Southampton v Arsenal Player Ratings – Cazorla MOTM

Southampton 2 – 0 Arsenal Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 2
Absolutely pathetic performance today. He was at complete fault for both goals. The rest of the team was awful but if the keeper does the basics, we come out of that game with a draw and we move on not too disgruntled with the result. His arrogance is always costing him and I don’t think he’ll ever learn.

Debuchy – 3
Aside from a goal line clearance, he had little to no effect at all on the game. He didn’t really push the opposition when attacking and was defensively exposed by Bertrand.

Mertesacker – 5
He was pretty poor but wasn’t at fault for either goal personally.

Koscielny – 3
Very poor performance overall. He was partially at fault for the first goal and shouldn’t have let Mane beat him in the air like that. He was caught out fairly often after that. A bad day at the office.

Gibbs – 3
It was embarrassing watching him in attacking areas. There was a few times where he was in a position to put in a decent ball which would’ve almost certainly ended in a goal for us but instead completely fluffed his cross.

Coquelin – 6
He was decent today. Made decent tackles and his passing was pretty good but he couldn’t really do much as his midfield partners had shockers.

Chambers – 2
He was not ready for this. His passing was uninspired, he was out of position and his lack of agility was exposed by Southampton’s power in midfield.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 3
Couldn’t really do anything right. He overcomplicates and doesn’t use his brain when making the final decision. He is too instinctive.

Cazorla – 7 (our MOTM)
He was the only player who played to a decent standard today. He has continued his good form and it’s a shame that the others didn’t support him with good attacking play.

Rosicky – 3
Didn’t affect the game at all. Couldn’t dribble past the opposition and his end product was shocking.

Alexis – 3
He similarly had a very poor game. He couldn’t really pass it around and his dribbling was completely off.

Walcott – 1
I think he managed two touches in 25 minutes.

Akpom – N/A
Came on very late

VIDEO – Szczesny’s errors and Wenger’s reaction!

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  1. Coquelin did well.. tried very hard but its useless when everyone made mistakes……

    Wenger has to go its official…

    1. Stop that “he has to go” shit.

      It’s mid season and the transfer window just opened…only thing that HAS to happen is the holes in the squad need fixing. His position needs evaluated end of season, no doubt, but our only concern right now must be adding the components we need to have a great 2nd half of the season.

      Keep the Wenger talk until the seasons end. Now cmon Arsene get us an athlete in midfield, and a warrior in defence.

      1. @Champagne, you are so, so funny!!! If a man does not thing there’s something wrong with his stuff, how do you expect him to fix it? I don’t mind waiting till the end of the season to see the back of Wenger, but I’d be glad if he leaves anytime soon.

        You think Wenger will by a good defensive midfielder? You think he’d buy a very solid CB? In this January window??????????????? In fact, what makes you think Wenger isn’t ok with the squad he has??????

        1. @champagne Charlie
          “Get us an athlete in midfield,
          and a warrior in defence”. Exactly.
          90% of fans have been sceaming
          for those two players for nearly three years 🙁
          Counting on Wenger to indeed sign those
          two crucial players this window.

      2. Agreed that the “”Must go Sheet”” might be distracting, BUT HE MUST GO… searching for a new Manager will not happen just like that, it will take time and a lot of work to lure a worthy Manager for our glorious Club, the board must start RIGHT NOW looking for his replacement.
        For what WENGER has given us, I would definitely agree on him choosing his successor, but he must make it official that he will leave, what is he waiting for???
        The waiting for the end of the season sheet….we’ve been waiting for the last 10 YEARS, so we ACTUALLY want WENGER to leave at the end of this season, is proven he will not be able to lead us to higher grounds….END OF AN ERA.

        1. If we’re going to evaluate him at the end of the season, our potential new manager will not have enough time to get to know the team and form it after his own wish in time for the new season. I say evaluate him continously , find a new manager and let the new manager get the last 5-10 matches.

          F*ck wenger

        2. WHAT??? ARE YOU INSANE???
          Why would we let Wenger anywhere near the next manager?
          The man has shown he cannot compete and you want him to set us up for more failure???
          You are a class 1 idiot.

