Spanish club hopeful of signing Arsenal man for free

Hector Bellerin remains insistent that he wants to return to Real Betis this summer after spending time on loan with them last season.

The full-back spent the last campaign on loan with Manuel Pellegrini’s team, and he was one of their key players.

He helped them win the Spanish cup and they want him to return in this campaign.

Arsenal is happy to allow him to leave, but they want a fee before releasing him, which is understandable after his fine performance last season.

The Spaniards, however, have no money as they have struggled to offload some of their players in this transfer window.

ElDesmarque claims his agent is constantly speaking to Arsenal in search of a solution to his future.

The report adds that he believes the best step forward is to allow the defender to leave for free.

This will enable him to move to the Spanish side with no financial payment made to the Gunners.

Just Arsenal Opinion

It makes little sense that Bellerin wants to leave Arsenal for free after having a fine campaign out on loan.

However, he might eventually get his wish because we are keen to offload him, and he has refused to entertain offers from other clubs.

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  1. Bloody cheek but – ok cancel his contract, no money from Betis but all on condition that Bellerin himself pays Arsenal 5 million quid.

  2. It looks like a clear case of player and club working in partnership
    No doubt the lower the fee the higher his wages
    I liked Hector but his actions disappoint me
    Happy for him to play in the Under 23 team do that players in the future fully understand the club will not be taken for mugs

    1. We cannot blame Bellerin for that. 2 or 3 yr ago he was being linked to Barca for 25mil. We don’t want to sell player when their stock is high. Suddenly out of nowhere we no more wanted to play him, we managed to rot him devalue him and now we want to get money for him. It would have been understandable if he was the only one, but irony is that every players wearing Arsenal shirt are having the same fate. Last yr we didn’t sell AMN even when we were getting good sum for squad player and now we don’t get buyer for him. We don’t sell ESR and now we are trying hard to rot him on bench devalue him and then sell him for free. There are countless examples but in Bellerin, Torreria, AMN it seems we are eager to continue this trend.

      1. Why would we sell ESR? Not many midfielders scored 10 goals last season, and he didn’t even start many games. He’s clearly got some fitness issues, but i don’t think we’re interested in selling him

    2. Wrong Ravi
      He’s wants to go ,they want him and he’s agreed to take a substantial cut in his wages .
      He’s done nothing wrong ,the club gave him the contract he as every right to see it out if he doesn’t get his wish to move to a team that wants him,where I might add he played really well last season .

      1. Bellerin has not done anything wrong, he is contracted to Arsenal, he can do what he likes, it is Arsenals problem not his. He went to Betis and had a very successful loan spell, he may end up doing the same, if something suitable doesn’t materialise. He can stay and see out his contract if he want also.

  3. I think he would sacrifice his wages for a move to betis therefore reducing what we get if we had sold him.guys on here claimed we don’t want him when reverse is the case as he himself said in an interview that he had a chat with arteta who is an understanding manager that he wants to leave hence a loan move to betis last summer when they could’nt afford to sign him permanently,now they still can’t sign him at a lower give away price despite impressing on loan with them.

  4. Bellerin is a fine human being, very average player(being generous!), until the IMPORTANCE OF HIS OWN WAGES comes up.
    Then reality dawns and we see, as we see so often with players how money trumps many of their life principles. Bellerin by now is surely a multi millionaire as he has fashion contracts, beside his long term wages with us.

    So, IMO, he should be MADE to pay the club to get his contract cancelled. And NOT be allowed to negotiate higher wages at Betis by them not paying us any fee!

    If we are to allow him to go the club of his choice, without any fee from Betis, then he CAN and SHOULD afford to pay us to cancel his contract.

    I doubt he will though, but upon that decision rests his reputation as a true decent human , rather than just another mercenary.
    IMO, far too many Gooners put the welfare of players no longer in our team ,nor likely to ever play for us again (and right now costing us money for NOTHING tangible inreturn)ABOVE the right and proper action for the club they profess to love.

    NO PLAYER, in my book, is ever elevated in my affection above the club itself.

    1. I agree Jon 100%. Bellerin can pay the difference to help facilitate his move to Real Betis that he is desperate for. If he wants out and Betis cannot pay full freight, let him pay.

      He turned down other clubs who could pay transfer fee, but he didn’t want to go, so be it.

      We owe him nothing, as he owes Arsenal nothing. 1 year left on contract, so honor it, or help pay to get transferred, or he can buy out his last year.

      He is a multimillionaire, and he’s so willing to help Betis with wage reduction, but not so willing to help Arsenal.

      There is a business side to this, and Edu clearly has hurt the financial side. Whether it continues into the long term, we have to wait and see.

      Now is the time to end the ripping and mutual breaking of contracts. Clubs must protect themselves from players running out contracts to the detriment the club.

      It is a reality that has to be addressed if one truly places the club above individuals, players or managers.

  5. Spot on @jon fox,cancelling his what he has to do to show what a character he truly is as he insist on only betis who can’t pay our asking price otherwise he’d be classed one of those whom bites the hand that feeds.

    1. Why would Bellerin need to show you what a “character” he is?
      Does he owe you something that you feel he has to justify his actions?
      This insistence that players owe something to the club (and vica verca I should add) is such a load of hand wringing nonsense, it is nauseating.

