Southampton will NOT stop Schneiderlin transfer to Arsenal

If you believe the many Arsenal transfer rumours from last year, then Arsenal were seriously interested in signing the France international Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton. But the south coast club held firm and after the way the central midfielder has been central to a surprisingly good season for the Saints, you can understand why.

It seemed a bit unfair, however, that they did not stand so firm on the transfer moves of Luke Shaw to Man United or the trio of Adam Lallana, Dejan Lovren and Rickie Lambert to Liverpool. We did get Calum Chambers though so cannot complain too much and it looks like our versatile defender could soon be reunited with his former team mate.

As reported by the Daily Star, Schneiderlin’s current manager Ronald Koeman has given the Gunners some great encouragement to bid for the star this summer. We know that he wanted to move on last summer but he has been very professional and Koeman will not stand in his way of a move to a bigger club this time around.

The Dutchman said, “It will be hard when there is real interest in the player. It is up to the player what he likes to do.

“It is very hard but normally if we have the season like we have so far there will be interest in the players of Southampton.

“If he gets a big offer from a big team, there is always interest for the player and I understand that.

“That is normal, we know our level and that is a compliment for the players and the club.”

That is a pretty clear green light for Arsene Wenger, although it does not mean the player will be either cheap or easy to get as there are bound to be other clubs after him. One of them could be Man United and they will be handing Louis van Gaal another massive transfer kitty, especially if they stay in the Champions League places.

Will Schneiderlin finally become a Gunner this summer?

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  1. With the current squad or the form we have do we need him? Probably yes! Time to say good bye to Flamini, Diaby, to make the room for Morgan, good player though..

  2. I suspect bielik who was bought in the january window is a replacement for one of arteta, flamini or diaby. It seems like wenger might give diaby a pay as you play type contract, also rumoured to be giving an extension to arteta.

    Unless we are planning to sell arteta I don’t know how serious wenger will be in strengthening the spine of the team with schneiderlin or kondogbia for example, he might feel bielik could be ready to step up soon or arteta a capable replacement if coquelin gets injured.

    I think we have an opportunity to put out a title winning team but I think we need another type of cf, holding midfield and possibly cb before we can really challenge and I personally don’t see us getting that in the summer.

  3. Schneiderlin or kondogbia.

    But you guys gotta watch this dude named Felipe Anderson on lazio he is LEGIT

  4. ofcourse the couldn’t stop a whole Lot of players migrating Last summer (especially to pool)……. Did it stop em from progressing? Nope!… They always get better replacements…….i bet there’s another schneiderlin waiting to take morgan’s place

  5. A defensive midfielder is our only ‘must buy’ for this transfer window. We don’t really ‘need’ anyone else. But we do need a marquee signing. It gets the fans excited, gives the players a boost and freshens the team up. Without one, a great team can often go backwards, it just seems dated. If you want an example of that, just look at Man City this season. What position do I want this marquee signing to be? No idea. I can argue against signing a player for any position, except for a second defensive midfielder, which we should get anyways.

    I’d like the team to be mixed up a bit for next season, I’d like to see Oxlade-Chamberlain a lot more. Bellerin should really be pushing Debuchy like Monreal/Gibbs do to each other and I’d like Gabriel to start ahead of Mertesacker. Szczesny should get a chance to reclaim his spot, but only if Ospina drops his performances of course. Other than that, I’m quite happy with our team.

    But enough of the summer, enough of ‘next season’, we have a match today, this season. 3 points are vital.

  6. Aint this contradicting??

    are we looking for A DM or CM???

    Schenerdlin more like a CM…..more like a Ramsay or Carzola playing CM…..

    he do not sit back and purely defend…..

    we should be looking for someone more defensively instead of another attacker….

    1. Hafiz that’s exactly what schneiderlin does he is a DM who has an excellent passing range just cause he has the ability to play further forward doesn’t negate the fact he’s a defensive midfielder

      1. Except he isn’t a DM. They have a DM called Wanyama. They play together in the same team.

        1. He’s a DM. He plays DM for Southampton and France when he plays. You’re suggesting he’s a CM because he’s arguably the best baller Saints have – therefore he contributes.

