Southampton v Arsenal Review – Gunners blow it as Saints record first home win

The Saints may not have won a home game all season, but they definitely started in a lively fashion and went toe-to-toe with Arsenal right from kickoff. It was a strange line-up from Emery and it looked like we were going to have our usual slow start, and so it proved with Danny Ings putting the home side in front after just 20 minutes with a bullet header that left Leno stranded.

I thought that Arsenal would have upped their game after that but Ings carried on tormenting our makeshift defence and nearly doubled their lead two mins later. Southampton were easily the better side but against the run of play Mhkitaryan got his own header in the corner of the goal and we were back in the running. We did seem to go on top as well causing all sorts of problems, but as usual Arsenal’s defence leaves a gap and that man Ings was on hand to put another looping header over Leno who was just a spectator.

So we went into the second half behind yet again, and an injury to Bellerin persuaded Emery to go with four at the back and add Lacazette up front. The Saints came out running for the first five minutes to try and increase their lead but Arsenal gradually took control and after some calamity defending from the Saints, Mhkitaryan popped up again and his shot took a wicked deflection and suddenly we were level again, and on our second half form we should go on and win it now.

But they go down a gear instead and the game slows down, although with the Saints defending anything can happen! After ten minutes of nothing happening, Emery decides to unleash Ozil with 20 minutes to go and then Maitland-Niles replaced an injured Lichtsteiner and our defenders are dropping like flies.

It looked like disaster had struck just 5 minutes later, but thankfully Shane Long was offside and the celebrations didn’t last long. The game livened up and Aubameyang came close with a glancing header but Saints went straight down the other end. Both sides are pushing hard for the win in the closing stages with Arsenal having most of the possesion. Right now I think a draw is a fair result, but surely we always score the late goals?

I couldn’t have got it more wrong as suddenly the Saints break away and Long puts in a lovely cross to Charlie Austin at the far post and we concede yet another header and Arsenal have just 5 minutes to make amends. I’m not feeling very confident right now…

In fact it’s Southampton that are trying harder to score again, and Emery would have been happy to see 5 minutes added on, and is urging his team forward. To lose our unbeaten record to a team that hasn’t won a home game all season is a little bit discouraging, and losing two more defenders could make the coming schedule even more difficult.

A very limp day for us Gooners….


  1. gotanidea says:

    I was surprised that Emery did not use 3-4-1-2 or 4-3-3, but the 3-4-2-1 with the underperforming Iwobi and Mkhitaryan. Apart from those two goals, Mkhitaryan was not threatening enough, but luckily he made two good shots

    Arsenal old defenders have been showing their ages, especially the rusty Koscielny. Bellerin has been too comfortable as a first choice RB and lacked the guts to challenge the opponent’s defenders

    Charlie Austin took the advantage from Arsenal’s vulnerability against a towering striker again. A new daredevil wide player and a new defender are needed in January

    1. Lugdush says:

      So u want to iwobi for who?? Ozil??

      50k a week…that’s what that death corpe should PAY to play for arsenal…
      Koscielny was terrible today…3 headers behind him

      1. gotanidea says:

        I hope Arsenal have better youngsters that can play as wingers

        I think Koscielny can’t keep up with the younger opponents anymore and he is usually bad with offside traps

    2. kev says:

      Time and time again it’s been proven our players are not suited to a back three system.When we stated using it around 16/17 or so the teams were shocked and did not know how to counter it effectively but now for a team to go a full season successfully with three back your team must be exceptional and have the right players for the system.The only proper three back system player is Kolasinac who is a LWB and not a LB as seen from his fantastic season at Schalkr prior to coming here.

    3. Th14 says:

      It’s just a blip….RELAX GOONERS
      Expect just to go on another run.

  2. McLov says:

    Saints first home win in 12 months.

    Worst scoring team in the league scored 3 against us.

    We have conceded more than we ever did with Wenger.

    23 games unebaeaten and yet our league position is the same as year ago.

    What has Emery actually changed?

    Hasenhuttl worked wonders with Leipzig. He was my first choice.

    1. gotanidea says:

      He changed the playing style to be more direct and he doesn’t hesitate to bench the underperforming stars

      This is an adaptation season for him

      1. McLovin says:

        Well we are not playing to win. We are playing to score, and hope thats enough. Its quite clear the team is not interested about defending.

