Spanish club plots a way to persuade Arsenal into selling outcast

La Liga side, Real Betis haven’t given up on adding Hector Bellerin to their squad, and their recent silence is part of a plan to get Arsenal to cave in and accept their offer.

The full-back spent the last campaign on loan with them and he was one of their best players.

His performances contributed to them winning a trophy, and he is now a fan favourite.

The Seville side is his boyhood club and he wants an emotional return there, with some reports claiming he is rejecting offers to join other clubs.

Betis and Arsenal cannot agree on a fee because the Spanish side doesn’t have the money to offer what Arsenal wants.

However, a report on Fichajes claims they have been quiet recently because they want to wait until near the close of the transfer window.

That time Arsenal will be desperate to offload him. They will pounce and sign him cheaply.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Bellerin has almost no chance to become our first choice again despite his fine performances on loan last season.

The best thing to do is to allow him to leave, even if he insists on joining Betis. As long as we will not subsidise his wages.

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  1. Parasitic cheapskates! Had they been selling him ,they would want top euro. Stuff em let’s sell to highest bidder,and if bellerin refuses stop his wages!!!

    1. No can do Neil – a legal contract is just that.
      Why are you being so negative about a player who has been at the club for over a decade, got seriously injured playing for us, recovered but lost his pace, never complained, acted with true professionalism while out on loan, has come back, captained the team once again and is out in the USA honouring his contract?

      If Arsenal want to dispense with his services a year earlier than they agreed to, it’s up to them to find an amicable solution.

      If they can’t get what they want, then they have a decision to make – keep him as back up in four tournaments or sell him to Betis… as that’s the only club he’s prepared to break his legal contract for.

        1. If that’s the sum then fine… simply because that’s what The Arsenal valued him at when they offered him the contract.

  2. Ive never heard such tripe “they are keeping quiet as a plan” do you really believe that? It doesn’t work like that!!!!

  3. Let them pay up or let Bellerin pay the difference if he wants to go.

    Otherwise he can play out his contract like Ramsey did; and although I’m no big Ramsey fan, he was professional to the end, never complained or pouted.

    Not like Bellerin leaving on a free dooms the club. We’ve let several go on a free, and itsnot like losing tens of millions when Bellerin’s contract ends.

  4. How I see this Bellerin debate is that some such as KEN, always takes the players side over the wishes of our club I agree that we have a legal duty to pay whatever is in his contract and on that, alone, KEN, is correct.
    Ken regularly calls RvP a Judas, but then sticks up for a far greater traitor in Ozil!

    I will never understand how that equates with being first and foremost a lover of the club, which should mean,IMO, the club ALWAYS coming first and above the interests of ANY player.

    1. Jon I agree the club always comes first as it should, over any individual whether player, manager, executive, or owner.

      The optics of this Bellerin case have muddled what may truly be going on. He was a player for Arsenal for many years, was loyal, and in return he was handsomely paid and a multi millionaire now as a result.

      Arsenal need him sold and his wages off the books and an appropriate fee would be suitable.

      Unfortunately Bellerin only wants Betis (as is his right) but Betis must pay for the player.

      Spread his fee over 2 years for Betis, let Bellerin pay the difference; he’s willing to cut wages for Betis, so let him do something to help Arsenal.

      Otherwise, if no agreement is reached, then Bellerin can feature in cup games. Cedric has stated he wants to stay at Arsenal, Bellerin stated he clearly wants to leave.

      Bellerin can be 3rd choice RB, why punish Cedric, not like Bellerin is better defensively, arguable if he is better at all.

      Same with Torreira, he can be ElNeny’s backup. ElNeny shows pride in our badge, while Torreira has whined about weather. As if Egypt is similar to England’s climate.

    2. totally agree with you JON FOX regarding KEN sticking up for players. but, it is my considered opinion ,than dear KEN is using bellerin to justify his arguement for ozil (still). now, i am not trying to put words in KENS mouth, far from it in fact,but i feel that this is leading up to an ozil outburst, call me old fashioned, but, thats the way i feel about it.KEN is a proper gentleman,in my own opinion, there is no doubt, but he cannot help but defend mr.wenger,and, above all else,defend any player that mr.wenger has signed in the past.and i am the first to admit ,that, KEN, and ,anybody else is entitled to stand up for anybody they like , free country, well, we are led to believe that.this is a mere observation on my part , and, in no way am i having a dig at KEN.sometimes, we have to let go of the past, even if it is only for our own good.

  5. It all depends on how much Real Betis are offering for Bellerin. If the amount is too low then it wouldn’t hurt arsenals chances keeping him as a backup and let him go for free next season. He will be used appropriately throughout the season.

    What I am more concerned about is the links with Juventus and Gabriel. I doubt we will sell him but just like a magician and their tricks the secret is misdirection.
    By that I mean it’s likely Juventus are not interested in Gabriel at all. I think the real player they are looking at that nobody has mentioned is actually Saliba.

  6. “a report on Fichajes claims”

    Uh huh. Remind yourself never to read that place again?

    As strategies go, that’s the equivalent of leaving your goal open hoping other teams will miss.

  7. What I find strange, is that when a club such as The Arsenal make an agreement with someone, it seems that, because that agreement has not turned out the way the club wanted / expected it to, they have the right to try and make that agreement null and void.

    That’s not what made me a Arsenal supporter so many years ago – we behaved and acted in a way that made me proud to be associated with the club.

    I would like to know what it is that Bellerin has actually done wrong?

