Southampton v Arsenal Player Ratings – Ozil best of a bad bunch

Another disappointing day for Arsenal, and yet again we come away from Southampton with just one point. The Gunners had 67% possession as usual and 11 shots at goal, but yet again we just couldn’t score more than one goal, and that was right at the end. I suppose, like Wenger, we should be happy we managed to salvage a draw in the end….

Petr Cech 6
Cech had more to do than last week but was let down by his defenders again. No wonder he was upset with them after the game..

Nacho Monreal 5
Not his usual solid performance and was not concentrating early on when Austin scored.

Per Mertesacker 3
We may as well have started with just two at the back, and it was little surprise when he was taken off.

Laurent Koscielny 4
It is definitely time for Wenger to bring in another centre-back as it looks like Koss is not the Boss any more.

Sead Kolašinac 5
Tried one driving run to try and get a quick equaliser but he is another that looks like he is losing his mojo after his great start to the season.

Hector Bellerín 3
I can’t see Barcelona coming back with a big money offer after his recent performances. Needs a wake-up call.

Granit Xhaka 4
Was not the worst player on the pitch for a change, but wasn’t far off.

Aaron Ramsey 6
Had Arsenal’s best chance other than the goal but Forster did well to save it. One of our liveliest performers and will be missed for the next few games.

Alexis Sanchez 4
He couldn’t get past the Southampton players and gave another headless chicken performance. It looks more and more like he wants out.

Mesut Özil 7
Ozil was our best player yet again, but that doesn’t say a lot on a flat day like that one.

Alexandre Lacazette 6
Laca looked dangerous early on but with service at a premium he looked forlorn and was just waiting to get taken off.


Danny Welbeck 4
He didn’t really get involved

Jack Wilshere 6
Was aggressive when he came on and was definitely better than Xhaka. Hopefully he will get a run in the side now with Ramsey out.

Olivier Giroud 6
He came on, he scored. Nothing else to see here…


  1. McLovin says:

    I would say Giroud. He had one job and he succeeded.

    Everyone else failed at their one job.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree. Giroud became Arsenal’s saviour again.

      The rest looked sick and jaded, maybe because of the very cold weather? These players cannot achieve anything if Arsenal spoil them and be too lenient with them.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Giroud has his advantages, as well Lacazette has his.

        It’s just Wenger doesn’t pick the best times to alternate nor has he even tried them as a double act yet. Ozil behind them is a thought seeing as Alexis just isn’t motivated anymore, or vice versa when the opposite rings true. Wenger doesn’t try enough, he gets into a comfort zone and it takes allot to budge him, because of his experience he has a stubbornness about him. It’s the same thing with our defensive shape, he finally changes things up and it worked for a bit, so what does he do next, the exact same thing no matter who we face. I know we all know this already, but that’s what makes it truly frustrating. He has no surprises for our opposition. Look at how Sou kept us at bay, it’s like they had our rule book and the blue prints to go with it. It’s why organized teams get such a buzz from playing us, we have all the onus, and they get to show that they are capable defenders. I’d even let the other team have the ball when it seems we’re running into a brick wall. It coaxes them out a bit whilst we are deadliest when breaking, it could bite us in the ass but it could also be a risk worth taken ..if we could set ourselves right. There’s loads more we could say, but I doubt any of it is on Wengers mind. Lastly, Ozil plugged away in that last game, both ends of field, I can’t fault a player in that regard. I just hope it’s for Arsenal and not for any mooted buyers.

        1. jon fox says:

          Great, true and well made comments but ultimately very depressing to hear – since they are oh so true – for any Gooner. People don’t generally consider Wenger to be lazy but I pose that thought. What, apart from training, does he actually do all day long? Serious question! I can see such as Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp, Conte, Pochettino busily planning coaching technique and worrying endlessly about various shortcomings,, imagined or real about their clubs. But Wenger? There is zero evidence that any thought at all goes into coaching defence and improving individuals technique. Or working on opponents weaknesses in videos. Or planning innovative formations; like picking Wilshere instead of the sick joke player, Xhaka! Christ, Guardiola even tries improving opponents players. No one could EVER call him lazy! When Wenger is not busy flapping his hands on the touchline or berating the fourth official, uselessly as we all realise, or blaming the ref in TV interviews, perhaps he keeps busy searching for a skip on wheels to ferry his obscene wages , paid all in pound coins (so that he can savour every filthy one) to the bank, his first love. So REALLY, what does he actually do? Some actual evidence of coaching, a la George Graham style , would at least be a start.

    2. Maks says:

      Ozil was good but had almost nobody to play with.

  2. Nayr says:


    psg vs real madrid
    chelsea vs barcelona
    porto vs liverpool
    sevilla vs man utd
    basel vs man city
    juventus vs spurs.

    sp*rs are toast.

    1. Redskin says:

      Bet you said that when they pulled Real Madrid.

      1. Nayr says:

        Redskin there is a huge difference between group stage and knockout stage.

        big teams like real and juve turn up when the stakes are high.

        its like you dont even watch football.