        1. Lugdush says:

          Maybe u didn’t notice that we were without our 3 first team cbs…
          But resultados, but it Is to early to bash emery…u cant demand un one season what other cant in More than ten years

          1. Lugdush says:

            Bad result*

  3. Vish says:

    Ozil gives nothing to this team. He slows the play down. Absolutely nothing else. We look far better with Iwobi than with him. He is too easily dispossessed as well. His stupid dummy cost us the goal.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I think he is used to the slower tempo of Wenger’s Arsenal and he usually doesn’t play well in a tough away match

      We need a more skillful and braver creative midfielder though

    2. Gunner22 says:

      Very true, he came on the pitch and we conceded and lost, is it not a coincidence? What was emery smoking to bring him off the bench. Also selecting kos for an tough away match was not a bright idea.
      Disgusting attitude from a supposedly world class player, forget the past, we live in the present for the future and it looks bleak with ozil around , a one match wonder. The streak had to end someday but definetly not against the saints.Im gutted.Thanks emery .

      1. Mobella says:

        If you are blaming Ozil who played less than 30mins what are you going to say about PAE and Kos the rest who played the whole 90mins. We lost today because our luck runs out and we play so poor it is as simple as that. I wonder if we would have lost if Mustafi and PAPA play.

        1. Gunner22 says:

          Yes with ozil on the pitch is 10 vs 11

  4. Bur says:

    Keeper shit, defence all over the place, Iwobi waste of a jersey, oil in a huff. Getting beat by a team at the bottom of the league.

    Now we are shit!!!!!

  5. John0711 says:

    Sorry sue but ozil is ? he’s not the only one
    And more are the same
    I cannot see any difference in this side to wengers
    No defence and pass sideways

    1. Gab says:

      What of your defense 3 headers 3 goals. How can a defender you allow opponents to get behind you every now and then. Kocieny was completely terrible today

      1. John0711 says:

        Kos has been washed up for two seasons so that’s no surprise
        But emery decided to play two full backs in a back 3 which is idiotic
        Today’s loss is on him
        Should all be dropped
        AMN is better than any of today’s midfield

        1. Goonerboy says:

          When we lose a game, some kid fans quickly lose their senses and throws perspective outta the window…its a shame really.

        2. Mobella says:

          Where is PAE in your list. If Ozil is there he should be number 2 behind Kos.

    2. kev says:

      Didn’t watch the match but from what you’re saying I can imply Leno made a mistake.Its a shame though as I thought he had stopped those things.Hes not really improved much tbh.Hes always been a fantastic shot stopper even winning the Bundesliga save of the season in 14/15 or so but it’s his mistakes which stop him from being world class.

      1. Lance says:

        Yes we didn’t play as well as we could but we didn’t have to lose. I put it on the goalie. This is his third big error costing us goals. Against Liverpool, Tottenham and now against Southampton.

      2. Mwsupporter says:

        He he is a good shot stopper but flaps around at anything in the air happens nearly every game, new nickname must be Dracula….. hates crosses.

    3. Red and white says:

      What? This is worst than Wengers squad. 20 mill on a keeper, Wenger did not have that luxury.Add that socrates and lich and your far worse than wenger and all you guys call emery as a super hero to take us to champions league and EPL ? My foot!!
      Dumbtype coach . For all our hate to Wenger he had no funds or else we would not be here today.

      1. Durand says:

        Like when he only spent £11 on Cech? Thats Wenger’s fault not “money available.”

        He bought Mustafi for £35 million, Xhaka for 35 million, and Laca for 54 million. Stop with Wenger not having funds nonsense.

        He could have sold Walcott, Ramsey, any number of underperforming players to raise money.

      2. Lugdush says:

        Mm wengers widow detected

  6. Angeli says:

    never play ozil again…. he cost us everything today

  7. Ozil should be sold
    Yes Football needs talents but STEEL TOO.

  8. Eddie Hoyte says:

    This whole 5 defenders on the pitch is bullshīt, I’ve said it many times. We might’ve won with it but every game we won, we struggled to create chances. Aubameyang looks useless with this formation. Iwobi and Mhiki I really don’t get them, at this point I still feel Ramsey would still offer something different from Iwobi.
    We can’t keep playing this 5 man defense crap.
    Well there you go, Our NLD win is useless at this point.
    Watch the English media come off our head

    1. gotanidea says:

      Aubameyang was good in 3-4-1-2 formation, but I guess Emery wanted to play safer by having more midfielders instead of wide attackers

    2. kev says:

      It’s a shame it’ll take this loss for Emery to stop using the three back system.How many times has it been said that out players are not suited for a three back system?Well I doubt he’d make the same mistake after this match.I don’t understand how hes persisted with this unsustainable formation.We would thrashed Utd had he begun with a four back system.

