Spanish side contact Arsenal over out of favour midfielder

Valencia has contacted Arsenal over a move for Matteo Guendouzi, according to reports.

The Frenchman has been frozen out of the first team at the Emirates after he fell out with Mikel Arteta.

He has struggled to earn a regular place in Arteta’s team before he was axed from the side for his on-field antics against Brighton in June.

He has not played for the club since then. Arteta claimed that he has wiped the slate clean for the Frenchman in this new season, yet he didn’t field him in Arsenal’s most recent game against Liverpool in the Community Shield.

Super Deportes claims that Valencia has enquired of the Frenchman as the Spaniards rebuild their team amidst financial turmoil.

Los Che has had to sell some of their players this summer and they now want to add some, but because of their financial challenges, they are looking to sign Guendouzi on loan with no obligation to buy.

The report claims that although Arteta has publicly said he has given the midfielder a fresh chance, Arsenal is still considering offloading him.

Valencia isn’t the only Spanish team to have been linked with a move for him as Villarreal has also considered reuniting him with Unai Emery, claims the same report.

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  1. Because of Covid, a number of our for sale player are likely to be loaned out , this saving wages but gaining no actual sale fee, at least for this season. Consequently, we are going to be hamstrung for funds to bring in MAs choices. Kroenkes rank mean ownrship is now starkly showup and he is the clear enemy of our club.

    If only we had a proper and keen owner instead of a deadbeat who thinks only of his pocket we could make such huge and thrilling progess. We need KROENKES EXIT , BADLY AND URGENTLY.


      1. We was told by a few fans that he would be lining up for Madrid ,Barca or PSG next season .
        I would say we would be lucky to get 10 million for him but then again we got 35 mill for Iwobi .
        I saw a post on another forum saying he is the spitting image of Nasri but without any of his skills and I must admit that sums him up completely.
        IMO he’s a younger version of Elneny but with that french attitude , not in the slightest good enough to play for Arsenal.

        1. Actually it’s ppl like you who dont deserve to be called Arsenal fan. This shows what knowledge you have about football. Go back to your football manager.

          1. Thanks for that Mohsan
            You have made me feel such much better about myself after that comment .
            Let me guess I offended you with the Iwobi comment ?
            And as being a Arsenal fan I have been one since 1987 ,but probably unlike you I want what best for the team rather than individuals .
            Anyway it was my opinion ,I didn’t mean to offend ,but let’s be clear if I wasn’t in a good mood I would tear you a new one .👍
            Next time come to the table with a better put down because that was pathetic.

          2. @Dan kit

            Didn’t I misread you? The man that constantly defends Wenger, and Ozil, wants what’s best for the team, and not the individual now? Either you’re lying, or you have finally seen the light.

          3. Again Thirdman you only see what you want to see .
            I can’t be bothered to say it again so I won’t ,you have only posted to start an argument ,so I’ll leave it at that .

  2. I can’t read Arteta’s mind but rather feel if integration back into the first 11 was going to happen then Guendouzi would have featured by now. I thought he was an exciting prospect for quite a while but that waned a bit. Still time to get his act together but if Arteta is to be believed then Guendouzi’s lack of playing time is down to him, either not applying himself or still behaving like a you know what. MA expects a certain standard and those who have responded positively will surely get their chance.
    Suitors are not exactly beating a path to the club’s door.

  3. Am with @Dan Kit on this one. Get rid of him already, the boy is garbage. Never seen any bit of talent in him and I’ll be extremely delighted to see the back of him! Let’s clear out the deadwood and make room for proper talent.

    1. Spot on Quantic.
      He offers nothing.
      Huffs and puffs passes sideways.
      One goal only for us.
      Booking libility every game.
      Get rid of him

  4. All i know is the boy is more talented than Willock.
    The boy can be molded to lay like Dembele of Tottenham . Im just saying

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