      3. How come we all know how to fix the problem,yet Wenger doesn’t as for Boulds the defensive coach he has nothing on Pat rice for tactics the problem is the people that coach and select players only select for that position not on who best to win the game,same ol same ol looking at the squad now apart from Sanches who would you buy from Arsenal that would better your team come on give me your list. ZERO CB

  2. Arsene wenger – 0
    Was more interested in moaning at the fourth official rather than motivate his team.Pathetic substitutions and their timing(as always).I don’t know what that fan said to him towards the end,but he totally deserved it.Look at your watch Arsene,IT’S TIME TO GO

  3. Wrong ratings again, KJ. Everybody on 0 or 1. Maybe Cazorla on 4.

    1. They would turn that petition into a paper airplane.

      Would u fire a guy who makes ur company bigger an makes u money year in year out?

  4. How on earth did Mertesacker deserve a 5 is not very clear to me. I don’t believe anyone should deserve MOTM for the game yesterday. And when you think the Spuds won, fu ck! Don’t think Chelsea will open up this season as they did yesterday. They can’t play football, once they try, they are punished.
    Wenger must put his $hit together but don’t expect any miracles. His position is in danger only if we are out of top 4 at the end of the season. And even then there is a contingency plan for this (the board already taken into account an out of top 4 performance for ONE season) so he gets another season to prove it. Which will probably happen the season after.
    Was a very disappointing display and I hope I don’t see any of their mugs for a week now. They better stay out of media sight because I have never seen us playing like we didn’t wanted to be on the pitch. Embarrassing.

  5. We need a Total Overhauling…. Scnezney out, Metesacker out, Monreal out, Flamini out….. Infact we need a new set of Midfield, these our midfield and Attack can only beat a Deflected teams not a Top Class or Strong teams…… Infact, “WENGER TOTALLY OUT”…. Just can’t wait till Summer.. #Dont waste our money signing any piece of shit again, just go!!

  6. 13 players have to be release with immediate effect














  7. Their keeper made two really good saves, otherwise it would have a draw. But regardless, we were poor all over the pitch…Wenger decided to play Chambers in a completely new position against one of the strongest teams in the BPL and in a crucial match that would have put us in 4th if we had won. GREAT THINKING WENGER. I’m not saying Chambers will never thrive in that position, but it was also against his old club which probably made matters worse. This is exactly the type of tactical ineptness we have been talking about costing us points.

    To be quite frank, Arsenal need a world class CF, Giroud and Welbeck still do not do it for me. We need better DM’s than Arteta and Flamini. Arteta is solid backup, but Flamini must go. Sell Diaby. Sell Mertesacker and replace him someone quicker and better in the air. Bring in a world class Keeper and keep Sczcesny as backup. Sczcesny makes some really good saves, as someone mentioned he is a good shot stopper, but his decision making is irrational and not good for cohesion in our defense. Either play Podolski left wing, or bring in a proper left footed out and out winger with pace. Playing Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere and whoever else the flavour of the month is for Wenger is wasted space and resources! I would have loved to see Adam Lalana in the position or a similar type player on the left. Gibbs cannot be expected to bolt forward and be effective on attack and then still track back quick enough to defend. This wing back tactic is completely wrong considering we have players like Mertesacker in defense.

    Well thats my 2 cents worth…the way things are going we do not deserve top 4.

    1. think forster made two saves which would have given us a draw?……Laughable!… Then better thank God for the ball which hit the wood work and also debuchy who was at the post for the header…..that would have been a “4” ……Lets not decieve ourselves….. Southampton were the better team and they were destined to carry the day.

    2. @Bug-Gun, you expectations can never materialise simply because Wenger is in charge. I don’t mean to be hard on Arsene, but I really do think old age has worn his senses.

      Personally, I’d like to think one of the major reasons Rice left was because he just could no longer put up with Wengers stubbornness and ineptitude. I pity Bould, he too is now being targeted by fans.

      See what happened yesterday, how can Wenger claim he doesn’t think that guy is an Arsenal fan? That was just one angry GUNNER with BALLS!!! Why does he always live in denial? We were completely outclassed by Southampton yesterday. Wanyama showed us what he’s made of: STEEL. I swear, I thought we will sign Wanyama from Celtic, but Arsene Knows Best.

  8. The players failed us fans… That match was a great oppotunity to move up the table considering our rivals result.
    Am so sad

  9. This is depressing, Southampton a club that just came up a few seasons ago, tgey have lost half their starting 11, they are a small club etc.. But they are so solid in what they are doing.

    We have £42 million and £35 million players in the squad but still look clueless..

