Spanish press slams Arsenal for lacking the ability to thrive at key moments

Arsenal suffered another setback after losing to Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Wednesday evening.

Mikel Arteta’s side has now relinquished their hold on two trophies, having also surrendered the top spot in the Premier League the weekend before.

In the first leg of their Champions League quarterfinal against Bayern Munich in London, Arsenal managed only a draw.

Arsenal supporters had hoped for a positive outcome in Munich, believing their team had a chance to progress. For much of the second leg, it appeared they might succeed.

However, a momentary lapse allowed Bayern to score, ultimately winning the tie and advancing to the semi-finals.

Sport has now published a review of Arsenal’s performance, with the Spanish paper harshly criticizing them for once again faltering in a crucial match.

The report suggests that Arsenal lacks a ‘competitive gene’ and struggles to rise to the occasion in pivotal moments.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Too much expectation has been placed on our shoulders because we have developed too fast.

However, losing to Bayern is a reality check and shows we are very much a work in progress, so we do not need to panic.

The boys will learn from this and return to the competition in better shape in the next campaign.


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  1. Can’t argue with that when we are out of the CL.

    I would not say “competitive gene” but perhaps “pressure gene” or “mentality gene” would be more accurate.

    Yet again we fail to rise to the occasion.

    Blame the players, or performance, or lack of rotation, or Arteta, but can’t blame this on the supporters.

  2. For some to suggest that players of the calibre of ESR and Partey could not have influenced the game against Bayern is nonsence.What has been demonstrated in our losses at the hands of Villa and BM is that Saka and Martinelli have gone off the boil and that our Manager simply lacks imagination to change our predictable game plan which by now will have become very clear to opposition analysts In essence, keep Odegaard quiet and the Arsenal defence will slip up at some stage as frustration grows.Our dependency on Odegaard and his link up with Saka in particular, is clearly evident yet Arteta steadfastly refuses to release his wingers from their wide berths ,not has he ever switched them during a match to my knowledge.If he cannot trust Partey or ESR to play them when others are struggling and results are vital, when is he going to play them?

    1. Excellent points Grandad.

      I think Arteta has chosen to commit to a system and stay loyal rather than adapt to the strength of his players.

      For example, how many strikers have we been through under Arteta? Auba, Laca, Nketiah, Jesus, and now Havertz.

      Is the player the problem, or the role of the striker in Arteta’s system? A fair question to ask I think.

      LB we have gone through; Tierney, Tomiyasu, Zinchenko, Kiwior, and now Timber.

      Is the player the problem, or the inverted role of the FB leaving the defense exposed? Again, a fair question to ask in my opinion.

      We have gone through a number of CB’s as well, Luiz, Sokratis, Mustafi, White, and now settled on Saliba and Gabriel.

      Keepers we have been through; Emi Martinez (the best IMO), Leno, Ramsdale, and now Raya. I’m not convinced Raya is the answer either by the way.

      An honest question would be whether the issues we have are due to individual players, or the system they play in.

      Rotation is needed, as well as flexibility in his tactics. We attack from the RW the vast majority of the time; how often do you see the team attack through the middle or on the left to go after opponents weak spots?

      Too often everything is on the right through Saka, Odegaard drifting over, and White overlapping. Rinse and repeat the next game.

      1. Durand
        The list is long but I’ll settle only on a couple of issues that I felt needed raising

        I truly understand your emphasis but bringing up Timber who has been injured all season was an odd one. Equally, I don’t think Arteta would have made such a big deal over “signing da ting” if he thought that PEA was going to play silly bu***rs

        Purely based on my opinion of Luiz (who was ok a fair bit of the time) Sokratis and Mustafi – he did the right thing. As I’m frequently reminded when we put up a poor to terrible showing, we are now looking at Arteta’s players and they are the ones we should be focusing on

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