  9. Wow absolutely unacceptable! Just got rekt by a relegation team. Leno was rubbish and Cech must be brought back. Am afraid we won’t make it back into the top 4 if we can’t grind out results like today. We need proper wingers in January. Am deeply disappointed by the result!

    1. Sue says:

      You’re not the only one QD… ?

      1. We can’t afford to drop points like this Sue! Top 4 doesn’t look likely at the moment.

        1. Sue says:

          You’re right, it doesn’t… conceded sooo many goals.. I know Emery said he’d rather win 4-3 than 1-0… but come on!!!
          Everything about today was just horrible.. the line up.. the performance… everything. Out of all the teams we could have lost our streak against, I didn’t think it’d be the Saints (Well I might have for a split second ?)
          One to forget, won’t be tuning in to MOTD2 tonight… don’t even want to watch Loserpool against Maureen’s bell ends… going to watch the darts instead!

          1. Well at least Man utd lost as well! We can share the pain with them today.

  10. avenger says:

    this is what you get when you play side ways and backwards 75% of the game and you didnt react to the circumstances frustrating

    1. Goonerboy says:


      I thought i was the only one that noticed that, it was really frustrating to watch (sideways and backward plays)
      Say what you want, we missed Mustafi big time, yes our general play was dull but the defence could have kept us in the game.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        I agree totally; Arsenal need to be more direct.

  11. PaddyGooner says:

    Not surprised to lose to Southampton. We’ve been playing poor lately, Soton have a new manager, we were bound to lose. Only thing that would have made it a typical Arsenal performance would be if Shane Long had scored since he hasn’t scored in so long

    1. RSH says:

      Glad im not alone in having a bad feeling going into this game. When a team has horrible statistics, we tend to be the team that give them gifts and they turn things around again. Maybe it’s the fact we have a horrendous defense any team in the league can take advantage of. Maybe…

  12. RSH says:

    Disaster performance all around. Emery got the lineup wrong. Why he keeps playing Iwobi and Miki is beyond me. Lacazette and Auba starting have their own set of problems, but our attack looks completely toothless without those two starting games. Espescially Lacazette. The defending was simply shambolic. Nothing really new there. January can’t come soon enough. I know we are short on defenders but Emery didn’t get the formation right. Best thing we can do is win the next game though and forget about this game as quickly as possible.

    1. Innit says:

      Sorry was supposed to be reply to RSH

      1. Innit says:

        Sorry ignore last comment. My typing suffers when we lose

        I meant Mikhi scored 2 goals
        He kept us in the game
        He is better than iwobi and more consistent than Ozil

        1. RSH says:

          Miki has no consistency at all. This is his first good game in such a long time and these two goals dont make up for all the terrible games he’s had. Same thing with Ozil who has only been good against Leicester. That doesn’t make up for all the other games he does nothing. We have to raise our standards and Miki, Ozil, Iwobi are all not nearly consistent enough to be starting to for us. And Miki and Ozil are at ages where they are not going to get any better and are eating up giant wages.

  13. Uzi Ozil says:

    We missed our regular defenders today.

    I had a feeling we were gonna lose today to one of our bogey teams under a new manager.

    Our awesome run comes to an end.

    1. kev says:

      But our regular defenders have also been making these mistakes?I can remind you of a few matches if you want me to.None of Mustafi,Sokratis or even Holding if he were fit could’ve prevent this loss.

      1. Sue says:

        I’d rather have had Sokratis play though Kev

        1. kev says:

          I’d easily agree with you if I have not watched several matches where defensive mistakes from Sokratis and Mustafi almost cost us matches.Have we not seen several here calling for us to sign a CB even when Holding was fit and Sokratis played alongside him?This should tell you something.

