Spend some money and make Arsenal fans proud again!

All we want is some transfers at the Emirates!

The transfer window has been open now a couple of weeks and we have officially brought in Granit Xhaka & Takuma Asano, one who had an OK Euro’s with Switzerland whereas the other is an unknown 21year old striker from the J-League, let’s just hope he isn’t another Miyiachi.

Going out of the club so far has been Issac Hayden to Newcastle, Toral to Granada, Arteta to City plus Flamini & Rosicky. I believe a few more will be gone such as Debuchy, Wojc, Theo & Gibbs… all need regular football! That leaves us with….

Cech & Ospina ? GK
Bellerin & Carl ? RB
Nacho & ? LB
Koss & ? CB
Gabby & Per ? CB (BackUp)
Xhaka & Coq ? CDM
J10, Elny, R8 ? Box To Box
Ozil & Santi ? CM/AM
Sanchez & Ox ? RW
Iwobi & ? LW
G12, Welbz & ? ST

I’ve left spaces for new faces at the club at CB, LB, LW & ST… these positions need filled with already-made talent, not projects like Asano. Would like to hear all your opinions on who Wenger should buy? Realistically now, as we have been linked with everyone and we wont spend bucket loads of cash!

CB – Subotic or Manolas
Both could be available at a decent price, Manolas is a bit more expensive, but both could be great at Arsenal for Pers replacement and Kos’ new partner. Subotic is injury prone last few years but is still only 27.

LB – Rodriguez
Hands down this man. Has the talent, power and speed down the left and is a set piece specialist. Xhaka is good friend,so they would help each other both settle at the club. Wants to come apparently. 23yrs old.

LW – Mahrez or Draxler
Mahrez lit up the league last year and dazzled top defences so he would be a good signing for Arsenal if he could replicate the form of last season. Draxler is injury prone but is such a talent for a young man. Had a good euros and looks to be getting back on track, his price tag (£52m) will put Wenger off no doubt. Mahrez cost around £25 maybe?

ST – Icardi, Lacazzette or Griezmann
Griezmann, everyones pick, we really want Wenger to pay the buy out clause… its as simple as that – but looks like hes staying at Atletico. Icardi wants to leave Inter apparently and they are willing to let him leave. Great finisher with speed and power, great link up player for Giroud. Lacazzette is my personal choice as i think he has the quality and finishing to shine at Arsenal. He proved it 2 seasons ago, then last season he had a bad season but a return of 21 goals for Lyon in the League. Could get in behind all 3 of these players as that is what we are lacking to help Sanchez finish with Ozil’s creativity.

We obviously have other young stars like Chambers, Adelaide and Akpom fighting to get into the matchday squads so we would have a chance at still bringing through youngsters with a great squad challenging on all fronts, because we all know Arsenal’s luck with Injuries throughout the whole season is disastrous.

So to Wenger and the bosses upstairs at the Emirates…. all we want is a few more signings, say another £85-£105m spent on quality – to give us fans a team to be proud of and get behind… we know you have the money!!! Show ambition and the fans will show you love again, its as simple as that, we deserve it as loyal Gooners.

Koss the Boss


    1. This Article is onLy a Repeat/Reverberation of what we’ve been Echoing for a very Long time now!


      Fact is Wenger don’t like echoes coming back!

      1. There is no way you are getting 4 more signings. Wenger has clearly stated that 3 is his maximum and with xhaka on board, that means only 2 more. If we sign 2 more that would mean we have 29 players of 21 and over so 4 would need to go.

        2 of the 5 keepers could go straight away, most likely szczesney and either martinez or macey. Whilst Wellington and Sanogo would be my next preferences.

  1. You are reaching tooooo far Koss…

    We still dunno if Gibbs will go, so we don’t need a LB….
    Walcott is not leaving too, You left out Campbell for the LW…
    For me, our RB and LB is ok, but we need a first 11 top CB….

    I like the idea of Icardi as we discussed yesterday,he is strong and very young..he would be good…

    To sum it up,we need a CB, a striker and a scoring winger…
    My choices;Van Dijk/Fonte/Howedes….

  2. We will buy no further players. Can’t you guys recognise the signs are there. There will be no one of consequence.

    1. If all went to plan, AFC signings would be as this …Xhaka, Vardy, Asano, Kelechi, and Elneny arrived before we shipped out the three amigos (also maybe Holden to go with other 2 young adults, that seemed true enough). So you speak of signs? We would be, The busiest club. Signs are pointing to more signings if you ask me, so, we’ll see.

