Spanish FA chief predicts when Premier League and the leagues across Europe would resume again

Spanish FA chief, Javier Tebas has given a hint about when the Premier League might resume.

The Premier League has been suspended since the middle of last month as coronavirus continues to cause chaos around the world.

The English top-flight was slated to resume by 3rd of April initially, but as the virus continued to spread, that time was then extended until the end of April.

However, that has had to be changed too with the Premier League now suspended indefinitely.

Fans have been keen to know the likely date for resumption of the league and the FA chief in Spain has shed some light.

He claims that the season would be resumed between the end of May and the end of June.

He also talked about the financial losses that teams will suffer because of the suspension even if the league is resumed with the fans in attendance and behind closed doors.

“If we don’t resume, the economic impact on Spanish clubs, including money from European competitions, would be worth around €1bn,” Tebas said, according to ESPN.

“That figure is not just based on league revenue, but also includes money teams won’t get from Champions League revenue

“The losses will be €300 million if games are played behind closed doors and then €150m if we resume with fans because of the damage that has already been caused.

“The current scenarios being discussed are to restart the Spanish league on May 28, June 6 or even up until June 28.

“But we will have to see what happens in April. And it’s not just about Spain, but what happens elsewhere.

“UEFA is contemplating two scenarios for European competitions. The first one involves league and European competitions being played in parallel: leagues at the weekend and European games in midweek.

“The other scenario is for two blocks. First of all, domestic competitions would be played up until July, then European matches would be played in July or August, depending on when all the leagues can finish.”

Personally, I do not believe that Tebas knows any more about when any league will return than anyone else, however, if football does return sometime in June that would be a huge relief. 


  1. It is important to keep talking about restart.
    Bundesliga teams are training again albeit in small groups. By continuing to talk up restart the season this raises expectations and build pressure on the Governments to open the doors to a restart. I would push hard for warm up games to be played in late April early May to ensure a mid May start. #Restart #Restart #Restart

  2. #void.#void.Its important to have some common sense & the reality is the prem etc should be voided .There is NO WAY the prem is going to the scousers cannot be gifted the title under any cost.There is still almost a quarter of the season left & they require six points or more depending on results to win it.Anything can happen.However unlikely…..

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