          In a team like Arsenal where we have Rambo/Ozil etc he would sit, defend, and start attacks from deep. I suggest you watch more closely as Wanyama is one of TWO holding mids.

          1. Hahaha @ the lengths some people are going to to justify Morgan.

            He is not a DM. If he is then he is rubbish at it. He is at best a CM that plays in a hard pressing team.

            That guy that plays DM for Monaco – now that is what I call a DM. Morgan is not even close to that or even Coquelin. But that isn’t a criticism because he doesn’t play the same position as those two players…….

          2. Charlie’s right, both Wanyama and Schneiderlin are DMs, Schneiderlin just happens to be a very good ball player as well.

            1. Re your point on stats.

              Did I say those stats matter? I gave an example of another set of stats.

              More to the point, do stats show how one player is in relation to another? Is Song of Arsenal the same Song as the Song of West Ham? I bet his stats are different even though he plays the same position. The delta would be the difference caused by playing in West Ham vs playing in Arsenal. So stats don’t matter at all.

              Which follows on to my next point. Did you actually read what I said? I said that MS in Arsenal is not the same player as FC in Arsenal or how the Monaco DM would be. For all your bias towards MS, he isn’t a second DM that is an amazing passer of the ball. He is the second midfielder of a high pressing team. He plays alongside a another DM. Coquelin does not play alongside another DM. We also don’t need a ball playing DM anymore. After Arteta got injured Wenger changed the system to not need the pivot to distribute the ball.

              So excuse me if I’m not giddy with joy at another pointless rumour of a player that will never come, that Arsenal don’t need and who is so overhyped it is painful.

              Enjoy watching SFC this weekend.

              1. Actually, you were the first person to mention stats to support your argument.

                Obviously two players in the same position are still going to have different roles in two teams based on what the team needs; that doesn’t mean that you can’t use stats to evaluate how well a player would adapt into a team along with simply watching their play.

                “he plays alongside a another DM”… you just admitted he is a DM which was the start of this whole discussion.

                I would not say Arteta was ever a ball playing DM, he was a holding midfielder which was not working great because despite his decent tackle rate he wasn’t stopping attacks very well.

                1. No I wasn’t the first person to mention stats. Actually look below. Champagne Charlie mentioned stats first in support of MS being better than FC.

                  Stop making stuff up. He obviously isn’t playing as a DM when Wanyama plays.

                2. “He is a CM that plays in a team that presses. If he is a DM then he is a rubbish one because his interceptions, tacking and shielding are no where near what Coquelin has been doing.”<————–

                  This is you mentioning stats which Charlie replied to with numbers relating to interceptions, tackling, and shielding aka stats.

                3. @ Tidan2

                  You do realise that by definition a statistic must include numbers? The ‘stat’ you keep on claiming doesn’t mention a single number.

                  Stop clutching at straws. He is the second man in a central position of midfield. No matter what you keep on trying to push, he is not s DM.

                4. Semantics, you implied the numbers by mentioning the actions that can be measured and evaluating them.

              2. I agree with you RvP but not getting in an argument with CC. Labels are nice and people do like to line their ducks up in row, everything neat and tidy and accounted for but forget the labels and just watch MS play and then watch FC play. Their roles are different – like night and day different. SFC certainly play it very cautiously but essentially have two very unadventurous CMs in the middle of the park who continually rotate but either can be found a fair way up the pitch when the other sits. FC is a destroyer in 4-1-4-1 in a very specialised DM role. Whatever MS is, from what I have seen, I don’t see him doing this destructive and highly disciplined holding role. I could see him in a midfield 2 with say AR15 but not in the system we play.

              3. If we don’t need a ball playing DM, why did Wenger buy bielek for the future. He is poised to be a strong powerful dm with excellent passing skills. We have FC who is a total destroyer, we have ramsay who is a b2b that can score fab goals. I don’t see why we should get MS who is an in betweeny. can be either a dm if fc is injured or b2b if ramsay is injured or play with FC to shore up the defence in big games giving us the chance of progressing far in UCL. Personally i think its better to have MS than a anoda destroyer like FC.