      1. The club offered him a contract that he accepted.
      2. The club decided he was not in their future plans.
      3. The club sent him out on loan.
      4. Hector Bellerin proved to that club that he was still a very good player and helped them win the Copa del Ray.
      5. The player comes back from his loan spell, with one year left on his contract.
      6. The club name him captain for their first friendly and take him on their tour of the USA, after Betis say they cannot afford the asking transfer fee.
      7. Bellerin is still available to play for the club, but states that he only wants to move to Betis, if The Arsenal still want to sell him.
      8. Betis say they can’t afford Arsenal’s asking price and Arsenal say no deal.
      9. Bellerin accepts the club’s decision and honours his contract – Arsenal accepts the player’s decision and also honours his contract.
      10. At the end of this mutually accepted contract, Arsenal will have either played him or not, as is their perogative and the player will be as professional as ever…. and the two parties part company after eleven years of having a working and successful time together.

      11. So tell me, what has either party done wrong and why should one side be cast as the villain – simply because YOU want him to negate his contract, doesn’t mean he has to, or that it is the right decision.
      So he’s a millionaire? What’s that got to do with it!
      12. Are you expecting any / every player that the club decides they no longer want, to accept that decision and ignore their contracts, because ALL our players are, or will be, millionaires (Nketiah after one year at £100,000 a week will be a multi millionaire!!!)

      13. We now have the ludicrous idea that he should be MADE to pay up his contract!!!
      Where are these ideas coming from – who, in their right mind, would expect ANYONE to do that?

      13. All this BS about club before player and show respect to the club, is like reading a fairytale book and wanting a happy ever after ending.

      Hector Bellerin has served the club well and will continue to do so – The Arsenal have been excellent employers and will continue to do so…and unless a common sense compromise can be found that’s how it will stay to the end of the season.

      By the way, I put The Arsenal before any player, always have and always will do – but I expect both club and player to act with decency and common sense.

      1. Fair sentiments Ken, all good points. I truly hope Arsenal stay firm and insist on the fee, or Bellerin stays for his final year.

        We need to improve player sales, and a good place to start is management keeping their mouth shut about whether players will be used or not.

        Stop announcing they aren’t in their plans, and merely say they are contracted to Arsenal, and everyone under contract has a job to do, and leave it at that.

        Now we cantget a decent price for Torreira, Leno 8 million is a joke, no one will offer anything for AMN or Pepe, and now can’t move Bellerin for a reduced price of 7 million.

        1. This is the a situation we find ourselves in Durand, announcing that this or that player is no longer in our plans, then let them out on loan, with ridiculous buy out clauses.

          Why on earth, after spending £20,000,000 plus on Ramsdale, do we then allow Fulham to be encouraged by a £8,000,000 bid for Leno?

          It’s opened the floodgates for other clubs to devalue our players to the extent that someone like Betis can come out and play hardball!!

          Real Betis playing hardball with Arsenal!?!? What a joke!!!!

          Then, of course, we get fans blaming the player for not doing what THEY want, simply because it’s not what HE WANTS.

          It’s now starting with Torreria and all because the club have opened themselves up to being skinned alive over players they want to see gone.

          I can’t believe the stick Bellerin is getting, after being at the club for over a decade.
          All he wants is to have the right to choose where he goes, now that the club has made it clear they want him gone.

          I actually believe that, if my scenario that he stays till the end of the contract, it will show everyone that The Arsenal will not be taken for a ride and that a player has the right to decide his own future.

          1. For Ken
            I agree with everything you say.
            But from a practical viewpoint, why not rip up the contract mutually, IF and that is big IF, Bellerin is not part of the plans, then why pay him for another year. Why pay him another 5 million if he is not going to be used. This way AFC looks magnanimous and Bellerin is grateful as he ends up where he wants and respects the deeds of AFC after a decade of service.

      2. “the club decided he was not in their future plans” this to a person who played a huge amount of games in 2020/21 season as a starter then all of a sudden he asked for a move away the following season claiming he’s not happy even thanked the mgt for being understanding.even his then back up (cedric)who is not any better is still in our plans…..any bright thinker can figure that out.

      3. Correct ken, what on earth do people think, when they come up with rubbish about contracts. Bellerin is contracted to Arsenal, they gave him it, it is their problem, they have to sort it.

  6. The situation of players being sold at a seemingly undervalued price is not untypical at a club in Arsenal’s position. Arteta has been trusted to overhaul the playing staff by the hierarchy and in his evaluation of what he inherited only Tierney and the much maligned Xhaka made the cut, allowing for the fact that Saka, Martinelli and Smith Rowe were not regulars. This required a cull that resembled a garage sale before moving house where potential buyers understand that what is on offer is surplus to requirements and therefore offer low valuations.

    Once the players who are available for sale this summer are relocated Arteta will finally have a squad that reflects his identity and then a prospective buyer will have to offer premium prices for any Arsenal player, contract situation notwithstanding. This exact scenario will play out at Old Trafford and St James’s Park over the next two or three summers as their managers attempt to mould their squad and jettison the dead wood. Bellerin is not the villain of the piece here but merely a pawn in the process.

    1. I believe he inherited Saka ESR Holding Nketiah Elneny along with Xhaka and Tierney – all who are now squad players and three of those have had contract extensions.
      Let’s not forget that it was only through injuries that Saka and ESR broke into the squad,but in essence you are correct.
      However when one has a garage sale, one doesn’t give items away and then go to hext door’s garage and buy a similar item for three times more.

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