Spurs legend SLAMS Arsenal fans over Wenger abuse

The anger and frustration of all Arsenal fans has been bubbling ever since the Gunners failed to build on the opening day win over Crystal Palace. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster that’s for sure, with a few wins in a row to get us believing – and then a dismal performance or bad result to knock us down again.

So with some Arsenal fans getting the `Wenger out` campaign going again just months after the Frenchman signed a new three year contract with the club, there was always going to be a strong reaction to Arsenal losing to Stoke City on Saturday, even though a strong second half performance might have earned us at least a point if not for the harsh sending off of Calum Chambers.

But the reaction from one group of Gooners as the Frenchman went to board a train back to London was perhaps stronger than expected and, according to former Tottenham striker and current TV pundit Gary Lineker, it went beyond the realms of acceptable protest as a BBC report explains.

Lineker tweeted, “Just saw the Wenger abuse video.

“Disgustingly disrespectful and totally inexcusable, regardless of any football results.”

Many people in the game, not just Arsenal fans, feel that Wenger deserves more respect after his years of service to the club and that he has overseen the recent lean years better than any other manager could. But football fans have always been able to have their say about the state of the club on of off the pitch, so where do you draw the line?

Personally I think the banners and such like at the Emirates, while not conducive to a positive atmosphere, are perfectly acceptable if that is how people feel. After all, we are the ones who spend our own money, and lots of it. But the personal abuse and insults, for me, are stepping over the line and the most successful manager in Arsenal history deserves better.
What do you guys think?

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    1. That is the power of fans’ frustration. those fans paid their way to stoke to watch it all happen… Excuse their madness. Wenger always excuses his own too. They don’t sit in the boardroom, they keep seeing the management make schoolboy mistakes like our defense on the pitch. Boo and shout for a change is all they can do and Dont you dare say they’ve not been patient. wait until end of season when we pip NUFC to the last Europa spot before you realize you should have shouted in that train station in December. I don’t pity Wenger, he’s had more time than any manager ever did in the European top flight to get results, he just runs his own program and tells the board he will fill the stadium. Guess what? he is no longer invincible let him begin to feel what mid table managers like Pardew and Aladice feel afterall his got us playing like a mid table team finally.

    2. Honestly, on one hand i don’t believe Wenger can get us to the tilte, but on the other hand, i still think we can’t aim for anything else than top 4 even if we have Pep or Klopp or whoever. As long as our competitors still spend much more money than us and we are still owned by Kroenke, it’s hopeless. It doesn’t make sense if we are top of the league with these players. Compare every position and we are always the weakers. MU throws a bag of money to the market and they get back to top 3 right away. You will see, those phenomenons like Southampton will get back to its real position when the season end. Football is all about money now, unless you luckily produce a golden age of players.

    1. FOYS indeed. They know if things progress at this rate at Arsenal, we shall soon crash o the earth and burn completely, then they (Spurs) can trample on us.

      Honestly, I don’t see Spurs as our Rivals. The fact that both clubs are in North London don’t make us equals. We are Arsenal and we are a big club, but most fans only started supporting AFC like 4 or 5 years ago and they just do not know the history of Arsenal.

      Wenger is undoing his good deeds and it’s so bad.

      1. Dude you are delusional. You become a big club by getting results and maintain your status same way. I started supporting Arsenal in 1996 and I have had all sorts of emotions for Arsenal. This is the first time in 18 years I am this pissed at the coach and the club. Even my dog knew we would get into trouble this season defensively but Wenger arrogantly told us we have managed zero games and we don’t know sh_t. We manage to get trounced every season because we have a manager that claims to know all and win nothing in 9 years and you have a chip on your stupid shoulder over the ‘Spud’? At least Daniel Levy is desperate to get things right, tell me Arsenal are desperate to get things right and I will believe you. Loyalty is being abused by the management of AFC.

        It was alright when we couldn’t afford to buy… we all understood but when pridefull arrogance is Wenger’s response for getting us trounced, I dare say its time to go. He’s now stayed too long at the club and takes us for granted just like we are begining to take him for granted. Let him just go somewhere else and be the best thing since slice bread.

  1. I think Lineker, Carrick, Wrighty, Winterburn….the list is constantly growing….are all correct, although the AOB’s can’t even respect their views. Completely over the top behaviour. If the AOB’s want to have an impact then DONT GO TO ANY MORE MATCHES, DONT RESELL YOUR TICKETS and PROTEST PEACEFULLY OUTSIDE THE STADIUM. If as is claimed the AOB’s are in the majority (no where close in my view) then it will be visible for all to see.

    1. People like you who are happy with 4th and happy to pay absurd money to the club for fourth spot are the real problem. Because if every Arsenal fans felt 4th isn’t good enough we wouldn’t be there. But why would you do something to help the club move forward. If you are happy with every miserable performance, go support spurs. Arsene needs to be sacked asap

      1. Not the point and your assessment of my opinion on things is completely wrong, but I can’t be arsed to explain to an emotive little sheep.

        I asked why you don’t you boycott the games, give up your ticket, protest outside the stadium. It would have a massive impact if youre real fans and there’s as many AKB’s as claimed. That’s how to create change but in a respectful way.