      2. RSH says:

        Considering all the goals were headers I disagree that Holding would’ve not prevented this. Sokratis and Holding have been our best CB’s so far and although not perfect they are far better than the defense we had today

        1. kev says:

          Tired of reading the “W e missed player A” comments.Im sure if Ozil hadn’t played today people would’ve said “We miss Ozil”.I’m also happy you didn’t include Mustafi in your best two as I can see you too do not rate him.I must however say that a defence of Holding and Sokratis is not a title winning defense in any way,shape or form and is also prone to mistakes.The standard of our team has fallen to the extent that these are the players we look up to.

          1. RSH says:

            I totally agree that Sokratis and Holding will not win us silverware. All I’m saying is that having our better defenders against the team that is rock bottom of the league would’ve been a huge boost over Koscienly (arguably finished and hasn’t played in ages), Lichtsteiner, Xhaka, Monreal (who has also been out a while). Playing so many out of form defenders and makeshift CB’s was a gift for Southampton.

        2. Goonerboy says:


          I disagree that Sokratis has been our best defender, why all the hate for Mustafi?
          How many games has he played?
          Mustafi has played more games than Sokratis this season and he has been very commanding and impressive.
          Had he played today, our back passes wont be as much as it was…yes, he could be rash sometimes but overall he has been solid

          1. RSH says:

            I’m not hating on Mustafi. He has had his good games. I think Sokratis has been better is all. None of our CB’s have been error-free. So I’m not picking on Mustafi by not including him.

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Mustafi has excellent stats for clearances this season.

          3. Alldwayfromafrica says:

            Man…have been saying this like forever…but it’s pretty obvious that most fans here have given up on him which is a shame given the fact that bellerin… xhaka… iwobi….we all given second chances even if they have failed to constantly earn it

      3. Alldwayfromafrica says:

        Yeah..this are the type of comments I would expect from you since you one of those fans who don’t see anything good about our players….just tell one defended who doesn’t make mistakes or haven’t made any mistakes this season? It’s part of being a defender the idea just being to limit this it or not mustafi and sokratis are the best we have for now and they have been way better than must of you give them credit for…Its no coincidence we lost today to three headers all which would have been avoided if the team was at full strength..

  14. joe says:

    we played with all our centre backs out.but the coach got it wro g to go 3 at the back as well wit just one natural cb whose just coming back to d team.

  15. Steve h says:

    Sorry Kos should retire, what the hell was Leno doing Mr floppy poor defending.
    Ozil gives nothing. Defender or two keep Ramsey sell Ozil if someone will take him?? And before anybody says it was Kos first game it was against a team who hasn’t 1 for 12months it should have an ideal game for him. And this sideways and backwards football is back again ffs

  16. Jah son says:

    My issue with Emery is
    One you can change formation week in week out and two constantly taking players off at half time surely takes confidence away dude needs to choose is first eleven now imagine how players like Ozil Auba and lacazette must feel when the manager shuffle them around week after week it’s getting crazy

  17. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    Lol….well the unbeaten run is over(haven’t felt this crappy in awhile) we can finally get our head out of arse and see that we haven’t really improved as we all thought we had…I mean we had bad games during the run games that could have gone we dropped points that we should have won I just find it so annoying how we start game’s especially against the so called weak team…no urgency of any kind it was always going to hurt us at some point..and we got ignorant during the run …this is the wake up call we needed….spurs next we need to get our shiit together….how we missed mustafi and sokratis

    1. Gab says:

      We really missed them. We can all see the difference between them and folks that played today.

    2. kev says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t Mustafi and Sokratis made several mistakes this season especially Mustafi?Have we not seen here several times how people have said”Mustafi is an average CB”.How then can we miss Mustafi?If Arsenal need the likes of Mustafi and Sokratis to save them then it shows how dreadful our team is.

      1. Gab says:

        The point i am making is that the manner at which we conceded today was terrible even for Mustafi and the rest that did not play today

  18. Innit says:

    Mkhi kept us in the match!
    He score 2 goals

    1. Innit says:

      Sorry was supposed to be reply to RSH

  19. ThirdManJW says:

    Who would have thought that Xhaka would have looked like our most experienced CB today? Kos had a shocker, and directly at fault for the second, and third goals. Leno has to take some blame for the winner as well, but he wouldn’t have had to come that far out if Kos had bothered to mark Austin! As they were running towards our box, Kos had a look at Austin, so he knew that he was unmarked, yet Kos decided to continue running in a straight line to mark no one! He decided to let Austin go for some reason? Kos was more worried about empty space!!

