Spurs, Newcastle or Everton? Where will Arsenal seal Top Four?

No one thought Arsenal could reach this point considering how they started the season and also losing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Barcelona. But somehow, Mikel Arteta has brought out the best from his players, and they might play in their first UCL for 5 years.

There is still a lot to play for though as Arsenal are not the only ones looking to finish in the top four. They still have 3 games left and those games will not be easy for The Gunners.

Tottenham, Newcastle and Everton.

Knowing Arsenal, It will not be a surprise if Arsenal lose all these games and find themselves in the Europa League. This will be even harder to swallow than the Emery’s top 4 bottling…

My worries


Conte has his team geared up and ready to take a place in the top four. Tottenham recently faced Liverpool and made them drop crucial points which they needed for the title race, a feat that even the most in-form Arsenal couldn’t achieve this season. Liverpool’s great form currently couldn’t stop Tottenham from going home with a point.

Arsenal and Tottenham face off on Thursday, and there is a big chance that Arsenal could be defeated in that game. This is not being negative, the Lane has not been a comfortable place for Arsenal in recent years.

No feeling will be better than winning top 4 at spurs. It will be close up there – like winning the league at the Lane.

If Arsenal can defeat Tottenham, then they will cement their place in the top four. But considering that Tottenham could hold their own against Liverpool, who were favourites to win the league, it goes without saying they are most likely to take all 3 points against Arsenal come Thursday. If Spurs manage a win against us, then there will likely be a swing in momentum.


Newcastle are no longer the club they were at the start of the season and are well above the relegation zone.
Just because Newcastle are not facing relegation, does not mean this will be an easy match for Mikel, but the spanking at the hands of Man City gives us hope we can nick this one.


Frank Lampard’s men are not out of the muddy waters just yet. Wins over Chelsea and Leicester has done enough to get them above the relegation zone, but not enough to keep them out of it permanently.

If this race gets down to the last day with Arsenal hanging on a single point and Everton fighting for survival, then we are in for big trouble, a scanerio spurs will want going into the last game knowing they will be playing against Norwich

In summary Arsenal’s most important game of the remaining season is the game at Spurs. This game has everything in it to be a season changer, even a point at the Lane is a superb result going into the last 2 games

Come on young guns we have another Cup Final in the road to the champions league. There is no better motivation than having the opportunity to cement it at the Lane.

This is not the time for talk of Arteta (or any player) in or out. Come Thursday we are all gearing for everyone representing Arsenal to be encouraged to the hilt. The boys will need us.

I can’t imagine the celebrations!

Gun down

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  1. What will be will be. Who would believe that we will be where we are at this moment after 3 un-explainable defeats. We climbed higher mountains to be here and destiny calls, it does not matter where, Tottenham had a chance to run away with it but couldn’t take it, it means that it is not theirs for the taken.

  2. On our best day, we are better than Spurs, so just need to bring our A game there and beat them on the counters. hey can’t afford to play with back 5 like at Liverpool.
    Also don’t forget Spurs will play Burnley, who right now are much tougher to beat than Everton and will be in a relegation zone while Everton won’t be.
    But overall, fantastic achievement from Mikel and the boys, even if (don’t think so) they finish 5th. COYG.

  3. This is it, everything on the line here.

    Bragging rights, Champions league football, and the size of the pending war chest could all be decided on Thursday.

    One thing we now knows, when the odds are against us and the stake is big, that’s when the gaffer earn his dough

  4. Tottenham’s Ben Davies warned after his side’s draw with Liverpool that the Gunners are under ‘a lot of pressure to keep it [their run of form] up and do it in the remaining games’.

    And, as recorded on social media platform tiktok, a group of Arsenal fans stopped Xhaka in London and asked for his opinion on the upcoming clash.

    Xhaka gave a simple answer. ‘We don’t speak, we do it’.

    Let’s get this done

  5. arsenal and Arteta hardly have answers when they conced 1st goal
    All our last 4 wins we have managed to score 1st and most times when we go behind we hardly had answers
    The first goal is really crucial in this game knowing Tottenham, they are one of the best team at counter attacks going behind and chasing the game could be detrimental…

  6. Tottenham get confused easily, which quickly affects their midfield and defense , our greatest threat is Spur’s attack, if we can stop Kane and Son, we can beat them,

    Somehow I feel Smith-Rowe should replace Oedegaard, we need all the muscle we can get,

    Here’s to winning at white heart lane.

  7. We win in Thursday,it is written in the stars, everything is aligned for us to win!! COYG

    1. Yes am seing it too.

      We must stay compact, they only have two good players.

      Once Xhaka keeps his head its going to be a lovely match, i suspect someone will attempt to wind him up, so Odegaard must keep a close eye on him the stakes too high.

      So many of our players I can see having a great match, forms go out the windows in these local battles

  8. At their turf with a predicted score of 3-2 to Arsenal fc… Happy days are back at the Emirates

  9. We should play deep and compact. We should play for a draw and hit them on the counter attack.

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