    I keep saying it and will continue saying it, We have lost the one thing that we could hide behind (Beautiful Football), since that summer that Cesc and Nasri left they left with our beautiful possession and dominating football, all of a sudden we struggle to create chances, we come up against any half decent team and they will dominate us, this never happened but since 2011-12 our football stinks with no direction, slow, clueless boring, players not closing down but instead just jog around waiting for the other team to lose possession..
    As I keep saying I am not one of those AKBs or AOB but I said if he does not improve in last season come MAY then he should call it a day, and I think he will retire at the end, he just looks tired..

    Any ways, come on you the Arsenal…

  10. I would say Coquelin was actually man of the match over Cazorla; he had more touches, his pass accuracy was almost as high despite being in a more pressured position, won a couple arial duels, made a couple good interceptions, made more tackles than anyone else.

    Mertesacker was probably a 4, not a 5, he wasn’t at fault but he wasn’t much better.
    Szcz was a 1, Kos was closer to a 2.

    Gibbs should be higher too; he did way better than Debuchy in attack and was way more solid in defence but you rate them the same.

    Not sure why Chambers is getting all this hate, we were even with Southampton in the first half and he wasn’t at fault for the goals and when he came off we were blown away by them which in my eyes means that even though he wasn’t really seen doing something special he was definitely making some sort of impact.

    1. do these ratings even matter?we dint lose 1- 0..we lost 2 – 0..there is a clear margin here.That match reminds me of the 2 – 0 drubbing by Swansea 2 years ago.the day Michu walked all over us

    2. Agree Coquelin was the one glimmer of light in that performance.
      i remember one tackle when Wanamana had the ball and Coquelin completely blocked him, commentator said ‘oh Wanamena was too strong for him’ bullshit!
      Coq closed him off, blocked any pass he could have made and the big guy after a 50/50 body check had to give up and turn back up the pitch.

  11. Any1 who thinks arsene wenger should remain as coach of this Club is just soaked in bloody deceit; if at 65with all his experience he can b dis tactically naïve and blind to his problem den he better get out of this club; wenger problems r so garing but the foolish board won’t sack him; wat nonsense; arrant rubbish

  12. Arsenal players were so low on confident, just a bunch of girls; they just hid under d.Pressure waiting 4 d ref 2 blow d final whistle; and dat unrelieable manager ofours will still start schezney in d nxt match;after chelsea lost y/day I can bet U mourinho wil never allo. Dat To happen again; but dere r many more losses 4 us dis season n den bayern munich wil come 4 KOS in d summer; wen He goes we Fans will start calling him a traitor… Bullshit

  13. @ KJ……. There must be a secret Love ties between you and mertesacker to give him a 5….. “he wasn’t at fault for any of the goals” you say!….ridiculous! Considering that snail contributes nothing to the game…. Well give him a “5” , its your thing

  14. think forster made two saves which would have given us a draw?……Laughable!… Then better thank God for the ball which hit the wood work and also debuchy who was at the post for the header…..that would have been a “4” ……Lets not decieve ourselves….. Southampton were the better team and they were destined to carry the day.

  15. We always mock the Spuds here but in recent years they have managed turn Modric and Bale into world class players. Kane and Chadli seem well on their way.Who have we bettered since Fabregas?
    We claim that we cant compete with the financial power of Chelsea,City and MU.agreed…but Spurs and Soton seem to be creating players at an alarming rate while every time i see the OX,Sonogo and Theo they seem to get worse.Ox and Theo were suppose to be geniuses by now.Whats going on?

    1. Hmmm okay, Chadli or Kane on their way to be world class? I’m sorry mate they won’t even get on our bench. Talking about Oxlade, haven’t you seen him playing this season? He has been very good bar a few games, Walcott is a better winger than chadli will ever be. Sanogo was never going to be good anyway.

  16. Chances of winning the league after going on a 18 match winning streak – 90%

    chances of going on a 18 match winning streak – 2%

  17. What an absolute joke is our defense. I cringe whenever Mertesacker goes near the ball. He may not have been responsible for the first goal but as Martin Keown said he should have read the situation better and cleared that ball with ease. Wasn’t Wanyama one of those players that we could have signed but he was not deemed better than what we already have. Funny how many good players Southampton managed to find when apparently none were available.

  18. I dnt get the criticism on Szczesny for the 1st goal.. If it was Neuer.. Everybody will praise his bravery… Per was at fault for not going into the post and waiting for Mane to play the ball b4 he moves.

    If Szcz gets a 2, Per should get 0.

    1. Last season champions league second round.
      Same thing.
      Szczecny is a liability.
      He causes panic in the defense

  19. the ” he must go ” is there again, now lets win the next two games and the ” he must go ” will be gone.

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