    We’ve been on a great run, so I cannot complain, but it’s so frustrating to lose against such a poor team. Hopefully only a little knock to Bellerin, and I think his absence in the second half really cost us as well.

    Three unmarked headers is just criminal for ANY team!

    1. Durand says:

      Kos was shocking today, he has lost it I’m afraid. Last year his decline was apparent, now it’s unacceptable.

      Ready for Nelson to displace Iwobi, and I would rather see Mustafi than Kos. At least Mustafi takes action, not LOOK at Austin then do nothing like Kos.

      Emery has said from beginning he would rather win 3-2 than 1-0; and today we lost 3-2 because of that.
      That has not changed at Arsenal.

      Help Sven, we need defenders stat, oh and a winger too.

      1. kev says:

        At least Mustafi takes action?Have we forgotten the Aguero goal against Arsenal last season?Have we forgotten the several mistakes from Mustafi this season and how he annoying points around trying to give excuses to referres when hes found out?Even when he takes action he still manages to concede needless fouls.I will remember your comment on Mustafi and will now watch him two times more closely than I use to to see actually see if I watch a different player.

        1. Durand says:

          Yeah kev, would rather a defender take action, do something, YOU KNOW DEFEND! Sure Mustafi gets it wrong sometimes, it happens.

          Kos today was a joke, 3 headers they scored; never happens against Mustafi. Peoplegetting behind and around Kos all game, and then he WATCHES Austin and does nothing.

          Kos is finished, reminds me of Mert was he was done as a player at this level.

          Formation doesn’t matter with those players. Kos s#&t in back 4 or 5, Iwobi naive on left, right, or thru the middle, and Ozil should show some fight or quality; because now he is showing neither.

          1. kev says:

            The standard has been set so low that even Mustafi is being made to look good.I refuse to forget his past performances just because today the CB’s who started were dreadful.I understand that with Mustafi things could’ve been different but does is not a certainty at all and far from it tbh.If both he and Sokratis played and we ended up losing the excuse would be different.

          2. Durand says:

            Agree Mustafi not good enough. But Kos was atrociously bad today, embarrassing really.

  20. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    gutted 7 arsenal players vs austin still scores as usual,surely dick emery will spend heavy in the window spend the whole 20 million lol.,.,

    1. Invisible says:


      Please don’t call Emery names just yet.

    2. Red and white says:

      Respect the coach as a human, question his tactics.We are AFC lets not stoop so low

  21. Invisible says:

    This season is a free pass for Emery, just another bad day for all especially auba….. Those gilt-edged chances.

    Defending was attrocious at best. Don’t worry guys, we are in a transition. We’ll be better next match.

    1. RSH says:

      Agree. Emery is still hitting above his weight keeping this team near top 4. We have so many players that aren’t good enough and have no business being here and he’s still just had one transfer window.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Aubameyang has certainly lost his scoring boots.

  22. Rkw says:

    The starting 11 was the choice of a manager who hasn’t learnt much in 6 months am sorry to say and doesn’t really have a style he is trying to mould … a lot of bad performances today but for me aube was utterly hopeless today … unless we splash out on two quality players in window we will not compete for CL this year unfortunately .. and I don’t expect the greedy yank to oblige

  23. Gavana says:

    The is the so hyped Manager who cannot beat a second bottom team?

    1. Durand says:

      You troll. Been hiding for 22 games I see. Rather than praising 22 games undefeated, you crow about a loss.

  24. Ks-gunner says:

    The efin Wengerits where lurking around to come out at last to have a go on the new manager.

    It is Wenger who has gotten us in this poz by fielding and givint uselsless players the chance to play at Arsenal. Emery is doing wonders here bec in truth we are quality wise nowhere. Ozil and Ramsey should have been sold the moment we had the chance. Players like Bellerin und co are not quit good enough.

    What concerns me the most is the support and the resction of stan. Will he back Emery to do do better? I doubt that.

  25. FootballisTrivial says:

    Ozil, what a disgusting player. Hope he never wears the Arsenal jersey again. That non-nonchalance he displayed when he came on, disgraceful.

    Leno, and Koscienly had howlers today. The attackers were okayish except for Iwobi.
    A winger is needed. REALLY BAD.

    1. RSH says:

      I’d rather Emery pick Ramsey over Ozil off the bench every single time. Ozil does not give a hoot about any of this. Will be cheering the day he’s sold honestly. A total of 1.5 (and that’s generous) good seasons for Arsenal. Disastrous for somebody “world class”.

