Spanish report: Mesut Ozil wants to leave if Wenger stays

According to the Don Balon, Mesut Ozil has spoken to his agent about a possible Arsenal exit, with his intentions to leave unless Arsene Wenger is moved on.

The French manager has come under increased scrutiny in recent months, which is starting to become a regular occurrence in each season of late.

Reports in Spain are now claiming that Ozil has become fed up with our club’s failure to challenge for the title.

We currently sit 11 points behind leaders Leicester City in the Premier League, having played a game less, and will need a serious run in form, as well as a number of slip-ups by the Foxes in order to overturn that lead.

The report also claims that he has already discussed his future with his agent, and cites the German’s preference to return to Real Madrid if possible, with Valencia, Atletico Madrid and Seville possible options should the Galacticos opt against his return.


Don Balon and a number of other Spanish news sources are rife with speculation and gossip, whith little or no truth in them however, and I hope Mesut will take no time in pouring water on the story.

The midfielder has been a hugely important player for us in the past 18 months, and he should owe us something for sticking with him despite his disappointing start to life at the Emirates Stadium.

Now is not the time to be turning on our own players, with one final push needed to make certain of our place within the top four, and more importantly earn our rightful place above our neighbours (whose name need not be mentioned).

Do you believe there is any substance in this report?

All I know is Arsene needs to take this summer’s transfer window seriously…

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  1. I would be a little concern about this report, I’m also worried about Alexis and other players thinking about an exodus!

    1. No wonder, i would too of the owner said he was all about that profit > titles. No player is greater than the club, but the manager? Özil and Alexis will never be as big legends of arsenal as wenger, but right now they are more valuable than wenger. In my opinion at least.

    2. Sanches won’t be missed Campbell will then shine,as for Ozil no prob Ellerny and Awobie will shine ,at least they don’t give up if tackled and wave arms to say Ref come on. They get on with it
      Ozil is no Berkemp. I am nor at all worried if Saches or Ozil go. I am looking forward to a long run of games with the team as of the Everton game, less the above mentioned. CB

  2. It seems we always end up here. Season after season in March and April we are fighting for Top four. Arsene should take responsibility for being utter failure in the league and I can’t blame Ozil if he wants to leave but let’s focus on winning the remaining games. I believe we have a slight chance of winning the league if we are going to win the remaining games. COYG!!!!!!

  3. Your article is twice as long as that ‘report’.

    More likely he will wait to see if there are any big signings in the summer, then if not, he will decide to go.

    1. Even then, both of them have 2 years on their contracts and I am 200% sure Arsenal will never sell in EPL. That’s a guarantee.

      1. This is unbelievable.
        AS IF Ozil would say that just 8 games from the end of the season to cause disruption in the dressing room.
        AS IF Wenger would sell him anyway. We are NOT a selling club any more and Wenger is very hot on players honouring their contracts..
        Don Balon are based in Barcelona.So who are likely to have planted that “story”

  4. i said 2 months ago we should face Barca with our second team and got a lot of thumbs down.
    when does AW learn that we lost that 1/8 final when the draw was made? Now we lost 5-1 to Barca and had to play replay in FA and exit from FA lost to united and swansea and players injured. This happens to Arsenal year after year during the 1/8 final in CL
    Spurs didnt turn up against Dortmund lost 5-1 just like us but kept their players and now they are 6 points ahead of us. Kane just scores and scores and didnt play against Dortmund.
    pochotino took the dortmund defeat so lightly and nobody has condemned him for that in the media.
    the funny thing is that AW says always we have to be realistic and humble but in action he is still arrogant and takes teams like Hull, Watford etc lightly

    1. The most accurate predictions are the ones made after the events. Like you just did. Who cares? Spurs didn’t turn up but they fielded the best squad available. Do you listen to yourself?

  5. I’m sure when Ozil signed Wenger promised him that he would add other world class players but in truth only 2 in Sanchez and Cech have been added,we need a new striker,CB,DM they must all be world class!

    1. No we don’t need another CB or DM, we just need a Striker, it’s as simple as that.

      1. Upgrading weak spots in our defence is necessary too. Thus, cb (bfg) and cdm (flaminI/arteta) is necessary. (Elneny has been good lately, but it’s too early to say if he’s going to deliver like this on a weekly basis)

  6. I don’t want to say I don’t believe it either but lately Mesut has been looking very frustrated. I mean he storms off the pitch every time and hardly has been celebrating a goal. You can understand it to a certain extent given that he is in fact world class and players around him do not appear to match his intricate play at least for the most part. Hey, I hope I’m wrong and just reading too much into it but you cannot dismiss it completely. Off topic, how hilarious would it be when Pep’s City don’t get top four?

  7. The criticism is not unjustified. Year after year, Arsenal have failed at the same stage of the
    CL, and have always faded and wilted in the PL I February. Whatever Mr. Wenger is doing
    and saying to the players is obviously not working and the failure at the same stage each
    year simply signifies that Wenger has not got an solution to this malaise. The players and
    the club need new words and ideas.

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