reflection of their managers.

    We are organized, static, and slooow in buildup. We lack movement, direct play, flair, and a cutting edge.

    Exactly Arteta when he played in midfield at Arsenal. Safe, rarely drove the play forward, but stay organized, compact, and retained possession.

    Perhaps that’s why he struggles to get team scoring goals?

    Can’t win every game, but the mental aspects like intensity, urgency, fighting spirit are mental; not related to form or talent. We have lacked those far to often.

    How many games this year we never get out of 1st gear in the first half?

    1. Most games and in even in some games only when we went behind before we start show any sign of urgency.

      Players like Ramsdale and Ben White will aide that style but we need mobile ball carrying midfielders, to speed up the game Xhaka, Eleney that’s not there style not even Partey when playing for Athletic Madrid

      1. Joe.s it’s not a free pass or free ride as one would call it.

        Note am inclined to agree with you, the gaffer struggles with big personalities, he make mistakes, and yes experience managers are held accountable..

        Please note both Wenger and Emery struggle with big personality

        Now would you expect the same level of performance and accountability from Arteta as you would get from an experienced Pepe or Klopp.
        Now both Klopp and Pepe make mistake for example, if Pepe should lose the champions league or epl, we and the pundits would be saying if he had only sign a striker and it was a mistake not to sign one..

        We have definitely seen very good leadership quality from the gaffer, being able to get that level of togetherness in the squad and acting on issues previous managers remain nonchalant about are no easy feat.

        Just two weeks ago we were talking about even finishing third, pundits were saying their is a clear direction Arsenal is going and the gaffer should be even considered for manager of the season,

        Don’t you think it’s a little premature for taking any form of drastic action against the gaffer ?

  13. Started season terribly, in danger of finishing it exactly the same way.

    We have a habit of making life difficult for ourselves and those last 3 results against beatable opposition means we won’t get the points (goal difference) needed for fourth.

    simply not good enough for Arsenal FC and Arsenal are not good enough to compete in the CL.

  14. Regarding players ratings I usually go by the less biased scores given by BBC Football. Against Southampton they gave our best player 5.9 and our worst 3.8. Most of our players received 4. These things are always subjective, but they usually see it as it is.

  15. I am depressed by this result. Project Martinelli doesn’t work for me. Not just in this game but overall. Really disappointing that Pepe can’t get starts even now. This squad is weak and fragile with an inexperienced manager. Really can’t see how we progress with brilliant fans but an average manager. The man management is really too much for him and relying on Just Saka and ESR for goals is too little for mighty Arsenal. CL was always a stretch but having got so close it really is frustrating to witness. AMN should have stayed as a backup squad player as the midfield is slow without Partey and it is clear that Elneny has no hope in the squad. And to be Honest Artetas record in Europe is really poor so without major investment we are going to embarrass ourselves.
    Really don’t want to go the way of UTD. Heavily investing in the wrong manager, time after time.

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