      1. Goonerboy says:

        I totally agree!

  26. Skies says:

    Guys, guys ,guys calm down yeah we got defeated but we are in a big transition. Today we were without out regular CB’s (not that they are amazing),Kolasinac (who generally thrives in this formation), and we had Xhaka as part of the back 3. I am not saying this could not have been better, but just for a couple of season lets stick with the new man. His subtitutes did wonders till now but this was bound to happen someday, dont curse him probably he also learnt something (bringing Ozil to a dog fight). COYG

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Xhaka was wasted at CB; Arsenal needs him in midfield with Torreira.

  27. slygizzle says:

    First of all this was a horrible game .
    Kos is passed it and should be shipped out in January ,Same goes for Lichtsteiner.
    It pains me to say this but Iwobi is disappointing himself and not arsenal fans anymore .
    Ozil should leave arsenal as soon as possible so he doesn’t get embarrassed out.
    Leno is an average keeper .
    For heavens sake Laca is a way better striker than Auba .

  28. Kingojode says:

    What I saw today from Kosienly was not good enough even if he has only been back not too long ago. What sought of defending was that from a central defender; going with your leg for an aerial ball he knew there was no way he could stretch it above the head of the soaring Danny Ings. He was culpable for the first goal.
    Just like no one can make any case for him for the first goal, no one should look farther from Kosienly as to who was responsible for the second goal. How could you lose your man so easily like that? That was so ridiculous from him. He exposed us greatly.
    What do I say about their last goal against us? The above question suggest that I do not know who is responsible for that goal, but that is not the case. It is just that mentioning Kosienly again, to some persons, will make me look bias against him. But I cannot turn blinds eyes to the things I saw pretty good. He, Kosienly, did not follow intelligently the running of Austin into our 18 yard box. As much as Kosienly has a fault in that last goal, Leno, as much as Ozil have their own share.
    Ozil, for me, is rubbing the club. Apparently he is earning more than he deserves. You can’t earn that much and contribute minimally to the course of the team.

    The only case anyone can make for Kosienly is that he has only just returned from injury, but that is not good enough to absolve him.

  29. sol says:

    The solution is not from within…January is on the horizon…ARSENAL BOARD time to act.

    am still with Unai….

  30. Grandad says:

    Let’s not get too depressed guys.Emery had no alternative but to play a makeshift back three due to injuries and suspensions.The absence of Holding and Socratis in particular left us very weak in the air and to be fair to Southampton they capitalised on this.I feel so sorry for Kocielney on his return.He along with Licht and Monreal are lacking in match fitness and it showed.The match for also highlighted the weakness of Leno to deal with crosses,However let’s not get too despondent .I thought young Guendouzi was head and shoulders above every player on the pitch, and prior to his injury, Bellerin was very good. I am confident we’ll come back strong against Spurs.

  31. Tom says:

    Anyone who thought getting back into the top 4 was as simple as changing the manager is clearly in dreamworld.

    We have good players, we have signed some good players but we have a lot of work to.

    New mentality will take time to apply.
    A. Ability to want to fight in every 90 mins
    B. Ability to manage the game from back to front.
    C. Ability to understand how to win 1-0 through determination of ideas then a random result.

    Today, it was disappointing to not be able to deal with the problem when it was occcuring on and on.

    Unai can keep changing and advising but there needs to be a point where there is game management from the players.

    If you consider the back; leno, bellerin for me I would see as our future.
    Iwobi, mhkit as squad players…

    I only see 6 of them starts as the future So, it’s fair to say a lot is to change still for AFC to be where unai and us want them to be at.

  32. Bur says:

    Calm down? Getting beat by 3 headers by a bottom 3 team. We are shit and no Arsensl fan can deny that.

  33. Phil says:

    Whichever way we look at this squad it is still the same group that Wenger had last season with the additions of Torriera Guandouzi Sokritis Leno and Lichstiener.I believe we are as a Club no further forward than when we sacked Wenger but Emery deserves great credit for introducing new styles and tactics.FFS we lost one game guys with ZERO CB’s that were fit and playing regularly.
    Credit to Monreal for lasting as long as he did.
    And to ALL those Iwobi lovers-He really is Crap and will be gone in 18 months at most

    1. At a reported 70K-a-week I believe it will be a nightmare trying to move Iwobi on.

      1. Sue says:

        70k???? Bloody hell!!!

