Spurs plan aggressive tactics! Arsenal MUST be ready!!

Arsene Wenger is coming up to 18 years in charge of Arsenal, making him the longest serving Premier League manager by a country mile. And our three north London derby victories last season helped the Frenchman to see off two more of his counterparts from White Hart Lane, Tim Sherwood and AVB.

So we have the next challenger, Mauricio Pochettino, who is well aware of the importance of the fixture and of how much of a boost to his team and his relationship with the fans it would be if they went away with any sort of result.

But they are coming into the game in pretty poor form, which is why the Argentinean is focusing his tactics on stopping the Gunners from playing our fluent and creative attacking game. It is not the way he played at Southampton, but needs must and he has already told Sky Sports that he will send his players out to get stuck in.

The Spurs manager said, ““We are focused on the game and know the history. But it is also important to write the history, starting now.

“This is a big game, a tough game, I know. It is always an important game.

“We need to be aggressive and play the game when the referee starts the game and not before. We need to play 90 minutes aggressively and stay focused on our job.”

So the Arsenal players need to be aware of this and be ready to match them, for work rate and desire at least. We don’t need anyone getting sent off, although you would think that was more likely from them, especially if we can play our own game and frustrate them.

With the slow start that Arsenal have made to the season, this game is just as crucial for us, but we have home advantage and the superior quality so as long as we don’t let them bully us in the early stages, it should be four in a row for the Gunners.

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  1. i believe this is another reason we have more injuries than other teams. they cannot match our skill so they get “stuck in”. zidane was great at seeing the malicious tackle coming, and ozil also can do it by jumping out of the way. the others (specially wilshire) needs to learn to see them coming and go into the air.

    [ since that’s just the way it is, i wonder why mr wenger is not more insistent on ensuring he has at least 2 good players at each position? especially defence ? ]

      1. Flamin always looks on the wsge of a red! Btw a read some previous articles and what decent defender would sit on the Arsenal bench?

    1. So this is why Wenger did no buy a DM, right? He was relying Abou to come back, all along. Wenger says he does not regret not signing a DM: “Abou Diaby is a natural resource that I have because he’s a top-quality player. If you look to find better quality players than
      Diaby on the market you will have big problems.”

      Well, let’s all hope and pray Abou lasts, please do not badmouth the guy (Abou).

    1. @dee@eas
      I don’t why someone in is right scenes will thumb u down…..Im sure this are handy work of the scums…. spurs

  2. Man City 6th Spurs 9th
    Liverpool 11th Man U 12th
    Everton 14th. The EPL is
    crazy right now.
    Beating Spurs is essential
    to staying in the hunt especially
    with Chelsea next week.
    Anything other than a win is unacceptable.
    Win tomorrow and we go 3rd as I
    believe Chelsea will beat Villa.

    1. Villa is Chelsea’s bogey team. I hope Roy Keane grills the players for their 3-minute-blow-away game against us last week and the player miraculously pulls off a stunning win.

      I hope God makes my week like last week.

  3. If southampton holds a draw and Chelsea beats Villa, and we beat Spuds then we will be 2nd.
    Although Swansea is in competition but is behind us in GD.

  4. Arsene Wenger should do a Fergie cunning trick, just mention. in parting that he hopes the referee is strong,ie clamp down on the heavy tackles.Whatever you thought of old red nose he was certainty a cunning. old fox.

  5. Some Spu*s fans telling me Lloris is better than Szczesny.

    And than i wonder what’s the use if you have Kaboul-sh*t, Danny-sh*t as your defenders.

    I don’t get it with some on our own fans even.
    Just cause Szczesny wasn’t bought for 20mil like Degea, somehow they think it’s cool enough to hunt him after every loss. He is 23 and making his reputation as the best keeper.

    1. @samo I will never swop sir. Sz with degea… I’m okey with him just only few keepers(not sure they are up to two to be honest) are better than him EPL….or is that comedian that is keeping for Liverpool?

    2. @ sumo
      i have a spurs fan that i train with and he talks sh~t all the time
      at the mo its the same thing he actually thinks scheeza is the worst keeper in the pl
      ha but they are thick !!!

  6. all I want is for us to thrash spurs…. sorry the SCUMS…whatsoever tactics they come with we will surly ready for them.

  7. The spuds visited a local children’s hospital before the North London derby.

    ‘ It’s nice to put a smile on the face of those that are worse off than us’ said David aged 6

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