    Has he brought the club into disrepute?

    Has he refused to play at any time in his career?

    Has he refused to go out on loan?

    Of course he hasn’t done any of the above in over a decade of loyal service to the club.

    He has been rewarded with lucrative contracts, freely given and under no pressure to do so, by the club.
    No demands from the player, just the club offering what they thought he was worth and which he, obviously, agreed with.

    Now, while playing for the club, he received a serious injury, that saw him out for a long period (one assumes the club had adequate insurance and lost nothing) and when he returned to full fitness, it was at a cost – he had lost his major asset, speed :

    Speed to attack, speed to recover and speed to defend.

    Still a very good player, as his loan spell has proved, with two or three clubs enquiring about his services.

    The Arsenal, under Mikel, seemingly do not see him in their long term plans, but that shouldn’t be a problem as he only has one year left on his contract, before the two parties can go their own ways, in a friendly and respectful manner

    However, during his loan spell, Hector has proved to Betis that he still has a lot to offer and they want to sign him – but not at the realistic valuation Arsenal want for him.

    Hector has stated that, as he wants to rejoin his boyhood club, he will see out his contract.
    Mikel, it seems, is quite happy with that situation and made him captain in our first friendly and has taken him, along with the rest of the first team squad, to the tour of the USA.

    In my opinion, its up to Betis to change this, seemingly, acceptable situation between Bellerin, Mikel and The Arsenal.

    But of course, we get “fans” like Jon Fox, coming on and spouting about the way I support the player over the club!!

    This from somebody who admits he hasn’t been to The Emirates since using my season ticket, but instead goes to watch Crystal Palace!!

    I need no lectures on how to support The Arsenal from someone who can’t even bother to go and see the club he professes to love.

    My opinions and views are not always appreciated or agreed with and I have no problem with that, as Just Arsenal caters for all Gooners young and old, no matter what their opinions.

    I really don’t care that Jon doesn’t “understand” how I support my club – I will be there whenever possible (looking forward to the Emirates Cup) and will support whoever wears the shirt – as I did when RVP, Sanchez, Ozil, Xhaka, Bellerin and every other player who had the honour to represent The Arsenal.

    What a shame Jon can’t say the same.

    1. Well said Ken.
      It seems Arsenal and Betis are at an impasse and disagree on the valuation. The solutions as I see it are
      1. Betis pays the fee
      2. Arsenal can structure the payment fee
      3. Bellerin can pay the difference
      4. Bellerin can play out his contract

      Don’t see Arteta having a problem with Bellerin (currently) or vise versa with Bellerin.

      If Bellerin ends up playing out his contract, I hope it’s not at the expense of others players who have committed to Arsenal for the future.

      Rather see youngsters in cup games, or used as subs. No offense, but why make game time for a player who wants to be elsewhere, which is his right.

      3rd choice RB is fine, and cover for injuries, but those who are at Arsenal longer term should have priority over Bellerin for playing time.

      After all, it’s what’s best for Arsenal rather than the individual, be it player or manager.

    2. Ken, YOU are a great supporter of Arsenal, knowledgeable and your opinions are just that, your opinions. I like debating with you because you are intelligent and honest. I have always said, there are some people on here who dont respect that people have opinions and get personal when the opinion isn’t theirs. I treat those people with the contempt they deserve and ignore them. I have had some good debates, banter and discussions with some excellent posters on here (who i dont always agree with) but there are some i dont engage with because they are the biggest hypocrites in the world and hide behind self proclamation, which is tragic. Why these people want to spoil this site is beyond me. Those people who have never met you and think sadly they know you, are fools. Keep your great posts coming ken.

  8. Thank you Durand and Reggie, I have no doubt there will be other posters who disagree with me, but if we can debate in a friendly way, then I will enjoy both the positives and negatives.

    Durand, you make a really good point that Bellerin might hold up our younger players, but I don’t think Mikel will do that.
    As much as we question some of his decisions, he is building a squad in his image and Hector is clearly not part of that plan.

    Reggie, I remember our long discussion regarding AW and GG’s defensive records!!!
    Great debate from my point of view and you made me think!!!

    1. I just mention my concerns after watching the Willan travesty unfold for an entire year.

      Willan was not productive, work ethic and effort was questionable, and his disenchantment was evident in his body language.

      Yet he continued to play and stink up the pitch. Pepe could have had those chances, Martinelli had been cleared by doctors and 10-15 minutes in games could have helped.

      Unfortunately Arteta persisted, and Willan himself said he was unhappy and disillusioned with his time at Arsenal, even left in spite of huge wages.

      We also saw it with Auba and toothless Laca for months.

      I hope Arteta has learned from that, and we’ll see sub appearances and opportunities for young players. Flores is one that comes to mind.

      A bit shocking he isn’t included in the squad in the States, but Runarsson is? 5 GK?

  9. Indeed Durand, these are the kind of decisions that make some of us question what he is doing.
    The Willian debacle, followed by Auba’s contract and subsequent give away are, on the face of it, horrendous monetary and playing mistakes that previous managers would have been crucified over.

    Bellerin, for me, is a storm in a teacup in comparison.

    Surely he will have learnt from past examples with regards to playing those who are out of form and denying places for our younger players?

  10. Simple solution.Swap Bellerin for the Betis left back Moreno who would be ideal back up for KT.A very good left sided player who may well end up at Brighton who are in the process of selling their Spanish LB to Man City.If we could arrange such a deal, would there be a need to spend 35m on Zinechenko ?.

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