Report – Spanish club wants to sign Arsenal flop

Nicolas Pepe is one of the worst signings in Arsenal’s recent history, and this summer offers them a golden chance to cut their losses on the Ivorian.

After his stunning form at Lille, fans expected so much from the winger when he moved to the Emirates in 2019.

He has failed to live up to expectations, and he cannot get into Mikel Arteta’s team on a regular basis.

The emergence of Bukayo Saka as a top winger has limited the minutes Pepe gets, and he doesn’t cover himself in glory when he gets a rare chance to play for the Gunners.

Arsenal is rebuilding their squad, and they are prepared to cash in on him. Despite his poor form, Todofichajes claims Sevilla wants to sign him.

The Spanish club believes he has the talents to thrive in their team, and a change of environment will help him get back to good shape.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Pepe has to leave Arsenal soon, even if it means sending him out on an initial loan deal.

It is much better not to have him in our squad because that feels like we have depth. Whereas, we lack quality players to call on from the bench.

We would struggle to make half the fee we paid for his signature, but the key thing is to offload him soonest, even if that happens at a great financial loss.

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  1. Pepe never had enough playing time in Arsenal so i can’t say he failed. I wish him the best if actually he is leaving.

    1. Pepe is turning 27 years of age next month.
      Henhas had more than enough time and chances to hold down a place for himself. Youngsters like Saka, ESR, Martinelli, Odegaard etc have shown more maturity and progress than him.
      The guy seems damn limited. He has absolutely shown no progress as an individual, he has stagnated at the same level we bought him at. One trick pony, absolutely no improvement.
      He will come in, score a worldie here and there and that’s about that. Been doing that since he joined. Emery tried, Ljumberg tried, Arteta has tried, but nothing has changed.
      The biggest waste of £70 million in our club history.

          1. Exactly Skills Pepe hasn’t got that game time and trust from Arteta and that has made him low on confidence when he plays you can see the talent and beautiful goals and those dazzling display .what a great player he is … He needs a different environment because Arteta never seemed to like him the same he is to Martinelli or Saliba …that’s Arteta’s way

      1. I disagree with you.

        Why do we call him a waste?
        He scored a vital goal against Wolves.
        He scored goals towards the end of last season.

        Arteta is bias. Pepe should not be sold.
        We talking about a guy who scored 2 freekicks in a match, the best finisher in the scored.

      2. If it happens that he leaves that’s when you will realise that You and Arteta are wrong about Pepe .. because that player needs game time and trust from Arteta .

    2. Spot on!on top of that he never created any problems in the dressing room,people can’t accuse him of being a troublemaker,can they? lastly, Pépé has nothing to do with the fee paid for him,so give him a break.

    3. You guys should shut up with this enough playing time crap. He flopped badly and that’s what it is. He doesn’t even look or play like a professional footballer. He plays like a kid it’s annoying. Giving away possession now and again. Trying stupid stunts. He flopped end of. He was good enough he will be playing. Nothing else matters!

      1. The reporter has bias. Pepe remains a great footballer and one I will want at Arsenal for years to come.

        His skill, trickery and ability to score unpredictable goals is up north of excellence.

        I still remember what he did to Van Dyke at a time the defender seemed unbeatable.

        It’s the responsibility of the coach to make use of such great for the benefits of the club.

      2. This season Pépé played 600 minutes over 17 appearances,which averages about 30 minutes/game,then you have to take into account that most came as a sub when losing but more importantly the gap between each appearance and being played out of position(his best performances came when played on the left but no MA insisted on putting him on the right).is this what you call being given a fair shot?also the fact that despite finishing last season strongly,he started as a sub, can’t be helping his confidence can it?seeing players at the end of their contracts and leaving soon being played before him.

        1. You can say that again Pepe is one of the best players in the league just that he is playing for a wrong team where he has tried to show that he can do it but no one cares .when we won the FA cup he was the one making moves and assists and thought the following season was his but Arteta kept him on the bench … The only thing is the guy is low on confidence … Look at how Arteta is burning out Saka instead of rotating him with Pepe

      3. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and plays like a duck, then its Pepe. We should have “ducked” ever buying him and would have done had Emery got his way.
        I blame SANLLEHI and he is now gone, thankfully. So should Pepe be gone, for whatever he will fetch.