        Not answering the question suggests it ain’t an option for you?

    2. The day Wenger Leaves, THERE WILL BE A MASS EXODUS OF AKBs from ArsenaL Fc……… And that would be great!

      1. Lol. You do talk a lot of rubbish m8.

        2 points…..

        1. I think you’re gonna be waiting a long time. Arsene won’t resign, the board won’t sack him and you’re trashy, bully boy tactics seem to be creating such global comdemnation by everyone except of course you’re fellow (minority of) morons, that your just an embarrassment.

        2. Who’s next….Arsene, the team, the board and now AKB’s….surely as an Arsenal hater there must be others to add to the hate list. The kit man perhaps? Pathetic.

  2. I do not condone the behaviour of the fans at the train station, it was completely disrespectful. But they represent a minority of the general fanbase, therefore it should not be indicative of what the majority of Arsenal supporters do on their way back from matches. However if reports are correct and fans are genuinely not being allowed to peacefully protest at home matches so as to maintain the status quo, then the propaganda really starts within the emirates.

    I read somewhere that previously anti usmanov banners were allowed into the emirates but the recent ones haven’t been allowed, if this is true it reinforces certain opinion that arsene remains untouchable within the club

  3. I went to the video expecting
    to see 500 hundred fans swarming
    all over the platform punching and
    kicking Wenger then setting the train on fire.
    However there seems to be about three
    fans there one of whom yells out “Fack off Wenger”
    and some one else calls out to Campbell
    “get out now mate”
    Heck every away game Wenger gets abuse
    from 30 – 40,000 of our opponents fans.
    Weak, lame, pitiful. Wenger is getting it too easy.
    Wenger will be saying “this is great there is no opposition
    to me I will stay another ten years” 🙁

  4. They could have been Chelsea fans wearing Arsenal kit for all I know. After their hooligans dismantled restaurants and likes in Paris after their 3-1 loss to PSG, nothing is beyond them.

    Who am I kidding? Ofcourse they were Arsenal fans. Just don’t want to believe they are a part of Arsenal. It’s more depressing than shameful. Our fans are more like grown up babies.

  5. Yes those guys were wrong but i fear that as the anger builds up from the fans they may take the next level by beating him up or attacking the players physical.wenger and board have forced the fans to not raise their voices on what they dont like,but if you look at every big club fans have a say why not at arsenal?

  6. I just wish that he would just step down himself, because we all know he doesn’t deserve to be treated with disrespect.
    However, one can say that he will bring it upon himself if he doesn’t step down.

  7. The guys were right to go there
    and tell him to Fack off.
    Wenger has lost his nerve and
    can not compete with the top tier now.
    The AKB’s like Wenger have lost their
    nerve too and fear the white hot heat
    of competing for the title. So they keep talking about 2004.
    They say the club has no money yet the club is the 5th richest in the world
    has a 160 mill wage bill a manager paid 8 mill p/y and has the highest
    ticket prices in the world.
    They comfort themselves with 4th by saying
    Arsenal plays better football and the winning clubs
    buy their trophys and have plastic fans.
    Anything but admitt that Arsenal
    is a 2nd tier Premier league side
    and has not won a major trophy in 10 years.
    Pathetic 🙁

    1. You can always get money by bank loan (we still have 30 mils debt) why not? So, Southampton is a 2tier EPL side? Or West Ham? Or Liverpool? By your judgement there are 3 teams in 1st tier and the rest up to 20 is the 2nd tier. Yet Newcastle – a second tier team – beat the wannabe invincible last weekend. Funny how the oldest trophy in the world is not a major trophy especially when the same wannabe invincibles won nothing last year. Same goes for Liverpool. Pathetic indeed.

  8. A few weeks ago most newcastle fans wanted pardrew out now look where newcastle are and can you hear them fans now, don’t get me wrong im unhappy with some results but will always stick by arsenal through thick and thin . we still need to sort out why every season most of the team gets injured and stuffs us up , we need a dfm who can cover cb if injuries,
    flamini is crap at dfm no pace but yet ended up putting him at right back wtf, still need that world class striker every top team has

      1. of course , i get frustrated at the fact we buy 1 decent player and then all the pressure sits on their shoulders i feel for sanchez every game he works his arse off and he looks like he annoyed by some of the other players who aint up to it we have a decent squad but we need 1st team cdm and a striker and a decent cb , look at bayern benatia,boateng, martinez, dante all being played at cb but our only decent cb is kos ,its not good enough i like mert but he aint gonna help us win the league , would love arsene to finish this season with at least 1 more trophy and then try bring in pep guardiola he’s the only manager similar to arsenal’s style but i think he would need a promise from the board for big funds

    1. but do you think without the added pressure on pardew and the team the results would have picked up? if there’s no pressure to succeed then you get abject performances imo. I don’t think there’s enough pressure being applied to the board from the fans, then from the board to the manager, or the manager to the players, hence the cycle of fourth place

      1. And why not? Pressure can’t generate success if it’s repeated over and over again on the same subject. It’s like saying that applying repeated pressure over an apple tree branch will make it carry more apples.
        Kudos to Pardew and their boss for not giving into the pressure. Smart move.

