Spurs scrape the win over Arsenal to close out the Mind Series

Tottenham have clinched a 1-0 win over Arsenal as the Mind Series comes to an end.

Today’s result means that both Chelsea and Spurs end the Series with a win and a draw, while the Blues will likely be hailed as winners for scoring once more than the Whites.

It doesn’t bode well ahead of the new campaign to have lost to both of our rivals, but we shouldn’t read too much into these results, especially with many of our players having been rotated throughout the series.

We started the match badly, but not before long we took a firm grip on things in the first-half, but despite a number of chances, were unable to break the deadlock.

Ben White was most impressive at the back, and it is no surprise that our rivals eventually broke the deadlock after he had left the field.

After the half-time break, Spurs were very-much on top, but it took until around the 80 minute mark for them to finally get the ball in the back of the net. Japhet Tanganga held off our defenders before picking out Heung Min Son, who quickly shifted the ball onto his left before placing his effort beyond his former team-mate at Bayer Leverkusen Bernd Leno.

We definitely need to improve ahead of the Premier League season, as the team we took on today was far from full-strength, but we didn’t have enough about us to claim the victory, and in fact, should maybe have lost by more.


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Very depressing

  2. PJ-SA says:

    Let me guess….it’s only pre season and it doesn’t matter right? The fact that we are 5 days away from the start of the season doesn’t matter right?

    Cheque book rookie is going to need a lot more money, we know he can’t coach his way out of this. Micromanaging doesn’t work!


    1. Gurrosco says:

      cheque book rookie (love that name) will now look forward to signing 10 more defenders!

    2. Durand says:

      First it was “Arteta managing someone else’s players,” now Arteta has hand picked at least 10 players since he started

      That excuse doesn’t work anymore.

      Then it was “he didn’t have a preseason with the team,” well now he has and it’s same trash as last year, still pathetic unproductive Arteta-ball.

      Third it was back to players; “club isn’t supporting him, ”

      Yet both Arteta & Edu talked about their “list” and how ownership and board were supporting them.

      So that excuse doesn’t work anymore, we bid £35 million for Locatelli without selling Xhaka, Torreira, or any midfielder.

      So don’t believe the must sell before buy narrative. Not to mention throwing 20+ million at Ramsdale.

      Arteta is a checkbook manager, micromanaging to the point of killing any creative and fluid play

      1. Gunners4life says:

        On top of the poor results, we are playing lame football now… He is trying to be Pep but he aint one :/

  3. DaJuhi says:

    Strongest possible line up with Saka on bench vs Spurs missing 4 starters. Same was with Chelsea.

    Result? 2 defeats with what, 3 shots on target.

    But hey, we still have time. No wait, season starts in 5 days..?

  4. Gurrosco says:

    We are not calm, we are not sharp, we are not dangerous. Every time the ball comes inside our box, we panic and fumble at the attempt of clearing the ball.

    In the second half, there were mild glimpses of good attacking movement but our midfield lack sharpness. Again, there is also the usual wrong decision-making going around.

    Arteta got his pre-season dream but everything has been uninspiring.

    Personal MOTM, Leno with Pepe close behind.

  5. Twig says:

    A sign of things to come.

  6. kev says:

    Why are players so overrated these days?? What happened to judging from the eye test. Why should Arsenal even be targeting Lautaro Martinez if they want a lone striker. Then when he comes and can’t perform you’ll tell me its not his club’s fault that he cost so much but then he would have no problem taking a big salary. The club is clearly not serious and is always not getting value for money. Arsenal do not spend a lot so if they sign they need to make it count because when the player flops he will be here for some seasons and not immediately replaced as I’m currently seeing in this team. Fans have chosen players over the team. Pathetic

    1. Accurate says:

      Lone striker is what Chelsea prioritised. where all their forward could easily play with……. Martinez is more of Laca and that might not bring much change in approach to our playing style. And I think Arsenal need something of such as well

      1. kev says:

        Lukaku can do anything Arteta wants his striker to do and can do anything Lacazette can also do. Martinez would not be a value for money signing. It would be a poor signing and I’m seeing prices between 60m-80m. If he wants to go big he should sign an actual striker that fits his profile. Martinez is not an actual striker. How many people have actually watched him?? Its all based off the hype.

        1. Ynikobas says:

          Hello Kev, what’s the latest on transfers?

          1. kev says:

            Maddsion, Onana, Tammy Abraham and Martniez being worked on. I’m not saying all four join but I’m sure you get the gist. As I have said already, personally I see Aouar joining. That deal is easy to complete that is why the links have died down. I reported that after White we would move to Maddison which has been the case.

