Sport is still available to feast on if you look hard enough

The Coronavirus outbreak has had a devastating effect on world sport with every imaginable major event cancelled, however, there is still some sporting competitions taking place for the die-hard fan that needs a daily fix.

It is common knowledge that Belarus is still playing football but they are not the only ones, Tajikistan resumes their league this week and visiting betting sites will also reveal what other sports are currently still ongoing.

There is still some Horse Racing going on in America, Sweden and Australia, Darts at home courtesy of the PDC, Ice Hockey from Russia and even Basketball in China.

There is more but I think that you are getting the picture, one does not have to go cold turkey completely, Sport is finding a way.

The UFC is determined to get their sport back on schedule and are even looking at the possibility of featuring their next event on a private Island, according to the BBC.

If betting on Sports is your primary focus as opposed to just watching for the entertainment of it then apart from the few events that are going on right now there is also online poker, games, casino and so forth.

Another positive is that most of these events are live to watch on most of the top sportsbook sites.

Obviously, none of this compares to a Liverpool v Man Utd or Arsenal v Tottenham clash, especially if there is something riding on it other than local bragging rights, but it is better than nothing and I have to admit that there have been some entertaining games out of Belarus.

It is not going to be perfect until all the major sports have resumed, be it Cricket, Rugby, Tennis Golf etc but that does not mean one has to do without unnecessarily.

It is enjoyable watching old Arsenal and England games as well as other classic sporting events from years past, however, we all know that watching replays is never a substitute for live sport, even if it is of a sub-standard level.

I accept that watching Skavia Mozyr in Belarus face off against BATE Borisov may not get you all hot and excited but considering your other options it is not that dreadful.

In conclusion, while it is not great right now in terms of sport it is not as desperate as it may appear, there is still football going on, there are other sporting events taking place and some countries will very soon start lifting lockdown and resuming some sports.