        1. I cant quite understand your analogy, or specifically its relevance to the topic. There is increased pressure now because we have the financial acumen to be challenging but our performances reflect a team worse off than last year, how is this so? I would argue that under pressure managers at chelsea have been able to deliver a vast amount more trophies than arsene, you could counter this with the amount of money spent but then surely you could also argue that rarely did managers get longer than a two year stay to mould a team and win a trophy, which they did on a regular basis. Wenger has been her 17 years and personally I believe the quality of football witnessed so far this season has been the worst since i can remember. I don’t know what newcastle fans expect from their team each season, but i know that arsenal fans expect more than 4th place, or at least we are given hope that we should be challenging for the title and that is essentially what it boils down to

  9. Who cares what that spud has to say ! He has no right to judge or comment on our fans and instead should do what he does best sh#tting himself !

    1. Phew. I suppose then you are not English. But even so, Lineker is always class. He played in a time when hooligans were the real deal and not pu$$ies hiding behind a screen on the internet.

      1. I’m English and attend games at the emirates,supported our great club for forty years.any spud has no right to make comments on our club and instead should focus on there own two bob outfit.did golden boy Gary comment on twitter ref the recent fire at the workplace holding out against the pressure from the spuds fans and board to sell there business so they can build a new stadium,no thought not ! FOYS

        1. Did Gary also take to twitter last season to condemn the spuds fans who beat up two sixteen year old arsenal fans after the game at shite hart lane ,again no !

        2. Then you should be ashamed. Not only because Lineker played for the country but also for your quick shift in supporting (or whatever you call by support) the club.

  10. When Wenger first came to the club he united the fans by building a winning team with great players now he has divided them by failing to buy a team capable of winning the league.

    1. “failing to buy a team” …………… wow, the modern armchair punter mentality, says it all really.

  11. Yes he deserves respect and maybe the fans shoudnt have gotten that far but even wenger saw that coming, i think there is a level of corruption in our board we are not sensing and wenger knows about it…y would fans be stopd 4rm protesting peacefully at bad management? Y has the board turned a blind eye to all recent events and instead are tryin to cover it up? There are alot of questions to be asked and answered here unfortunately wenger is closer to the fans

  12. The board will not allow a peaceful protest at home games so in a way they are escalating the level of protests at away games.

  13. so what was that turd Liniker was saying about Totenham fans BOO’ING 15 managers they had in the last 17 years, in all that time we just had AW.

  14. Last night I watch Carragher analysed Mertesacker performance against Stoke.
    I was never a fan of the “big f*cking P*ssy German” (thought he was already too slow for W.Bremen), but I did not take him for a coward. Bellerin had more “bones” than that “large useless tree”.
    Those are the kind of players like… Weak (like him), with no personality (like him) and no passion (like him).

    I listened to a proper analysis (not like here… Even Savage is a pundit… This is how far the joke has gone) from some French sports programs… And they were depicting the CB pairs when playing together.
    Koscielny gets most of the card and the own goal “just” because the German cannot get in position fast enough or is not bothered… Basically Koscielny is working for 2 CB…

    I have always said, we have 2 or may be 3 world class players… Koscielny, Sanchez and Ozil…
    Wilshere is may be the worse player I have seen wear the number 10 shirt for Arsenal…

    Another thing was Louis Van Gaal comment after their win last night.
    He replaced one of his players after 30 something mins and he said ” I had to replace him as he had no confidence. He gave away 3 balls and it was too much… I feel sorry, I feel sorry for him, he will learn… But my duty as a manager is to win”

    I am not a Man United fan (but I like Van Gaal. Wenger is not in the same league, not even near), but the last bit of his comment almost “shocked” me…

    I never heard “the deluded one” said something even close to that.

    Regarding the abuse, I can understand it and each person express him/herself in his/her own way. They were talking about all those big clubs wanting him before (a bunch of lies and unproven facts… May be propagated by the Arsenal press of some fans s*cking Wenger c*ck on a daily basis), he would have got some abuse from those fans too…

    He should have left after the FA Cup win… I don’t know what he thought he could achieve again (He is not going to win the BPL ever again and will never clinch the CL, that would not happen…)

  15. Next Summer or before, we are losing:
    Cazorla (Atletico Madrid- Verbal agreement already made)
    Coquelin (Terms agreed with Rennes)
    Bellerin (Real Sociedad)
    Jenkinson (If he keeps playing like that West Ham will pay the £6millions needed. He knows he won play under the “fake manager”).
    And may be Ozil (he just want to get the f*ck out… Clear to see).

    Arteta got a extension… WHY???????
    Mertesacker got an extension… WHY??????

    Diaby? The eternal excuse to not bring a DM… !!!!!!!!

    Would Sanchez be at the club next season with no CL and in a rubbish team???
    As a matter of fact, would Koscielny still be around???

  16. am glad everyone is shocked, I know someone is finally paying attention to the “thoroughly ignorant ” arsenal fan and you see, that’s just the beginning of fan ignorance that one Mr. hill was so much in a hurry to reveal.

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