                1. We don’t need a ball playing DM because Wenger doesn’t play a ball playing DM right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  What is hard to understand about that? 4-1-4-1. He did that so he didn’t have to rely on Arteta anymore.

          1. It only happens when gooners become obsessed with a player and make up stuff to fit their point of view.

      2. Wanyama is the DM and Schenerlindin is the CM

        we already have Ramsay, Carzola and even bench warmer Wilshere capable of playing in that CM position….

        1. Clearly you guys don’t watch Southampton so why are you commenting if you don’t know? Wanyama plays as the cm a majority of the time and he looks so lost in the final 3rd.

          Schneiderlin drops so deep they essentially play 3 center halfs and allow Clyne and Bertrand to push up the field. You think wanyama is the deepest player starting the attack? ABSOLUTELY not I watch Southampton a lot for schneiderlin trust me he’s the DM. Last year wanyama barely played cause he’s not that good, so schneiderlin has been there DM in the prem for 3 years now

          1. If you watch Southampton then I’m not sure how you arrived at that conclusion.

            He is a CM that plays in a team that presses. If he is a DM then he is a rubbish one because his interceptions, tacking and shielding are no where near what Coquelin has been doing.

            1. Schneiderlin – 3.7 tackles, 2.6 interceptions per 90min
              Coquelin – 3.6 tackles, 3.3 interceptions per 90min

              You’re so far off piste. Go watch Southampton and keep your eyes on Schneiderlin, he’s been the best DM in england for 2.5/3 years.

              1. Who cares how many tackles he averages a game. They don’t play in similar teams. Stats don’t really mean much but since you seem to love them:

                Average duels won: FC 58%, MS 44%

                Average defensive actions: FC 8, MS 5

                Why don’t you actually look into what is going on before calling someone else clueless. You keep on harping about 2 DMs at SFC. Well genius we don’t play with two DMs. There is a world of difference between being a CM that sits ( which is what Morgan does) and being protected vs having two AMs in front of you with no protection (which is what Coq) does.

                1. Stats matter until someone refutes your claim apparently because one second you say Schneiderlin doesn’t have the tackles or interceptions of a DM and then when someone writes down the stats that prove you are wrong these stats suddenly “don’t really mean much”. YOU’RE stats don’t meaning anything though:

                  duals won is led by Hazard so it measures how involved a player is rather than whether they are shielding the defence well.

                  Wanyama has less defensive actions than Schneiderlin so surely Wanyama must be the CM and Schneiderlin the DM based on that logic.

                  The only lovely thing about all these claims is that Coquelin happens to be extremely high in every single stat: Tackles, Interceptions, won duals, defensive actions.

                2. @ robin

                  Seriously just watch Southampton play and watch schneiderlin closely and to say he’s not a good DM is just a ridiculous statement. I am the biggest Le coq fan just look at my previous posts I can’t stop raving about the guy. But bringing a guy like schneiderlin in to compete with Le coq as the DM will only be good for the club and would benefit both of them in terms of competing for the starting spot like Montreal/Gibbs.
                  If we bring in schneiderlin, Le coq still is the #1 in my eyes unless he has a DRASTIC dip in form cause he has virtually been perfect for us. But as I previously said it’ll only benefit the club.

                3. @ Goonsquad

                  I have watched them play and have nothing but good things to say about them.

                  But there is a huge difference between what is being said and what he is. He is a good all round midfielder but Southampton do not play with two DMs. They play with Wanyama and him as the general midfielder who is all over the pitch.

                  The reason he is probably not an elite player already is because he has all the right attributes except he can’t drive the ball forward from deep/make power runs.

                4. I far from love them, I often refute people who base a player entirely on stats. But you can’t call a player poor in two specific departments then argue at the statistical evidence.

                  “His interceptions, tackling….nowhere near what coquelin has been doing”

                5. They have though. The stats you quoted were based on players in two different teams who play differently so have different demands and more importantly one only played part of the season so any statistclical comparisons are pointless because the averages begin at different points.

