Spanish youngster admits he turned down Arsenal offer

Arsenal are notorious for giving young talents an opportunity to perform in the early stages of their professional career. The club is also famous however for poaching young players before they have hit the ground running, only for them to turn into top class talents. Arsene Wenger has had the success stories of Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott, Hector Bellerin and more to our own, Alex Iwobi. But is there one player who could’ve been a regular feature in the Arsenal line-up, if Wenger had managed to get his hands on him!

The relationship between Arsenal and Barcelona should be considered a strong one, although admittedly more so for Barcelona. During the Arsene Wenger reign we’ve seen numerous top class players leave Arsenal for the Spanish giants. Whilst in return Arsenal more often than not only target their youth team players.

The likes of Bellerin, Toral, Fabregas and Merida are names that come to mind who have made the move from Barca to Arsenal when they are young. For Bellerin and Fabregas, the move worked out. Whilst for Merida and Toral, arguably not so much. However one name that could’ve been added to that list was Sergi Samper, who has recently revealed that he had the opportunity of signing for Arsenal.

Samper was on Arsene Wenger’s radar along with Bellerin and Toral and at the time Samper was considered one of the most promising talents on the Spanish clubs books. They certainly wouldn’t have wanted him to follow in Fabregas’ footsteps and leave, but Samper himself wasn’t so keen on a move to England.

Samper revealed: “I did not want to even listen to Wenger. I made it clear to him that I wanted to stay, that I wanted to triumph at Barca, that I was a Cule fanatic and that making it at Barca in the future would make me the happiest.”

Samper made his decision clear to Arsene Wenger, but it may be a decision he now regrets considering that he’s even struggling to make an impact at Granada. Samper just hasn’t had the impact or breakthrough at Barcelona that was anticipated and now this sudden calling upon Arsenal may suggest that he’s starting to regret not making the move.

Whether Arsene Wenger would’ve been able to nurture Samper to the same consistent level he was on, right up until he became a first team player, is something that we’ll never know. But I do remember Arsenal being linked with the player and how he was expected to be an exceptional talent. With so many midfielders on the books there is no longer any room in the inn for the Spaniard to join the club, but I suppose the 21 year old can continue to hope that Arsene Wenger may show an interest in him again!



  1. Budd says:

    Well, how ironic is that? Let’s suppose Arsenal did wanted and he refused. He is a huge Barcelona fanatic and he wants to play there. What happens in the summer? He was deemed surplus to requirements and Barcelona dumps him to Granada even if it is for a loan. Get a grip, kid. You’re not Ronaldo. Not even Bellerin. At least not yet.

  2. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine says:

    LOL. Its funny how he says… “I did not want to even LISTEN to Wenger…”

    Like he is sure his head was gonna turned by Wenger’s famous hypnotic voice.

  3. Ramterta says:

    Now that there is a kid with a vision.
    He wants to make himself a great player and not grow soft just like how Wenger treats his players.
    Just look at how talented players like ox Ramsey Wilshere Walcott have become

    IMHO he made a wise decision not to listen to Wenger

    1. Godswill says:

      Yes, he made a wise decision and Hector B did not?
      Am sure Messi’s contract talk is stalling because Barca are waiting for his return from Granada.
      Listen, that boy is regretting as he is seeing Bellerin flourish

  4. Onochie says:

    Not all academic players makes it in the future,its a normal in every all Football clubs. There’s no club without failed prospect. I don’t understand why it should be an Article here

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