Spain manager forced to call Arsenal defender into squad

Spain boss Vicente Del Bosque has been forced to call Hector Bellerin into his squad, following Dani Carvajal’s injury.

The Real Madrid star was injured during the Champions League final on Saturday evening, and is now a doubt for the European Championships next month.

Doctors are assessing the extent of the defender’s injury, and Del Bosque has until Tuesday to decide whether he will take the Real man, or whether to replace his name with Bellerin, who will take Carvajal’s squad place for Wednesday’s friendly.

“At the moment, he’s in the squad for our next match against South Korea on Wednesday in Salzburg,” the Coach said is quoted as saying after today’s 3-1 friendly win.

“What I wish is for Carvajal to recover in time, but I’m prepared for everything.

“We’re in the hands of our doctors and waiting on what they tell us about both players [Carvajal and Koke].

“At the moment, Bellerin stays until we see the extent of Carvajal’s injury.

“I thought about Mario [Gaspar], but we have to be consistent with our idea with which our preparations are based on, and therefore Bellerin stays.

“We were comfortable in the first half and controlled the match with Bruno [Soriano] and Cesc [Fabregas]

“In the second half, although we outnumbered them, we had less control and everything has more equal.

“I’m delighted with the young lads as they amply fulfilled what we expected of them.

“Ten of them will return to Spain [on Sunday], except for Bellerin, and I have 48 hours to deliver the final 23 for the Euros. Again, it all depends on the opinion of the doctors.”

The Arsenal youngster was in fine form this season, and earned a rightful place in the FA Premier League Team of the Year.

There is no doubt in my mind that he deserves his place on the plane regardless, and I think he could have a good impact on the tournament.

Would you prefer Bellerin to get an extended break this summer? Do you agree that he deserves his place?

Pat J

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  1. Bellerin is gonna be one of the best RBs in the world eventually, he’s the future of Arsenal

    1. You mean Barcelona! … Right? ??
      If he doesn’t get sold this summer, he is definitely off, next year! ?… Please don’t kid yourself, mate, deep down everyone knows that Bellerin’s future is at the Nou Camp.

      Here’s some good news, Pep Guardiola wants the Ox, Walcott and wait for it….. Jack Wheelchairrrr!! ???
      Wooooo hooooooooo ???

      Now Go and get a swap deal done, mr Wenger!
      And Don’t come back without Aguero! ?…Or KDB + their young Nigerian Striker ? inchi-whats-his-face… sorry, I can’t remember his name ? shame on me.

      1. Bellerin already repeated he doesn’t intend on going back to Barca after what happened to former Arsenal players that went there. As long as we’re challenging for top trophies there’s no reason for him to leave which is why we desperately need Wenger to win a PL or get replaced by a manager that can.

        1. Hahaha ? … Okayyyy! ? I promise not to laugh when you’re sobbing your eye’s out, whilst waving goodbye to Bellerin. ?

          I wonder why Wenger is looking at so many different defenders, right now? ? CB that can play RB ?

  2. A bumper package from Barcelona probably awaits him after the Euros. What’s the news with Jenkinson? Still injured?

  3. I think Bellerin will be with us for a while at least. I just see something different in him than what we experienced with Fabregas. If indeed he does leave for Barcelona this summer I would lose a lot of faith with our system. It would always be in my mind throughout the season and would be like a piece of my soul was stolen. Positive think though when Bellerin returns for next season, he can now say he’s officially a Spanish International.

    1. Its funny how everything always falls into place for Barcelona to nab back their home growns! ?
      Fabregas at the world cup and now Bellerin at the Euro’s!
      … Oh wait. .. or did Fab get nabbed at the Euro’s. .. ?
      Anyways, it’s going to happen again, whether we stay positive or not!… Just prepare yourselves!

      1. Yes, at this stage Barca should encourage us to pilfer their 16-19 year old La Masia cadets. Get them strong, experienced and learning new things after they’ve thought them the art of ball control. I hope Cazorlas kid joins our academy over barcas, Id say even Barca were blown away by the little dude. He looks like how Id imagine Messi looked at that age. Santi should be a coach, that’s one hell of a job he’s done with a kid not much bigger than a football.

    1. Imagine Fabregas joining in to force a Barca shirt over him, that would be pure comedy gold ….wait what celebrations?

      1. Hahaha ?Hahaha ? ? ? Unbelievable ? ?
        Classic! ?
        Fabregas will be like… ” Come here Son, Get this around your neck… Don’t be shy… you know, you want it”

        1. HAHAHA ?
          And Fabregas’s last words would be ” Welcome to my world, Son” whilst laughing, like the evil villain, he is. ??

  4. He deserves to share field with best players in the world, but yeah, Id prefer if the guy ahead of him didn’t pick up that injury. Also he might get to like it too much, playing with his fellow Catalans. It’s because of the whole Catalonia thing that I believe it’s only a matter of time, that and Barca being Barca.

  5. Its good news for bellerin, personally I would prefer him to have a rest this summer. If he goes lets hope he does not pick up an injury.

    With regard to him returning to Barcelona, I think he is happy at Arsenal but he was born in Barcelona, if barca come calling it will be a big pull, especially if he will slot straight in to their first team.

    With regards to keeping him, it would help if towards the end of the season we were challenging in PL for top spot and occassionally winning it, not scrapping for top four with no chamce of winning it. Occasionally beating the top teams in europe over two legs woud help as well.

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