                  Like I said above, Song plays same position at Arsenal and West Ham. He is no worse now then when he left. I just looked up his stats. His stats are worse at West Ham than they were at Arsenal in a few areas. Delta = the team.

                  Stats mean nothing. FC plays as a lone DM and is performing better at that than MS. But that is because MS is not playing the same way as FC

          2. See Goonsqad this pr::: Charlie has crawld out again from his woodwork, the mere mention of either Schiedelin or Coquelin he has a go to knock,I think this idiot has a fling for this Shniderlin guy and he must follow Southhampton CB

            1. Bore off Luko I never see you comment unless it’s having a pop at me. I comment on the articles that get posted….if they’re about coquelin, or in this case schneiderlin, who do you think I’m gonna talk about?

              Top notch involvement on the forum once again, I seriously think you’re about 12.

              1. There the only 2 you talk about 1 at 23 and been around the hard way and has made a name for himself,the other never heard of him till this season and he is 26 and he was woefull against Everton. And yes I’m 12 a year older than you. CB

                1. Hard to even qualify such ignorance. Only heard of schneiderlin this season and you say I “come out the woodwork”? Out from under your rock in that case.

                  And amazing perspective on what the “hard way” is, coquelin was signed by Arsenal at 16 while Schneiderlin has went from Strasbourg to Southampton to top DM in the league now looking for a CL club. Bet he’d have loved the hard way coquelin got to join a team like arsenal at 16.

    2. First I thought you was a united supporter but now I’m thinking chelsea.

      He is a CM. He is a DM.

      Stop mocking those boomers who have little football knowledge.

  7. “Le COq” looks the real deal…….at this point, i would take a support or assitance, not a replacement for him…….sorry 2 say this, but We may Lose Le coq if morgan joins ArsenaL (probability)

  8. With our recent football and the stone cold of le Coq, have make the urgency level of CDM needs is changing. That’ll be our benefit to face difficult negotiations.
    Schneiderlin, Kondogbia, Matuidi, or Sissoko are find options. Arsene know exactly what are we need the most from those guys. Did anyone notice? They are all french!

  9. You gooners squabbling like schoolgirls in the playground over whether Schneiderlin is a Dm Cm or whatever. Who cares.Chelsky are also in the mix plus a few more top clubs so we may not get him anyway.
    I’m cheering on Palace today cos if they don’t beat Chelsky 2 nd or 3rd is the best we can do.

    1. Hahah it is a bit of squabbling but I don’t get why people can’t differentiate between a DM and CM.

      But Chelsea play qpr tomorrow lets just focus on taking care of business v burnley!

  10. All arguing over Shneiderlin now lads aha

    I’d prefer Kondogbia for some reason

    Then Wanyama or Shneidy

  11. APlayer like Morgan Schneiderlin has the ability to fit in2 d arsenal setup whether as a DM or CM… Depending on instructions issued out by d coach, he ll play as a DM if arsene askes him to, n u ll bet he’ll do d job well bcos there’s fierce competition, nobody wants to b on d bench

    1. Which begs the question who do you drop the other times when he doesn’t play as a DM. He doesn’t even come close too Cazorla or Ramsey so not sure what all the fuss is about

    2. It is only robin vanplayslip who is saying he is a DM.

      Others understand a player can play CM and DM or a team can play 2DMs.

      1. Who taught you how to read? Stevie Wonder?

        Read the post above yours. He isn’t good enough to be a CM at Arsenal so he would have to be a DM.

  12. Arsenal with MS can play 2 DMs. Yes we don’t play 2 DMs. But we don’t have the players to do so. Arteta n coq doesn’t look balanced but that is the best we have for 2 DMs.

    You need two very similar players and for our system the 2nd DM needs great defensive positioning which MS has.

    He is made for the role and what it gives is two solid walls opponents will find hard to penetrate. Arsenal will become way harder to play and figure out.

    We would add another dimension to our tactics for tough teams and away fixtures.

    And we would have an emmediate replacement for coq and a competition for his place.

    All the reasons mourinho is running scared for us obtaining him. He will flop at Chelsea. Will not make the team but mourinho will keep him away from us and make us weaker.

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