Spanish FA proposal in PL would be devastating for Arsenal

The Spanish FA are said to have put forward that the current league positions should stand for next season’s European competitions if the division is not completed, which if implemented in the Premier League would exclude Arsenal.

The Gunners had previously believed that the campaign would be declared ‘null and void’ a term that clubs have now been banned from using, but the implication would have meant that our club would have been propelled into playing Champions League football next season, thanks to our fifth place finish in 2018-19 paired with the ban for Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

While this wouldn’t have been our proudest moment regaining Champions League football without due merit, it would have been a huge boost to our club’s finances, with our books currently under the microscope.

Our club has supposedly agreed a deal to cut players wages by 12.5% due to current struggles in the club’s finances, although had we been gifted (or earned through completing the season and finishing in the top five or by winning the Europa League) we would have seen players earn their full wage.

Our club has enjoyed a change in fortunes since installing Mikel Arteta as new head coach at the club in December, and are currently on the back of three consecutive wins in the Premier League, a run of form we would have been keen to continue.

With the Coronavirus so far failing to let up, it is looking less and less likely that the division will be completed, whilst it looks near-certain that IF it was to be played out, it would no doubt be behind closed-doors.

The new Spanish proposition should strike further fear into our hierarchy, while the likes of Leicester City, Chelsea and Manchester United would likely be in favour of such a move, although clubs are expected to favour completing the season at present.

Atletico Madrid and Getafe may well be the biggest losers to the process however, with the latter only outside Spain’s top four on goals scored, and with head-to-head aggregate score only taken into account after both legs are complete, which would put them in fourth currently. Atleti currently sit one point behind fourth and fifth, and will no doubt be unhappy to miss out on CL football, especially as they are still currently in the competition this season after beating last season’s winners Liverpool.

Should Arsenal be worried that the Spanish proposal could be put forward to the Premier League in the coming weeks? Do we deserve to suffer without European football for our struggles this term?


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