‘Sporting reasons’ – Arsenal reject dropped to prove management right

Shkodran Mustafi has been dropped from the starting line-up for Schalke 04, proving that Arsenal were completely right to offload him.

The defender is believed to have had his Gunners contract terminated in January according to Sky Sports, before joining Schalke on a temporary deal until the end of the season.

He looks likely to be the lookout for another club come the end of the term however after losing his first-team role this weekend.

Schalke confirmed that he was in fact dropped from the starting line-up for ‘sporting reasons’, further backing up our club’s decision to let him leave for nothing.

With the Bundesliga side appearing destined to drop out of the top tier, you would struggle to believe that he would be offered a permanent deal to stay on beyond the summer, as they will surely be looking at trimming their wage budget.

You would also struggle to justify his wage when he isn’t even deemed a key member of the squad, as proved by the team’s selection this week.

It will be interesting to see if any top-tier teams from the main European leagues will take a chance on him come the summer, but you would imagine that Mustafi will have zero hopes of being selected for Germany’s squad ahead of the upcoming European Championships.

Even after watching Arsenal’s defence falter against Liverpool, it is somehow refreshing to know that things could have been worse…


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  1. ken1945 says:

    Until we know what “the sporting reasons” are, perhaps we should hold fire on being so gleeful.
    I believe Aubameyang was recently dropped for disciplinary reasons – perhaps the translation might also be the same?

    1. John Ibrahim says:


      there could be 10001 reasons why he is dropped

  2. Justin says:

    You could flip your argument around……. Mustaphi, is gone along with Ozil, Kols, etc, and we still are no good. Clearly they were not the problem.

    Yes Arsenal dumped some dead wood, which is good, but we got nothing in return $$$$.

    This site celebrates Arsenal’s winter transfer dealings. Why? We are still nowhere near good enough.

    It keeps getting worse. Nothing we have done to date has done anything to make us better.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      unless the Club becomes the new city or psg which the fans have been wanting

      unlimited spending, constant signing of players and consistently sacking of managers are what the fans wish for

    2. Phil says:

      Good point that Justin- but as today is Easter Sunday, and some on this site feel Arteta is the second coming of the Lord, don’t expect too many to agree.

      1. jon fox says:

        Phil Adressing your point seriously and in the hope that we can have a cerebral discussion as two bright adult fans should easily be able to manage, I say this:

        We all know that under this owner, NO manager will be allowed to compete financially with City, Chelsea, PSG etc. We are permanently hamstrung while Kroenle owns us. That being so, any new manager of any even world class pedigree will be stuck with some of the hopeless and LAZY players we still have.

        I do support MA as you well know but I do not think him, nor any other manager, to be Christs second coming. I allow for the fact he is – or was a year ago – new to managing .

        But I also know, as you must surely also know, that no huge WC name would have accepted the job under Scrooge. Allegri turned down our approach, as was widely known, before even Emery came.
        We battle in vain on an unlevel playing field and we true fans SHOULD be concentrating our efforts on getting this dreadful owner OUT AND NOT FIGHTING EACH OTHER.

        I have lots more to say but before I do, I’d much like to know your comments on the above. If we cannot agree on even that then there is little point going much further on here.
        Despite our previous spats, I value you as one of the very brightest and most knowing fans of ALL on here and hope we can now chat sensibly as adults, without BOTH throwing out childish insults.

  3. Declan says:

    Interesting…. my comment got deleted….truth hurts eh ?

    1. jon fox says:

      Declan, Why not rephase it then, cleverly avoiding any words that Puritan Ad Pats spam filter( that anti free speech device) will “disallow”?
      I loathe censorship but have learned, through bitter experience, that one sometimes has to be artful in order to say what one REALLY wants to say. Try again though, please! I will applaud you if you do so.

      1. Declan says:

        Jon, I didn’t use foul language or even disguised profanities, I just called out Patrick aka GoonerP for his article, seemingly happy about one of our ex players having a hard time at his new club. It was similar to ken1945’s opening comment but rather harsher. There one minute, then gone a short while later, unless my ageing eyes were seeing things!

        1. jon fox says:

          How very much I empathise with you Declan. I have been in your position with Patrick, sonof AdPat of course, which accounts for no criticismof his hopeless writing being countenanced.
          In fact THIS comenrt will likely be deleted but perhaps you may get to read it before its taken down. But do try again but be artful, as I am, when forced to get my views out and not banned.

  4. Pondrix says:

    As if Arsenal has improved since he left.Article too simplistic to justify its heading. Does not even have half backed stats to justify. His replacement Grabiel looks worse, he makes defensive errors at drop of the hat.

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