Spanish giants considering significant player swap with Arsenal

Atletico Madrid could offer to swap fullbacks with Arsenal this summer as both clubs prepare to add new players to their squad.

The Spanish side has just won La Liga and enjoyed the contributions of England full-back Kieran Trippier who joined them from Tottenham.

He has been one of their best players, but he wouldn’t say no to a return to the Premier League.

Manchester United has been linked with a move for him in recent days, but The Sun says Arsenal could beat them to his signature.

This is because Atletico might do a deal with Arsenal involving swapping the Englishman for Hector Bellerin.

The Spanish side likes the Arsenal full-back who has spent the last ten years at the Emirates and would probably need a new challenge.

The Gunners are rebuilding their squad and would be open to cashing in on him.

Trippier was one of the Premier League’s best right-backs when he played for Tottenham and he would be a fine replacement for Bellerin should the Spaniard leave.

The former Burnley man faced competition from the top right-backs in the Premier League, but he still made the England squad for the Euros that starts in a few days.

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  1. Any player that’s good enough for Atletico is good enough for an 8th place side including Trippier

    However, he’s 30 years old and we need someone who’s talented but will give us at least a good 5 years

    Also a LB

  2. Don’t think he is Brazilian enough to interest Edu. However he is 30, so I don’t rule anything out.

    Can anyone explain “the project” Edu and Arteta have been crowing about?

    Or is it as etheral and whimsical as “the process?”

    Waiting for the memo stating 6th place is the new 4th now, and just like a trophy.

    As long as people keep buying what they are selling nothing will change.

  3. Seems a good deal, but Kieran Trippier is 30 years old. Would it be wise to swap him with a younger Bellerin? Also would he be able to play at a high level in the PL?

  4. Terrible swap. Trippier after his last fat, retirement contract so no doubt we jump the gun immediately.

  5. Nothing Trippier will do with EDU
    Since the guy is already 30 no need to bring him in

  6. I would take Trippier for bellerin all day long even with a 3-4 year difference with them paying around £5m

    He has proven he can play in the premier league.

    This guy can play ball, if you think age is the most important thing then i really do think you are wrong. Even if he played at his current level for another 2-3 years it would be good business imo
    He is 3-4x the player Bellerin WAS, not is.

    He, imo is a right sided KT that can also take a free kick

    I would totally be ok with the swap for the former Spud

    1. VAL THE FIRST SENSIBLE POST ON THIS THREAD SO FAR. I simply cannot understnd the mentality of any Gooner who would rather keep the useless Bellerin then have a regular England right back still at his peak A no brainer for me, even though I do not see it happening.

  7. If you’re old enough you’re good enough, sorry that’s the wrong way round really, but not when it’s Arsenal…..

  8. I would be stunned if someone like Simeone would be interested in Bellerin. Opposites can attract, but I think this is taking it too far!

  9. Player swaps almost never happen. That doesn’t mean they won’t, but they are unlikely. When they do happen it is usually for players that neither side wants / can sign, like Arsenal and Man U swapping Mkhitaryan for Alexis Sanchez, a deal that worked out for neither side.

    It is hard to imagine why the Atleti would make this deal. Selling Trippier, who has two years left on his deal, to Manchester United would net them far more than Arsenal will be able to get for Bellerin if there really is a gentleman’s agreement to let him go.

    For Arsenal, swapping a 26 year of full back entering his prime and getting a 30 year old in return is hardly the move of a rebuilding club. Trippier would have little to no value when his Arsenal deal ran down and Bellerin, for all of his clueless detractors, is a top right back. It makes more sense to sell Bellerin for cash and buy someone entering their prime as opposed to one entering the last phase of his career.

    Selling Bellerin to buy Max Aarons or similar player, makes sense for a rebuilding club, though Bellerin is a much better player, Aarons is younger and would probably improve playing at a better team.

  10. Great Idea. Let’s swap the drinker for the gambler.

    Bellerin has been a good player, and no trouble for the club, until he got injured.

    Trippier is more of a problem player, in my view. and might end up like so many of the current disgruntled squad.

    But what do I know

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