Spurs star heaping praise on Arsenal? The Wenger effect

Arsene Wenger has achieved some great things in the two decades that he has been the manager of Arsenal, and before to be fair as he did forge a good reputation which got him the job and he won the French Ligue 1 and the French cup with Monaco as well as two cups in Japan with Nagoya Grampus 8.

There have been all sorts of stories about and praise of the Frenchman in recent weeks because of the amazing 20th anniversary as Gunners boss, but his latest trick could be even more remarkable than his trophies, doubles and even the invincible Premier League winning season in 2003-04, because Wenger has managed to get a Tottenham player enthusing about the brilliant football that Arsenal play, as reported by the Evening Standard.

Danny Rose the Spurs and England left back is the player in question and he was talking about the prof after our manager was linked with the England job, so Rose clearly had other reasons for his comments but the fact is that he has ended up heaping praise on his club´s biggest rivals.

He said, “I’d welcome whoever is being linked with the job. What he’s done for Arsenal over the last 20 years has been brilliant, the football that Arsenal play is breathtaking to watch at times.

“If he was to ever become manager of England that could certainly do wonders for the country.

“It would be great to have a manager like him with all the experience he has got. I’d be all for that.

“There are Arsenal players in the England camp, it doesn’t mean that I don’t speak to them.

“My best friend in football is Danny Welbeck and he plays for Arsenal so just because Arsene Wenger has been manager of Arsenal, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. It’s about having the best man for the job.”

Maybe Welbeck should think about giving Rose an Arsenal shirt signed by Wenger for christmas.


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  1. Wayne Barker says:

    Wish our fans appreciate him the same way and not blow hot and cold every alternative month. It’s so sad that people boo him one week then cheer him other week. Without wenger there wouldn’t have been no arsenal football club and some new age jokers don’t get that.

  2. MrBrook says:

    I think our fans do appreciate him but the lack of player purchases every season with the money fans pay and the massive bank balance suggest the club are not serious about winning things or progressing to the next level. Wenger is complicit in this, he has excuses for not buying players in key positions everybody and their dog knows we need and only gets the cheque book out when we take a drubbing. Our squad is usually thread bare and we rely on crock players too often. We miss out on great players just because he won’t pay that little bit extra, just look at Suarez, he wanted to come and a few million more would have sealed it, what’s a few million more when you are paying £40m anyway. It’s the frustration of the stubbornness and it happens every year.

    Anyway, things seem to have changed slightly this year, he bought the players, made an effort (well, we could have done with a top striker but maybe next year) and I think fans are willing to give him a chance again. That’s my view anyway.

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