Spurs star issues another apology to Martinelli

Tottenham attacker Richarlison has continued to issue apologies to Gabriel Martinelli after snubbing the Arsenal man’s handshake during the feisty North London derby at the weekend.

Richarlison did not start the game and the Arsenal man did. At some point in the fixture, Martinelli went to take a set piece and Richarlison was warming up close to the area.

The Gunners attacker extended a hand for his compatriot to shake, but the Spurs man did not accept and the game went on, with cameras later showing the incident.

He apologised after the game and has now tendered a new apology.

The Spurs man posted an image on Instagram of them wearing a shirt together called a t-shirt of union and an inscription on it reads:

‘T-shirt of union. If you fight, you must wear it. Apologize. Hug it out. Say “I love you”.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Richarlison acted in the heat of the moment, even though he seems to be one of the most controversial players around.

Martinelli is a good boy and it is up to him whether he should forgive his fellow countryman, some players get too emotional in matches.

We need to focus on preparing for our next game after beating Spurs and we need no distractions.

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  1. Richarlison has shown time and again he is a hot-headed spoiled man-child, and enjoys celebrating, but can’t bear to be on the receiving end.

    Forgive him, but understand who he is and don’t expect him to be a saint. Richarlison getting more press from this than his play, which speaks volumes.

  2. If there is any player I hate it’s Richarlison. Even before he was at Spurs.
    He’s a total dick.
    Rolls about making out he’s fouled or injured.
    He’s embarrassing.

    And action should be taken against him in the Ramsdale incident.

  3. Richarlison reminds me of Diego Costa. An absolute muppet on the pitch – one of the most unlikeable players you’ll come across – but from everything I’ve read, a thouroughly decent bloke and class act off the pitch. Maybe he needs to act the villain to get the motivation.

    Having said that, how he seems to have escaped punishment for his afters on Ramsdale on Sunday makes no sense to me

    1. Richardson or whatever his name is should also apologize to our goalkeeper for disrespecting him and actually instigating the trouble that followed. FA should punish also.

  4. He’s got to be so frustrated. Big player for Brazil. Massive £60 million summer move. Gone from being top dog at Everton to being a bench warmer at Spurs.

    1. Yeah, that too at the lowly spuds. Can understand being a benchwarmer at Barca, real, Bayern, City etc

      1. I don’t like Richardson behaviour in the field although he’s a good player,he behaves like haland,

  5. The FA are corrupt beyond the joke – £40000 fine for Arsenal asking for a penalty, yet nothing for Richarlison slapping our man in the face, and inciting violence from a fan???

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