    2. ger burke says:

      well said phil. absolute truth there.

  34. Arslan says:

    Koscielny who haven’t played in EPL match for over 5 months should have not been played as the last man… But with Mustafi, Sokratis & Holding all unavailable due to injury or suspension, I guess Enery didn’t have much choice.. There was just no penetration through the middle which usually was made by Ozil earlier in the season, guess that’s why Enery threw him in with 20 minutes to go but with no effect… Aubameyang still not consistent….

  35. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    some of the midweek kids would b better than this lot zech medley 4 1,iwobi played 3 passes to the invisable man and 2 hospital passes,koulibaly but can we afford him lets start a gofundme:

  36. GunneRay says:

    THE SIMPLE FACT IS.. ARSENAL A MILLION MILES AWAY FROM BEING A TOP 4 CONTENDER!! At least 70% of Arsenal’s squad is not good enough to even start for any other team in the top 4. Emery had his hands tied when he came in.. we have performed well lately but we’ve also been lucky. Against Liverpool or City today and we would have been destroyed! Simple as that..

    1. Rkw says:

      Sadly true … there is still a lack of intensity and skill across the team … guendozi and torreira the closest on those two fronts and it’s no accident they are post wenger signings … but unless there is a big investment over next 6 months it’s though to see how we will get back in to CL places …

  37. GB says:

    Kos the Boss? More like Kos the Toss !

  38. Adajim says:

    most condition worked against our team today, we played without our usual cb, we used a midfielder as a cb, fielding 3 at the back today, despite limited options, was a wrong call by the manager, kos take all the blame today, we should have focused more on our attack, we wasted lots of chances and invited them to come at us, as fast as I know, Kev, declared he couldn’t see the match, so I’ll forgive his comments on mustaffi. Today we miss our regular. Mustaffi performance can be as bad as Kos today. Better days ahead. Coyg

    1. kev says:

      What comments on Mustafi are you going to forgive?Just because I criticize Mustafi does not mean I think Kos has been playing well.Infact he was dreadful last season and terrible today from the comments I’m reading.If Arsenal fans are crying for Mustafi to come back to save their season then we could be in for a long one.How can people forget his mistakes so soon and act like he’s all perfect even if he could’ve performed far better than Kos today?

  39. Declan says:

    Iwobi won’t play the next game.
    Kos won’t either as Mustafi will be back.
    We need a new right back.

  40. Sue says:

    What a crap weekend for football… we lost… Spuds won… Chelsea won…?? oh but United losing will cheer me up, oh wait – It’s against Liverpool ?
    At least City won… we’re obviously not winning the league, so I’d rather City did than Liverpool (At least my daughter will be happy)

    1. Funny we beat spurs just the other day and now we are already 5 points behind them. We are lagging behind!

      1. Sue says:

        Seems like ages ago that we thrashed them QD… seeing some of the spud tweets earlier made me feel rather queasy!!
        5 points already…. what a mountain we have to climb

  41. Jah son says:

    Another defender injured what’s happening

    1. Sue says:

      Emery reckons he may miss weeks….. what else can go wrong??

  42. Sue says:

    So I asked my son in law (United fan) who had the worst defence, us or them!! I also asked him who would he rather win the league? He said City ?!!
    Just looked at the table, we’ve conceded 23!! Already!! Jeez… United 29… that’s awful…..

  43. ger burke says:

    after todays performance, i am certain that we need to break the bank and buy top class defenders right across the backline.we lack woefully in our defence, and we need a big clearout. dont be afraid to spend a fortune to get some class defenders in , unai !!.

  44. RichSAAlao says:

    Oooooo. This must be embarrassing.
    Don Ox’s comments are missing!!!

  45. Alatari Douglas says:

    Unbeaten run finally comes to a stop. Hope we can come back stronger though. Our problem today was the defense and it showed.

  46. Vitex says:

    We lost as a result of Emery’s team selection and tactics. Playing three at the back,with only Kos a natural center back was a clear sucide. This is the second time Emery is making a terrible mistake in team selection: against crystal palace, he did the same thing.
    Had he played four at the back i.e
    Niles,Kos,monreal,and bellerin, then play Torreira and Xhaka in midfield base, the Saints wouldn’t have won this game.

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