  3. Nayr says:

    dont forget arsene wenger 0/10 for being the worst coach in the world.

    zero tactics,pass ball around,numerous mistakes,find an excuse after the game
    its like a disease..we should call it wengers syndrome.

    1. Wolf says:

      Just sat here thinking if the rumor Pep wanted to come to Arsenal were true 🙁

      1. gotanidea says:

        I’m sure many top managers, including Guardiola and Mourinho, are waiting for their chance to replace Wenger. Very little pressure, don’t have to worry at getting fired, huge salary, long term career, etc.

        1. Maks says:

          If Arsenal ever take Mourinho for the manager I want be responsible for my reaction.
          Klopp will be just fine.

    2. gotanidea says:

      I can’t believe Wenger didn’t bark at the players when they played with half heart like that. Guardiola, Mourinho and Conte were so involved in the games, their energy are so different than our managers’.

      1. Wolf says:

        It’s all about Wenger the coaching staff and the board for me. Where is there anything good to say about the clubs current standing? Crap on the pitch. Crap coaching. Empty seats at the stadium. I thought I had enough but I can’t let go

        We deserve a better manager, world class. Wenger has to leave end of the season

        1. jon fox says:

          Wolf, what you rightly say is now a total disgace and the way we all are being treated by the club we love is a scandal. The powers that be care nothing for our feelings or for the status of the club, provided it still earns them money. Wenger pockets £8.6 million a year, which is quite an incentive to cling on when the vast majority of fans cant stand him. We are in the corrupt hands of corporate shysters, frankly!

  4. McLovin says:

    We face ÖSTERSUND in the Europa League

  5. Maks says:

    Ramsey will not be missed, at all!

    1. This will get Wilshere 1st PL start
    2. Maybe we will finally buy one decent CDM
    3. We will score more cos yesterday Ramsey was at least two times taking ball infront of our attackers and deliver “powerfull” shots which almost didn’t make it to the goal line.

  6. jon fox says:

    Well Mr Admin, you have at least learned from the crits you received when you gave over high marks. Though I think one or two are a bit low but generally about right. Sanchez was at least busy and a four was stingy. It is a worry what has happened to Kos and to Bellerin, who frankly, looks little more than a novice of late. Is there any truth in the rumour that you are actually Craig Revel-Horwood of Strictly fame? Famous for low marks, Dah-ling!

  7. Vlad says:

    Brutal but fair ratings. Agree on all accounts. Alexis and Bellerin have been the worst for quite some time now. They both need a wake up call. Time to bench them and play Debuchy/Iwobi instead.

    1. Maks says:

      Sell Alexis, his littlebit crazy. If Im a player I wont be happy to play with him and Ramsey.

  8. Nick2741 says:

    It’s wengers fault he is to soft and buys the wrong players in mentality , thatis why we don’t play with 100% commitment and he needs to sought out the defence, plus he is relying to much on stupid people who are not doing there jobs (staff) and is to loyal you need to show them who is the BOSS when things get tuff be strong and the team will respect you and play for you more

  9. David Rusa says:

    Ramsey haters need to give him a break. He is one of our few players who always put their heart and soul into it. Why should he be a subject of hatred? If he fails to score that is human error not lack of effort. We should condemn those who make no effort to play for the team; not Ramsey who tries his level best.
    I agree Bellerin has of late become a real liability: Poor runs, misplaced passes, poor crosses, comical defending. You name it. He needs to be rested and a now recovered Debuchy brought in his place. Bellerin flattered to deceive in 2014 but he has now sunk to a very low level.
    I don’t share the same level of hostility towards Xhaka. He is at times profligate but he generally tries his best.
    Sanchez might either no longer be interested in playing for Arsenal or age is beginning to catch up with him.
    That unsung hero Giroud always gets us out of difficult situations. He is like a stone which builders rejected but became the cornerstone.
    The grading is typical of this website, very emotional and vindictive and yet we didn’t lose the game. What would you rather have? A game where we dominate and lose like the one against Man U or this one where we at least got a draw? Let us support our players even though they seem to perform below par. Just consider that Chelsea lost to West Ham as did Man U at home to bitter rivals Man City. Liverpool only managed a draw at home to Everton. So it is not only Arsenal struggling. The only team firing on all cylinders is Man City.

    1. Gworm says:

      Well said David. I thought Xhaka had a rare good game apart from one reckless tackle. I’m really disappointed to see that Kolasinac has caught the Arsenal bug of wing play – he only once drove for the by-line yesterday. When he first came he was doing it every time. I wonder if Wenger deliberately coaches them to stop and turn inside once they reach the final third?
      I disagree about Alexis, I thought he was the only one who looked like penetrating the defence by simply lifting the ball over the Saints back line again and again, but our forwards weren’t able to convert.

  10. Dudu says:

    When ever we realize that Ramsey is Arsenal big problem then we will move forward and play good football….always running forward to score and exposing our midfield……

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