Spurs favourites over Arsenal claims former Gunner

Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown has claimed that Tottenham Hotspur are favourites for the weekend’s tie.

The Gunners make the short trip across North London to Wembley to take on our rivals this Saturday, and a lost for our boys would put us in trouble in our bid to reach the top four.

Should our noisy neighbours manage to win in the afternoon match-up, that would leave us trailing them by seven points going into the final 11 matches of the league campaign, a dangerous task to leave ourselves to try and reach the top four.

Former Arsenal star Keown has named Spurs as favourite for the match unfortunately, citing our terrible away record for his opinion, refusing to give our side credit for an impressive transfer window.

“I don’t put Arsenal as favourites because of their appalling away record,” he said.

“They have won just three of their 13 Premier League away games.

“They have been that bad away from home that at times I have found it difficult to watch them.”

He moved onto rule out our ability to challenge for the title due to our form on the road.

“When Arsenal are really at it — as they were at home against Everton last week — they can embarrass teams,” he added.

“With the artistry of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, they will be able to do that to a few teams.

“But Arsenal are not yet ready to win a Premier League because of their inability to stay in games away from home for long enough to grind out results.

“They have not been thorough enough in their defending.

“There seems to be a lack of focus at the start of games and Arsenal have been sloppy.”

Should Spurs be favourites despite our new-look attack? How many of you are confident of a positive result this weekend?

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  1. 1 2 Arsenal. OT I’m still hoping we go back in for Lemar this summer. maybe we could do a player + cash deal, with laccazete heading back to France. We need to work on steadying our defence as well, with Cech replaced 1st.

    1. Lemar sucked as a winger but good as a central midfielder. How is his performance in this season for Monaco?

      1. Haven’t heard a thing about Lemar since summer. Usually when I check Monaco scores he’s not even in the team. Injuries I’m assuming, combined with a lack of interest of playing for Monaco. Has done nothing of recent to justify his 90mill price tag, thats for sure. Wouldn’t care if Arsenal missed out on him. He was never worth that amount and the pricetag came out of us being desperate.

        1. Instead of Lemar or Malcom, Arsenal should consider Leon Bailey of Bayer Leverkusen.

          The Jamaican winger is only 20, and is already one of the best wingers in the BL whose value will only increase (now still less than 30 mill.) , and the purchase of whom would leave enough money for a good defender.

          16 games : 10 goals, 5 assists

          Excellent for a 20-year-old winger.

  2. I just want to see Pierre and Miki along side ozi… Don’t want to predict…either it’s gonna be magic or a s::t show…we forgot about lacazatte so fast… It’s interesting that it feels he is an old story that ppl even stopped talking about him..

    1. I have mentioned on this site when he joined, that he would need time to adapt in Wenger’s system, because of his short stature and pace. According to a JustArsenal article, he used to play as a winger and an attacking midfielder, therefore he has playmaking ability like Sanchez.

      If Wenger doesn’t plan to use him like Sanchez, I think Wenger would sell him at the end of this season and buy new players. It would be a waste of chance and money, because Lacazette has amazing skills and finishing ability, as seen on his YouTube videos.

  3. Arsenal do not have a Fernandinho that plays on steroid like Monreal and they usually suck when playing with four defenders in away games. But they will play in London this time, so I am confident as long as Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan click well in that game.

    If Arsenal can score the first goal, they can play counter-attack and would have a better chance. I have a good feeling about our new German speaking player connection.

  4. Well they are. I think most would agree on this point. They are better than us in most positions. Keown is just stating the obvious in my opinion. They actually have a specialist defensive midfielder lol


    It doesn’t mean we can’t win. They are beatable. We have beaten them and can do it again.
    Honestly, my belief would not be there had we not signed Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan.

    We have something in our favour
    1. We had the whole week off. They played 3 matches
    2. Not at White Hart Lane
    3. We need to win more than they do
    4. Auby, Mkhy and Laczy seem to be all hungry
    5. We beat them already at home (actually that may be a negative because they will want revenge lol)

    Yes they ARE indeed the favourites BUT we can win. Hopefully, Wenger will play our best players in their best positions AND all our players play their hearts out

  5. Why be concerned with the spuds?They are built up by the media to be the next best thing but will not win the league this season (again)will not get past Juventus in the Champions League and will fall to either of the 3 sides above them in the League if they meet them in the FA Cup.So that’s another season of winning nothing at which they have proved themselves to be very good at.
    We need to be at them from the start and play with the intensity concentration and desire we showed against them at the Emirates this season and we will beat them comfortably.We have the players to cause them all sorts of problems if we build a platform to play from.
    Honestly believe we will win

    1. Phil,
      Intensity, concentration and desire:
      That is the key, especially for the defence.
      Spuds will be concerned about our attack, especially as they have not come up against the new intensity Aba and Myk bring.
      Our awful performances away have been down to individual mistakes in the main.
      We should relish playing at Wembley, especially as we have been there six times in the last four years.
      Everything is already crossed, hopw we have a fantastic forum here Saturday evening.

  6. Unfortunately he has a point about us away. We’ve looked like a pub side this season. Hopefully the boost of new signings will wake us up. And our Wembley record is really good as well. Arsenal need to be ready from the whistle cause when we don’t do well the first few minutes of away matches it’s usually just downhill from there. COYG, let do this!

  7. Given our road woes, we are lucky this game is at Wembley and not White Hart Lane. I think we might just edge this one.

  8. With concentration,avoid careless mistakes and be dedicated from start till finish,we can still win spurs even with these same group of defenders #spurs go ask chelsea #plus Auba = Mkhi is a win for Arsenal

  9. O ye of little faith in our master, who will lead us to the promised land.
    come on boys back to the top 4

  10. I can’t believe the negative comments regarding Lacazette by some people on this site. His goals scored for minutes played is very good for his first season in the EPL. Those that want him sold must think that should Aubameyang be injured, suspended or (for this season) cup tied, players such as Welbeck can step up and score goals for Arsenal!
    As for Lemar, given his reputed cost, there are better value players available and available funds should be allocated to acquire a DM and CB or two and a goalkeeper.

  11. We may be slightly better in attack after selling Sanchez and Giroud and getting Aubameyang and Mkhikitaryan. We’ll see.
    But our problem for years has been our defending, and I really don’t see any improvement there.
    So I agree with Keown.

  12. I’m surprised that people here are underestimating spurs again. Are we forgetting our poor record against them recently, keeping in mind our atrocious away form? Yes, we won at home against them this season. Yes, we have been great at Wembley, but I am very worried about this match. They may have had a busier schedule than us, but Arsenal rarely take advantage of such situations. Which Arsenal will show up, the one that beat Chelsea in Carabao or the one that got beaten by Swansea? That should be our biggest concern.

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