‘Spurs need five years of dominance to overthrow Arsenal’

Jamie Carragher has claimed that Arsenal are easily the bigger club, but five or six years below Tottenham in the league could change that.

The Gunners put their rivals to the sword this weekend, beating them 2-0 in a very one-sided match-up, and a number of people insist that the display has shut plenty of our noisy neighbours mouths up.

There was plenty of talk about a power shift in North London in the run-up to the crunch tie, but following an impressive and dominant display by our side, such talk is now being played down.

Jamie Carragher has now claimed that he thinks Tottenham have the edge over us, and will finish higher in the league table than us for the second season running, but a power shift would take years.

“Tottenham I think just have the edge on them,” he said.

“I think they will finish above them this season.

“Power shift? No.

“I think it has to be five or six years where you finish above your rivals.

“A big player, if they had the option between Spurs or Arsenal in the summer, I still think a big foreign player would choose Arsenal.”

Our win this weekend closed the gap between fourth and seventh to only one point, with Tottenham, Liverpool and Burnley joining us currently in the battle for the European places, although many of us will still be hoping to join the race for the title, which currently looks like Manchester City’s to lose.

I expect us to push on with our form now until January, but after that is a conundrum with the expected departure of one of Mesut Ozil or Alexis Sanchez likely to mess with the dynamics of our attack.

Will the duo’s futures dictate our season? Should we expect another year without Champions League football if we cannot manage to keep or satisfactorily replace them this winter? Would we have to accept a power shift after four more years below them in the league table?

Pat J

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  1. Mitch Connor says:

    Why even bring this up now. Ask in 5 years time lol.
    I said this before. 12 years ago we were light-years behind Chelsea and what happened :
    In last 12 years Chelsea have won
    1 Champions League Trophy
    5 Premier League Trophies
    4 FA Cups
    3 League Cups
    1 Europa League Trophy
    (oh and 1 double, I think)
    So anything is possible. However, Spurs don’t have an Abramovic, so we need not worry about that.

    We should worry about OURSELVES. We need a new manager desperately. We will NOT win the Premier League or Champions League with Kroenke and Wenger at the helm. They love each other because they love MONEY too much.

    Have we gone so low that we are Worrying about Spuds?

    1. Arsenal 007 says:

      My thoughts exactly.
      Since we won the Premiere League title last, each Manchester club and Chelsea have won it at least twice…and the freakish, but we’ll deserved Leicester sandwiched somewhere between.
      Forget the past…and strive for greater things. As long as we dwell on the past, we’ll never move forward. Who would have thought in 2004, that Man City would be playing this well? Not me.

  2. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    Why on earth are we more concerned about spuds rather than focusing on our own season???? After every damn game it is about who is the better team in north london.Quite frankly it is crystal clear that we are the best team not only in north london,but in the whole capital city as we have more no. Of combined major honours than even chelski.So for the sake of GOD let’s Stop all this crap about power shift and focus on our own season coz that is more important.All those who want to analyse how others do in their game rather than see and enjoy what their own boys do on the pitch,just go and have a date with the crappy football pundits AKA morons….

  3. Ivan says:

    Let’s not mess about here spuds are sh!t. They have played well over the past couple of years and indeed have had the better team in that time. However they have got a long long way to go before they catch up with our history. Much more than 5 years. We just need the manager and team to up their game on a regular basis, like they did on Saturday. If they do then spuds can eat our dust.

  4. Mobella says:

    Thank God that everybody, are waking up to reality after we beat spurs with everybody that is somebody in game gave us no chance. As mush as i a hate to say it, i think Merson earned my little respect for giving us a fight chance. At least he predicted draw. I agreed with everything carragha says except that it will take 5 years of good performance for spurs to over take us. I think it will take 12 EPL trophies to do that and that might take 50 years.

    1. jon fox says:

      I like your post but would point out that on the matter of PL titles needed by Spurs to overtake us, so far, one title in 56 years equals twelve in 672 years, assuming we win none in that time. So, in flying pig land , we will all be crying that Spurs are North London topdogs in year 2689. But I expect Wenger to still be our manager then, based on the clubs inability to ever make needed changes.

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