Spurs fan hits Ramsdale to cause on-field chaos

A Tottenham fan reportedly kicked Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale after the Gunners beat Spurs 2-0 in the Premier League today.

Ramsdale was in inspiring form in the second half as Spurs searched for a way back in the game and his fine performance did not go down well with some of the Spurs supporters.

The Daily Mail reveals after the game, the England international went to get his water bottle and was kicked by a Lilywhites’ supporter, which caused some chaos on the field.

More information is yet to emerge on the supporter and if the individual was caught after the act.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We know it’s a derby and emotions are high, but how did the stewards allow a fan to get close to the pitch to attack Ramsdale?

That will be the big question and whoever was charged with securing that area of the field must answer questions about this breach.

However, it will not take from us the sweet smell of victory we have just enjoyed away from home as we continue to march towards winning a league title.

Our travelling fans have been given something to smile about and now we must prepare to avenge our loss at Manchester United in the first half of the season.

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  1. What about the role played by Richarlison just prior to the incident?Surely his actions were completely out of line and indeed may have encouraged the “moron” to do what he did?

    1. I was wondering the exact same thing! surely the FA is going to have a look at him too.he put his finger in Ramsdale face, didn’t he?

    2. Exactly and Richarlison should also be charged, as he slapped RAMSDALE in the face and kept goading him. Richarlison is an out of control, low IQ type.

    3. Richarlison is surely getting banned for at least one game. The scum will be fined for failing to control their players. Conte looks like a guy who doesnt give a sh*t! Watch his interview you’ll see a man just going through motions. I genuinely believe Conte saw the spur’s job as a side gig that’ll keep him busy as he waits for serious clubs.

      1. Good poin Reggie. He was close to losing it but kept his cool and credit also goes to Arteta who manhandled Xhaka away from getting involved.

    1. They attack women and kids. They now attack one of our players, and some people wonder real Gooners call them the vermin and their area a swamp.

  2. A Tottenham fan reportedly kicked Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale : Let us wait and see how FA deals/punish Spurs for not controlling their fans. 40k fine. Less we forget, Spurs Player..Richa…also was involved in this whole thing , he aggravated the situation by his action. FA view the camera. He should be punished also for his action…unspotrmanship.

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