  3. I hope Wenger has something great up his sleeves as he has ignored a lot of good players that will definately improve us this summer…

    The only way I give myself hope is by thinking…”Wenger will surely surprise us by signing and world class striker as he won’t want fans to turn on him”

    I am still hoping he surprises us positively because so far, its looking gloomy….

    1. Mate he won’t surprise us I don’t think. The Wiley old fox had nothing up his sleeve for us this year.

      My guess is a few youth team players will be promoted to first team or Adelaide, iwobi and the like, perhaps even Zhalem. They may well make the difference, Theo might have a blinder of a season, Jack, and Giroud might be on a roll. Do I think that will happen? No….no I don’t….but my guess is Arsene does and he is the one in charge.

      I think Adelaide coming through will be a good thing though, he looks a quality prospect. So fingers crossed.

  4. The Independent have an article that has said that Arsenals only fit striker for the start of the prem is…….Chuba Akpom! Just let that sink in……

    1. Yeah obviously don’t know what they are talking about.

      We have akpom, sanogo, walcott, mavididi, malen and hinds.

  5. The team we had last season had
    far more quality than Leicester.
    With Xhaka added we are even stronger.
    On paper Arsenal has the deepest squad
    in the EPL and the most experienced manager.
    So Arsenal should win the league.

  6. Goal.com is reporting that Arsenal striker Takuma Asano missed a one-on-one sitter against Kashiwa Reysol yesterday

    Yea…. Just what we need right now!

    [Hey!….don’t get me wrong, he might come good with time…..but what happened to our quest for a worldy?]

    1. as usual you have got no plan.. he had great movement off the ball a good first touch and it was a very nice chip too but unfortunately he hit the post.. nothing wrong there

  7. I have no doubt Arsene will sign a Striker/wide player, reason being he went after Vardy to act as a replacement for Welbeck who is also a striker/wide player, Lacazette could do a similar job, but i doubt wenger is interested him.
    I think he is still focus on Draxler and the possibility that he can make him into a striker, it still haunts wenger that he must create another RVP and Draxler also fit the requirements in the opposite he is a wide player/maybe striker.

    Arsene expects a riot if he does not sign a strker, you could see he was hurt from last season dealings with the fans and therefore will have to sign a striker. At most it will not be to many a fans liking because we each have our own opinion, however i think he wll come good with the promise he made.

    1. Nope….he will just go through the motions and then say there was no one available or suitable which could improve our squad. Rinse and repeat…..

      1. Same old story….lol I have learnt that when you don’t expect too much , you don’t get disappointed… i am expecting our trophy again this season {TOP FOUR} long live ARSENE !!

  8. Not that Wenger would sign any of the following. But I think we must add at least two top signings if Wenger and Arsenal want to stand any chance of winning the EPL. First we need a top striker, any of Abumeyang, Higuain, Lacazette or Icardi would be great. Second we need a solid CB to partner with Kos and for me Manolas is the man for the job. With these two major signings in place then we have the basic makeup to win the EPL. Then if Walcot leaves we should replace him with Mahrez. That would be great icing to the cake.

    1. “If” is a very big word. I would say that both Wenger and “Arsenal”, as represented by the players and staff want to win the PL.

      However “Arsenal” as represented by the board/ kroenke want to make money. Current thinking is the top four business model and “he who pays the piper calls the tune”.

    2. ElBlaze, some radical thinking my man, way to think outside the box dude. #Origin of Originality.

      ….Just kidding pal.

  9. Xhaka already in training to prepare for pre-season. How awesome is that. Arsene says a player should never completely drop training during time off, because it can go against them, when they are vying with players who are already fit for pre-season. I like that Xhaka knows this and takes it serious. Ramsey is talking about the rest he’s earned from going far in euros, just like the one the Germans got last season, he’s glad he’s earned it???. Ramsey my boy, liv first game, that’s what Xhaka’s thinking about, get your head off that beach, and get the bleach off that head.

  10. All this is just Pie in the sky
    we wont see any new transfers taking place now its way too late in the day and who on this earth can we be linked with next?
    someone earlier said that wenger “will defiantly buy someone as there will be riots if not” really?? does anyone really think the old french man really cares about what the fans think?
    He clearly never has and thats not gonna change now

  11. “I believe a few more will be gone”
    Are we a religion now where we have to go off beliefs? What about searching for facts and just say “I think”.

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