Spanish giants consider cut-price move for Arsenal star

Sevilla are claimed to be eyeing a move to sign Nicolas Pepe from Arsenal this summer, but our valuations seem to need a little work for the deal to get done.

The winger joined from Lille in a club-record £72 Million move back in 2019, but he has struggled to hold down a regular starting role in recent seasons.

While he has shown glimpses of brilliance, something just hasn’t quite clicked for Pepe in north London, and he now looks set to leave in search of more regular playing time.

Sevilla are the latest club to be linked with his signature, but Diario De Sevilla‘s claim that they are considering a move in the region of £15 Million could prove an issue.

The Gunners paid almost five-times that amount three years ago, and while we are believed to be open to taking a loss, the rumours have saying that we were hoping to recoup around £25 Million of our original outlay.

This will probably go down to deadline day in the end, but it appears that the forward has no future in North London….


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  1. In the great Arsene era every club wanted our players and paid hefty for them. We couldnt keep them for long. Nowadays no one want our players unless we give them away for free and even pay for the privilage in some cases.

    1. It’s true that many of our players were desired by other clubs, but i disagree we got good money for them – fabregas, adebayor, Vieira, RVP, sanchez, clichy, sagna, lassana diarra, flamini, Hleb, Nasri, Alex song and Thierry Henry(!) were all sold for less than they were worth or left for nothing. You might disagree on one or two, but the best we ever got was no more than baseline value.
      Probably the best deal we got out of those players was adebayor, but at that time we really could have gotten a fair amount more than 25m if we’d been willing to push imo.
      In fact, the only really good sale I can think of was iwobi – him aside, we’ve never been good at getting good money for our players. The reason for this? I’m not sure, but i think the players were generally able to push for moves away, and thereby weaken our bargaining position.

      1. Vermaelen (bought for 10m, sold for 15m – was never a fan but he was well thought, perhaps injuries were the sticking point?) and Gabriel paulista (bought for 13m, sold for 10m) are other good examples

        1. Add Oxlade-Chamberlain to that list… 35m-40m decent money. Disgree on Anelka, good profit, but my what a player he was and would have been for us. Anelka + Henry 😂 never would have worked but imagine…

          1. Yeah good points – I was wracking my brains for some positive examples, but could only think of iwobi. The fee for ox was decent – looks a lot better because of his injuries than it might have, though.
            I didn’t think anelka was an amazing deal at the time, but it was actually the same as the world record free paid for denilson just one year earlier (22m?) and more than Ronaldo cost inter 2 years prior. With that context, the subsequent combined sale of overmars and petit for 32m was also very good business. This is the David dein era I guess.

      2. Don’t forget the value we got from them. Most left for profit after having given us the best years of their careers.

        1. True enough, but we didn’t get what we should have for them, which means we couldn’t reinvest so easily. Just think what Chelsea would have got for those players.

    2. Like the £60m he tuned down from Man city for Sanchez and later swapped him for Mkhitaryan.

    3. HH Have you ever heard about COVID and of how it adversely affected the transfer market globally, which includes Arsenal??!!

      1. It’s hard to believe that we are the most hit by COVID. Other clubs seems to be doing good business. During and after the pandemic.

        1. Its hard for YOU to believe and obviously so! For the rest of us it is easy to see and believe.

      2. Regardless of the pandemic, the numbers seems to work for some clubs than Arsenal. Take de Ligts for example still commanded a hefty fee to Bayern as did Lewandoski who is in his thirties and have just over a year left in contract! These players would have left for no more than 15-20M each were they to be in Arsenal!

  2. Spanish clubs outside top three i.e real madrid,barcelona and atletico are so shocking no wonder the tittle roam around only those three,look at betis and sevilla who can’t even pay good sums for a player they admire and think will improve them and they expect to give those three a run for their money.sorry for them.

  3. They should forget about Pepe if they can’t pay the £25m fee. I’m tired of these Spanish and Italian teams offering peanuts when buying players but want hefty fees when selling their players.

  4. Pepe cannot be given out for less than
    £25m because he is an excellent player.
    It is just that he is not versatile per say and cannot adjust to Arteta’s system and style of play. That’s all!!! Any thing less than £25m, I will suggest that we keep him, negotiate a cut in wages until when he picks up. After all he is not a bad player. Why throw him away as if he is of no value. Pepe can be rebuilt if he makes up his mind as we shall be in for many competitions in the 22/23 Campaign. He can change his mind set and fit into Arteta’s project especially with his spontaneous dribbling skills.
    Any other club will use Pepe well, but should not buy him as a reject. He is not a reject.

