Spanish giants dreaming if they think they can sign Arsenal star

Spanish report claims Real Madrid are interested in Arsenal sensation Gabriel Martinelli.

Every Arsenal fan knew this was coming, Real Madrid wants to sign Gabriel Martinelli and according to reports in Spain via Eldesmarque, the teenager is said to be unhappy because the Arsenal refused to allow him to leave for the Brazil U23 squad for the pre-Olympic qualifications.

There is simply no way this is going to happen anytime soon. Not even this Arsenal board would sanction such a move, they know the backlash from the fans would be the likes of what they have never seen before.

Obviously, if Real offered up a stupid amount, say £200 Million, that would be different but that is not going to happen at this stage of the 18-year-old’s development.

Speculation over his future will always follow him following his blistering start to his Arsenal career which has seen him knock in ten goals already this season.

Arsenal will have to get used to it and so will the player but it does mean one thing as an absolute certainty, they will have no option but to offer Martinelli a new contract.

There has already been speculation that the club will raise his wages from £10k a week to £30k, I am not sure that will cut it if interest in his services increases.

We all know what agents are like, they will do everything in their power to secure themselves a payday and get maximum dollar for their clients. You can take it to the bank that Martinelli’s agent is no different.


  1. Not for me we should build our team around Martinelli he’s one of the very few players in the team that excites the fans. He’s gonna be a star 👊

  2. Heard Arsenal are set to sign Orkun Kokcu before Euro 2020 begins.
    Now that is what I called signing and bargain of the season if it happens.

    The boy is what we can call creativity. Is good to have another Fabregas coming in

    1. Why are Madrid and Barcelona always talking about other teams players that are contracted to there clubs surely this is illegal approach some one should act in this why would any player want to play in a league that evolves around two teams every season.

  3. I totally agree that if (and it’s a BIG IF) they offer some obscene amount of money, yes, we should consider it. Or else, that boy should keep developing his career at Arsenal. With a brand spanking new befitting contract, of course.

  4. Martinelli is gonna be a superstar.
    We need to lock in down long term and build the team around him. I truly believe he will leave for one of the Spanish teams in the future once he’s a world beater like CR7 but will still have a great career like CR7 did at ManU.

  5. maybe a few years down the line they’ll go for him but not this summer. As long as they offer a stupid transfer fee I wouldn’t be opposed. But i’d only worry about Martinelli sale for at least two more seasons.

  6. with any luck the gov’t will ban all foreign player post Brexit and their shyster managers. Go back to British players. I’ve had these foreigners

  7. The writing is on the wall, top talents are destined to go represent Real or Barca. Even King Henry couldn’t resist the temptation. Still, I don’t think it will happen anytime soon, maybe after 2-3 years. We should be grateful he is still an Arsenal player and be proud when the time comes. It will be best if he left amicably like C.Ronaldo, the player never forgets his root and there is a special connection long after he left MU.

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