  7. MikeOla says:

    The team was far from full strength. Besides Saka and Partey, don’t think there’s any other first team player missing from Starting Eleven. Its going to be a case of same old Arsenal unless something serious happens as regards the transfer front between now and end of summer window

  8. Websurfer says:

    Relax it’s only a friendly. Very good performances by Lokonga and White. Goal scored when these left.

    1. MartinelliTheBench says:

      Season starts in 5 days son…do you think our play will miraculously change?

      1. Websurfer says:

        Yes that’s for sure.

        1. Stephanie says:

          Our defense is very good but we lack creativity and finishing which means lack of goals

          1. Websurfer says:

            I agree. If we could get a creative midfielder and a striker over the line before the window is closed we would be a better team. If not, Arteta should manage to do with his current squad. Hard work ahead for Arteta. I don’t think Leno should be replaced.

          2. MartinelliTheBench says:

            It’s easy to have a “good” defence when the teams not balanced. It’s clear to all our attack is sacrificed for the defence, so I wouldn’t say our defence is actually good.

            A genuinely solid defence functions well when the team is set up properly, which ours definitely is not.

            Imagine we had more of an attacking set up, our defence would probably be completely exposed. Poor manager, poor coaching.

          3. Websurfer says:

            I know some won’t agree, but I prefer we signed with at tall and fast striker like Tammy Abraham. If Abraham is playing regularly I am convinced, we will see Abraham developing into a very strong striker, the type Arsenal just need. As midfielder I think we should go for Joaquín Correa and/or Sander Berge.

        2. Mat Cook says:

          Expected more from the goons….although was quite an even match for the most part, the arse had a more realistic starting 11 than Spurs, so expected more threat from them, White will be a good signing for you, but Spurs have more to come once Kane (or his replacement), N’dombele, Romero and Gil get into the team. Good preseason work out for both teams, Chelsea outplayed Spurs despite drawing 2-2, but the arse looked the worst of the three

    2. DaJuhi says:

      Yeah, and we couldn’t even test the keeper with our strongest possible line up.

      2 consecutive 8th PLACE finishes. No creativity added eventhough windows been open foe 2 months.


  9. Crowther says:

    If there’s a chance of one playing the ball with his hands,then FA should make it available to xhaka in this arsenal,cozy he has failed to move the ball forward on several occasions with his left foot

  10. Lupus says:

    Same old players making the same old efforts ,as they have under three managers.xhaka, Elnenny and Bellereign. The closing down sale begins soon. If these players are the engine oil ,the warning light should come on soon as there is no oil in our engine.

  11. DaJuhi says:

    Next summer we will lose Lacazette, Elneny, Kolasinac and Chambers for free. That is tens of millions lost in transfer fees yet again.

    Absolutely brilliant business by Arsenal Banter Club once again.

    1. Quincy Okereke says:

      When all we do is call our players shit who is going to pay for them?! Our players are not 10% as bad as the fans think.. it is just the team and how the gaffer set it up.. a lot of things go into winning a football match than most people think.. these players go to other teams and perform because how those teams are set up.. how much support they get from the fans.

  12. Declan says:

    Oh stop it you lot, there were positives but you all crying over a loss to spurs in pre season 😭😭😭 Come on people, get things into perspective!

    1. Oldman-58 says:

      5 days till season starts, there’s your perspective.

      1. Declan says:

        We played spurs at their place with no Gooners in support, we had chances, as they did, we play Brentford on Friday not City! It was a preseason run out. Perspective.

  13. Sid says:

    Had a horrible internet, so could only catch glimpses of the first and second half. One thing which I saw was lack lustre pressing and same non penetrative play.
    Now this might be my bad luck that I only caught those glimpses and the rest might have gone smooth as hell. But still what I saw didnt inspire confidence ahead of the season.

  14. Jah son says:

    I still don’t think Arteta will make it to October. The Arsenal fans have only been silenced by social media. September he Arteta will be gone.

  15. Gawd says:

    This team can’t make Euro…the transition from defense to attack is very poor. Xhaka isn’t good enough, Pablo Mari is a waste…we want to compete with these lots 😂

  16. Labour says:

    Kev!you observed what has become of Arsenal fans, the people don’t support the team but individuals

    1. Highbury Hero says:

      Especially the manager considering what we have seen since he was appointed to today.