    1. Where is this 25m pound figure coming from?

      How would a club sell a 72m pound player with a potential for 25m? Who does that?

      I believe Arteta should give Pepe more game time. Pepe is not a bad player. Xhaka has done worse than Pepe in terms of performance. But many people here believe that he should be part of the first 11.

      Xhaka has let the team down several times. Stupid penalties, lack of pace, Very slow. Does not score goals. Countless red cards. Yet, some fans on this forum hardly refer to Xhaka as a flop.

      The bias amongst the fans is mind boggling.
      Most of the assessment of how good a player is is subjective. I am always consistent about my view of Pepe. He is a top player. Arteta is at fault. Every player brings something to the table.

      With the amount of money spent so far, there should be no excuse if we don’t make top4

  5. if we manage to replace him with Gapko then no problem he can leave for peanuts, after all its Kroenke’s money why feel any pain? Get that player whom the ‘special’ Arteta will play and help us back to top 4.

    1. Is it Kroenke’s money?

      “His” ownership is via his holding company Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (KSE).

      When Abramovic was sanctioned, Chelsea were in debt to his holding companies. In Jan ’22 it passed the £1.5 billion mark.

      However, Abramovic and Sheik Mansour at City also provided large “equity injections” – large amounts as gifts. Wenger called this “financial doping” (since clubs were financing a future that was not based on their success on the field, nor on any sensible financial management).

      In 2020 I believe, Kroenke refinanced the stadium loan so that it was owed to KSE instead of the current lenders. This involved payment of early repayment penalties and meant interest payments of £11m a year from the club to KSE. This while Kroenke paid for the redevelopment of the LA Rams stadium from his own money (£1.23 bn out of a total cost of £3.08bn iirc). What could Arsenal do with even a fraction of that money?

      In taking over the shares of Usmanov in 2018, I understand that the money to do so was LOANED to the club via KSE and will incur interest and capital repayments. The amount involved was £603 million.

      See this for what was known about the position as at 2019:

      If you think this is Kroenke’s money that’s being spent, think again. One day, Arsenal will need to pay the piper. And it will hurt.

      And if you think Wenger struggled for any on-field football reason, think again – Arsenal was the one club that built a stadium from its own finances, completing in 2006 (2 years after the Invincibles season, crippling the club with the cost over-running from the quoted £200m to £400m) – then along come the rich kids and other clubs get it done without that pain. Or at least… the pain is deferred to a later date.

      Personally I want to see all these people out of football so that clubs return to genertaing and spending their own money, no billionaires playing fantasy football with sports institutions that matter more to the people supporting them than simply being a “business”.

  6. Everyone and their uncle sees how Pepe has been neglected by the coach. Hence the low ball bids. Arteta only has himself to blame for this fiasco…IJS

    1. It’s not like he could play him though. He has been so poor for us and our attack is noticeably worse when he plays. Would you rather pick up 3 points, or give Pepe significant chunks of gametime and get worse results, just so his value can increase by maybe 5-10mill more than currently. We got ripped off spending 70mill on this guy and nobody is ever going to pay close to that again.

      1. @RSH
        A good manager sees the potential and adjusts for or with it. Arteta had many other options of how to position Pepe. He never tried any of them. Instead he neglected him and expected him to come off the bench with maybe 10/15 mins left in the match and make a difference. Pepe cost 70+mil and you tell me because the coach hasn’t got a clue as to how best to utilise the player that’s reason for him to be neglected on the sidelines? Gimme a break and stop making excuses for Artetas ineptitude…IJS

        1. Pepe was producing before Arteta came and the first season. His downfall is down the way he has been handled. People very easily and conveniently forget Pepes figures when he first came. He scored some very important goals in the league and the semi of the EL that helped the team but was discarded. You say would you rather play Pepe or get 3 points, well that is very simplistic when last season was one of our worse goal scoring seasons for years. So i dont get that.

  7. HH
    A very brutal analysis by HH.

    Am not sure how honest this assessment is, maybe Nicolas Pepe and Clive Allen is more comparable

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