Speed King challenges Arsenal stars!

There have been numerous reports that our new right-back Hector Bellerin has broken the Arsenal sprint record previously held by Theo Walcott. He was reportedly clocked at running 40 metres in just 4.2 seconds beating Walcott’s record by just 1/100th of a second, but these times are being challenged by Richard Kilty, who is the World and European champion at 60 metre sprint racing.

The 25 year-old reckons that it is impossible for the Arsenal duo to have recorded these speeds, and he claims that not even Usain Bolt did the first 40 metres that fast when he broke the 100m world record at 100 metres, and is willing to bet big money to prove his point.

Kilty put his challenge publicly on Twitter, saying: “Media claiming @HectorBellerin can run 4.42 over 40m.

“Absolutely no way. Are these journalists complete morons!

“I will put £30,000 on the line to race @HectorBellerin & @theowalcott any sprint distance, any time, any place, anywhere

“The race will be over very quick. So, if they put their money down, I will gladly show everyone they cannot sprint as fast as the media claim.”

This is an interesting prospect! These figures have bandied about regarding Walcott for many years and it’s surprising that they haven’t been challenged before now.

The question is: Will Walcott and Bellerin be willing to risk three days wages to prove they can beat the World Champion?

Could footballers really be quicker than the professionals?

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  1. Sorry, OT but I see Wellington has got his Spanish passport so will be good to see him here soon.

    1. Wellington work permit was granted in january already. now it just depend on if wenget thinks he is good enough. from what i have seen so far I have to say the kid is very talented.
      Workrate. Only sanchez has more workrate than him from what i have seen so far. The kid can go up and down the flanks at will.

      Speed. he is very fast as well and moves quick from defence to attack.

      tactics. he has good understanding of the game. playing in the spanish league which is more tactical than england helps as well.

      Skills. he has got that natural brasillian flair and can take full backs easily.

      His final balls could be improved. Both finishing and crossing. he reminds me of OX.

      Passing. may be because he plays for shit Almeria he is force to hold to the ball so long to dribble too much. i think he needs to pass the ball alot much quicker. Am sure wenger can change that.

      he is very similar to sanchez and Ox and i think playing with better players in a a better team will see him bring his all round ability. Its left to him. pre season is coming soon and he needs to show himself.

  2. I imagine they actually do a 50/60m sprint where only the flying 40m is recorded. Just for logical reasons, it makes no sense that 2 players who do not practice sprint starts could be faster then a work record holder. That said, I would imagine their flying 40m is probably at that time because the flying 40m wouldn’t be effected hugely by technique. Just a non-experts thought on the matter though.

    1. exactly.. have you seen the sports science with ronaldo against the elite sprinter? it’s pretty close in a straight line but as soon as you add some turning ronaldo blitzes him

      1. Ronaldo over those turns blitzes anyone to be fair. It was a good comparison though because the straight line speed isn’t that different – in fact you could argue over the flying 40m footballers practice more then flat out sprinters. Sprinters will work on their gait and such but in general they are not training the flying 40 like a footballer would. I could definitely see how the stats could be real but slightly misinformed.

  3. PSG seem to want debuchy? would u guys consider the sale of Debuchy and use bellerini and Jekinson as your full backs?

    Betwween people saying bellerini and theo can run as fast as Bolts are insane. Not even rubben aumbameyang can run as fast as this guys.

    1. no that would be madness. debuchy’s an international who’s been playing at the highest level a lot longer. need his experience.

      1. I’d find it a tough decision. If the money was right I might be tempted seeing as we have 2 premiership level RBs already and Chambers is a decent cover as a third…

        1. @FFFanatic. If PSG give good money for a 30 year old to be hones its a very hard to say no. Especially as we have bellerini and jekison. Chambers is a CB who can also cover in that position. its a very tricky situation if i have to be honest. Well Arsene has better judgements than most of us do. But 10-15£ million for a 30 year old full back sounds good to me.
          The problem is Debucy’s experience. do we want to loose that?

  4. I can see Bellerin pick up the challenge and maybe he’ll loose. If Kilty concentrate more on his run rather than talking bullshit, he could beat Usain Bolt. Let’s hope Bellerin or Theo shut his mouth for good! COYG!!!

  5. Jurgen Klopp looks set to leave Dortmund at the end of the season. With Pellegrini looking nailed on to lose his job, Klopp could be going to City. Would be a shame to see such a passionate manager at a club like that. You have to wonder if he’s asked to have his contract terminated because Dortmund are planning the sales of more players this summer. Hummels looks set to move, and there is always talk of Reus leaving. Could be a big sale in Dortmund this summer if players lose confidence in the club. We could pick up Reus and Sven Bender. They be quality for us.

  6. There will more be than 5% Gunners @ Arsenal leaving our club in the Summer thus said the boss. Will Debuchy falls into the 5% that will likely leave? I doubt, moreso as I can’t see any player @ PSG who they will likely swapped plus cash to take Debuchy to France. But if the boss saw a player he wants at PSG who PSG are willing to swap plus paying cash to Arsenal, the boss could do a deal with them. But I think this is just a media rumour. I think Bellerin and Walcott should settle this challenge that has been thrown at their feet by Speed King in the Manner which Donovan Bailey from Canada and Michael Johnson from United States once challenged to run against themselves in 1996. I suggest the race should be limited to only 40 meters and no more. Because that is the race Bellerin in particular ran. But I am not sure if Walcott can successfully run this race now, because of the long layoff he had as a result of that big injury he got. Bellerin may put his money down to run this race if he wants and believes he will win the race. That’s all I can comment for now.

  7. Thousands of people can beat Bolt over 40m, although I admit I’m not one of them.

    And- Yes I believe Walcott/Bellerin have a very good chance of beating a 100m sprint professional, as long as its timed over 40meters.

    Id love to see this- hope (but doubt) it happens!

  8. Sir Roger Bannister has challenged Mertsacker to a race. He will bet £1 million he will win and even give BFG a head start.

  9. This guy should save his hard earned money. The likes of Bellerin earn more than that in a single week. Walcott earns triple that in a week. So to avoid bankrupting himself he should curb his arrogance and attention seeking by moving on..

  10. It’s just bad reporting. It’s yards not metres. Also, let’s see that guy beat either of them while dribbling a football.

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