  17. Crowther says:

    After reading part of what he said after the game,am here to affirm that we got a pundit not a coach

    1. Gawd says:


  18. Ynikobas says:

    Kev, thanks for the update.

    1. kev says:

      No problemo

  19. Sid says:

    Not being negative for the sake of it, but we better start playing a little more efficiently, whether as a positive back 4 side or a counter atracking back 5 side. Personally I don’t see the merit in our leftback running all the way into the flank and then turning back to pass the ball back.. where is the KT who played so well under Emery? Arteta ball when he came was interesting, now not anymore. It seems to be still in a trial and error phase, and going into the season it might be worrisome. I wont clamour for specific players starting because I believe that thats something which a manager has absolute right to choose. I merely question a style, which at the moment doesnot make sense… too dependent on player profiles, quick to become toothless. All these are my observations from last season, and the only positive that I see at the moment is that new players are good ballers. I have been on the fence with regards to MA since the middle of last season, and I will appologize if MA starts very well (which I very much want) and Arsenal atleast be Top 5 and go far in the cups at the end of the season. But at the moment my bum is shifting to the more unpleasant side of the fence…
    Still Best of luck MA and Arsenal! Please make me eat my words, grovel in dirt whatever, please just stick to one style on the basis of matches, either Mourinho counterattack or Wengerball, please look at all players at our disposal and make up startegies that are suitable to their playstyles, and yeah please finish higher than 8th this season

  20. Voyageur says:

    Would have been a good game to see whether Willock could have reproduced his bench magic from the end of the season.

    White looked good as did ESR and Lonkonga in first half (although both faded in second half).

    Other than that, things looked eerily similar to last season. Difficult to know whether Arteta’s system simply doesn’t match Aubamayang’s strengths or whether he is simply past it/can’t be bothered. He’s a big worry for me.

  21. Gainsy73 says:

    Some players are worth every penny so please go get Maddison this week, we could get 10 years service from this guy & at 7 million per season that would be money well spent, knowing us though we will get someone in who’s up & coming & loan him out for 3 years!!!
    It may be my my imagination, but since Auba signed his new lucrative contract he has been worse on the pitch than Sanogo & Bendtner ever were, he looks uninterested & being our captain that can’t be a good thing, tough times ahead for us this season i foresee

  22. Bruno says:

    Our major issue is the lack of creativity.
    The reason we can’t sell most of these fringe players is because they aren’t good enough. After watching bellerin, whatever clubs are after him will definitely lower what they’re offering.
    Only joe willock has any sort of market value and that’s around 20m.

  23. Aaron says:

    From a post I did on another.

    What did we learn?

    Preseason does not mean jack.

    stan the maN still owns our club.

    AFC can’t create a chance to save it’s life.

    Auba and Laca have never worked together.

    El Neny passes backwards.

    Midfield is slow as $h*tE.

    AMN needs to play at rb or kiss his a$$ goodbye.

    Have not sold anyone yet, years and counting.

    Carved open at the back leisurely.

    Have not purchased a CAM yet.

    Expect a different outcome from this mess, and well, you can complete the sentence!

  24. jon fox says:

    What a load of silly fuss over two mere pre season warm up games played by very different starting elevens from those who will begin the Prem season proper.

    Such a fuss over nothing of import at all, IMO. But am I even remotely surprised? Of course not!

    I expected nothing better or at least half sensible from easily and prematurely agitated fans.

    1. Sir Michael says:

      Well foxy if we can’t beat Brentford we might as well fasten the seatbelts cause it will be a bumpy ride

  25. Reggie says:

    Ok, thats the preseason warm up games done, i hope we got out of them what we had to, now for the real games and judgement time. Looking forwards to Artetas new Arsenal and new ideas to kick us back into top 4 and title challengers. Looking forwards to attacking exciting play to utilise the exciting players we have. Bring it on!

    1. SueP says:

      So am I Reggie otherwise I’ll be jumping ship

      1. Reggie says:

        Sue P, i will judge what i see according after Friday but only people who dont understand preseason make stupid statements that they know nothing about. What do they know about what each team did for preparing for that day. One team may have had their rest day or light training, the other a full hard days training on the same day, fans know nothing about what training teams have done on that day, that they wont on proper game days.

  26. Ade says:

    Real game can’t be compared with a preseason match, Preseason matches come with two different line up first half not the same as second half. Substitution, approach and mental/psychology towards the game. Our judgement as a fans should start on Friday when we play our first game. Meanwhile, I am not giving excuse for the team because I know new signing in the attack department is still muchneeded.

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