      4. Exactly Skills Pepe hasn’t got that game time and trust from Arteta and that has made him low on confidence when he plays you can see the talent and beautiful goals and those dazzling display .what a great player he is … He needs a different environment because Arteta never seemed to like him the same he is to Martinelli or Saliba …that’s Arteta’s way

  2. Pepe ain’t the worst player arsenals signed I can think of far worst ,Pepe is just not been playing regular for a start and 2 in the correct position which I’ve always said is striker ,why put a left footer on the right to get every top notch defenders knowing he’s going to have to run down the right to then cut back to use his left to cross in to a single striker as we only play 1 upfront another reason he could be a great asset as he’s got extreme pace, control, and we know he can finish a ball if you have saw his free kicks back in the Europa stage, but my oppion use him as a striker not a winger and get a partner as in martinelli upfront with him, Henry was a winger at juventus and couldn’t get in the team then arsene the legend brought him to arsenal for 11.5 million am sure may be diff now but say that, and changed him from a winger into a striker and with his pace control and finishing a guarantee whoever sold him had many sleepless night at juventus ,but will arteta try it or give him more chances on the left ummmm nooo, so we’re proberly looking at him leaving for pennies if that and I don’t blame Pepe ….

    1. @Gunnermark and Chris, how can you guys say Pepe never had a enough game time, you obviously poor in analyzing,

      Just to keep you updated, there are a lot of left footed players playing from the right and doing wonders,

      Salah, Mahrez, Saka, Bernado Silva, wambi, Greenwood, Messi, Bernadeschi, Dybala, Arjen Robben,

      I could go on and on,

      Pepe probably just has a difficulty in adapting to change,

      I do agree with you he should be tried in the CF role, he probably could excel but it’s a 50/50 chance,

      IMO, I think he should be our 3rd striker next season, he should lead the lines for cup matches.

      1. Do not write off any player who did very well in the African Nations Cup – it’s one of the toughest to successfully play in in the world.

  3. “We would struggle to make half”!

    You bet we would . I say we will be extremely fortunate to get even a third , ie £24 mill and far more likely around a quarter , ie £18mill.

    I would not pay more than fourpence if I ran any other club. He is a liability IMO, given his wages.

    1. This same Pepe excells at national level..and he was a star in France,….so he can’t be as bad a player as most are trying to make him here.

  4. What an absolute load of tripe as an article. Pepes goals record per minutes played is probably only behind that other so called flop Auba. The lad has been given no chance at all by Arteta and no chance with the way we play. He is a far better player than the beying croud give him credit for. Like The flop Auba, he will leave and show what we missed, while he was ostracised to the bench. We have devalued him by the way he has been handled, nothing else.

    1. Yes Reggie.

      I wonder how some fans think.

      He wasn’t a flop when he scored the vital goal against Wolves recently. Before he came in as a substitute, the likes of Lacazette, Saka were missing chances, Pepe came in and scored a wonder goal. We won that game by 2 goals to 1.
      How about his goals last season?
      Arsenal fans are like the weather. Very unpredictable.

      Even Saka flopped at the beginning of Emery tenure. With more game time, he settled into the squad and became vital.

      I would rather we get a manager who could get the best from him than sell him.

      If he had the same number of minutes like ESR, he would have over 15 premier league goals.

  5. How do you want someone on the bench to score goals? Pepe is the only player in the squad who is benched for the next game when he misses Only one. He will even be benched when he has good games. The guy thrived before joining Arsenal. He is thriving with his national team at present. His teammates say he is one of the most talented, if not the most talented, players in the squad. So why can’t he have game time with MA? You should ask yourselves the right questions. It is now boring to keep saying Pepe is a flop, because he is not. If he is such a flop, then let him go even for free. He will thrive elsewhere as the likes of Salah, De Bruyne, Auba, just to mention a few of those players who were not valued by their managers and suddenly became good when they left.

  6. Arteta doesn’t like pepe. That is the simple reason why he is not playing.

    I pray he gets a new club soon, you all will see how good pepe is..

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