Spain helping Arsenal avoid Bellerin to Barcelona transfer?

I must admit that I find it a bit strange that the Spanish right back Hector Bellerin, despite plenty of big game action for the Gunners in recent years, can still boast just three international caps at senior level, but if this can Arsenal in anyway to stop the flying full back being tempted to return to Catalonia to play for his boyhood club Barcelona, long may it continue.

Once again this summer there have been and sure to be many more Arsenal transfer rumours linking Bekllerin with a transfer back to Barca, where Arsene Wenger plucked him from the famed La Masia academy and brought him to north London, but I feel that the Spain national team is doing us a big favour in not selecting him for the full team.

Bellerin will be heading off to Poland to compete in the under 21 championships with Spain but I would have expected him to have been moved up by now, even though his form suffered a dip in the second half of last season. Even in top form Bellerin would still probably be second choice to the Real Madrid star Dani Carvajal, but you would expect him to be ahead of the Barca full back Sergi Roberto, who has been given a place in the senior Spain side this summer.

Could this be playing on the minds of the Barca transfer team? I certainly hope so as I believe a really concerted effort from them would be likely to convince our Spanish star to go. He is still just 22-years old, though, and seems happy to keep working under Wenger4 for now.

Will Bellerin still be a Gunner next season? And will Spain ever give him the caps he clearly deserves?



  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    RIP chieck Tiote……. What a tragic news….. I recall when Arsenal was constantly linked with him!

  2. Bellerin to Barca is entirely in Arsena’ls hands. He has several years on his contract with us, he is one of our best players, his temporary dip in form notwithstanding. Why should any club with reasonable ambition sell him?

    1. Ken ? says:

      Spain team is made up of Barca and​ real,so bellerin will be denied chance till he accepts to join this two teams, just us what happened to fabrigas.

  3. Napersie says:

    How many of you guys are tired of all these Tony Adams slaying of Wenger. Yea Wenger is not perfect but I think he’s also a coach and should be planning to help Malaga gain promotion to Liga next season. Every day he slays Wenger but in the same job he is far from good enough.

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If we sold him I do not believe that Wenger will get someone who is of the same or better quality or who is injury free.

    We sold Viera and never got a replacement
    We sold RVP and didn’t get a replacement
    We sold Sagna and got Debuchy
    We sold Vermaelen and got Gabs

    We are lucky that Bellerin was a youngster that turned out great

    My advice is to do as much as we can to keep Bellerin

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Sagna is available for Freeeeee! ??

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    The fact that he will probably want to play international football (as they all do) and the fact that as you rightly say he would have to play for a big spanish club to do so, leads me to believe that IF Barca did come in with a big enough carrot for Arsene FC they would want to sell and he would most likely go along with it seeing as its where he started and the entry it would more than likely give him into regular international football and domestic/European trophies.

    I hope he doesn’t go because he is unstoppable going forward on his day and a solid defender most of the time.

  6. Franklin says:

    Bellerin is a very good player but carvajal is ahead of him, moving to barca isn’t gonna change his position

  7. Jonm says:

    Bellerin is not only an ex barcelona youth player but also comes from barcelona. He probably grew up dreaming of playing for barcelona. I expect barcelona are mounting a charm offensive, persuade bellerin he wants to leave arsenal and move to barcelona and barcelona get him cheaper than if they had to bid against say real madrid.

    This will be a long term strategy from barcelona and the way to counter it is to win the PL, beating barcelona if/when we come up against them would also help. He should also be mindful that a move to barcelona may not be all milk and honey, as fabregas found out and ended up playing for maureen and now is not first choice at chelsea but more an impact sub.

    However I expect he will end up at barcelona, but not for a few years.

    1. Jonm says:

      Also, not being picked for spain is an incentive to move to a spanish club, it is probably because he is playing in PL which is reducing his chances of playing for spain.

  8. Bell should know whathim homeland believe in,and he has to decide. It’s a policy and not what you think or feel.

  9. Bell, should know how players are selected to play on his country national team. It is in my view that he should wake up and do the honorable thing if he wish to play for his country Spain.

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