Spurs TOO confident ahead of Arsenal clash?

Going on the recent form of Arsenal and Tottenham you would have to make the spuds favourites to win the north London derby set to take place at White Hart Lane this Sunday, especially as they also have the advantage of playing at home, but to listen to some of their fans, players and Mauricio Pochettino you could be forgiven for thinking that the three points were already in the bag.

Confidence can help you in football, of course, as it can in any sport or other facet of life, but just like with anything you can have too much of a good thing and too much confidence can also lead to complacency, as we Arsenal fans have learned to our cost many a time.

I also quite like it when the Gunners are tagged as the underdogs as it takes the pressure off our players and at the same time gives them an extra reason to go out and prove themselves on the pitch, which is exactly what we saw at Wembley last weekend.

So when you have The Mirror reporting that the Tottenham boss is dismissive of the challenge from Arsenal and is thinking of bigger things, while Sky Sports reports Erikssen talking up their title challenge as if they have already beaten us then I have to suggest that the spuds are way too sure of themselves and I hope that this attitude comes back to bite them as well as firing up the boys in red and white.

Sam P.


  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    NLD -: “of Confidence, Bottling & Lackadiasical things”

  2. Jerick says:

    If we do not get out there and be physical with them and fight until the last whistle then we’ll be leaving without a point. Players like Walker, Wanyama, Dembele and Vertonghen will be very physical. I can only name Kos and probably Gabriel from our team who plays a bit rough. Otherwise they are all softies.

    1. Frank says:

      Xhaka could slide in for a few and stick Gabriel on Alli.
      I wouldn’t be playing Ozil or Walcott in this one. No cowards, we need everyone defending.

  3. Garry fox says:

    Getting desperate? Poch wasn’t dismissive of Arsenal….he just said that finishing above Arsenal wasnt what the target was. Maybe if Arsenal had a manager and fans who saw challenging for the title as a priority and showed more ambition than winning the Fourth Place Cup, you might not be in danger of slipping into midtable mediocrity. Spurs aren’t looking at who they are above….they are looking at who they are behind.

    1. MANTAK says:

      You sound like you’re an authority on the subject of mid table mediocrity….make the most of this season sunshine as this maybe the last time you finish above arsenal for another 20 years…

  4. BB says:

    after watching Sanchez actions last night I don’t think he will be joining the realms of tough guys for the goobers any time soon. What a puff…Consider the dignity Seamus Coleman has shown though his injury and compare ….Sanchez might be a good player but he is a fvcking embarrassment

  5. Frank says:

    F#%k I hope we win.

  6. jamiebar says:

    What a lot of total rubbish. Poch’s comments come from journalists continuously asking him whether this ‘this will finally be the year that he finishes above Arsenal’ and quite rightly so he has his sights to aim higher. Frankly just finishing about you would be a wooden spoon achievement if that was all he managed. Over confident ? What on earth are talking about!
    No one from Spurs are talking remotely close to having 3 points in the bag, the are just trying to look beyond it as you would if you were are 4 points off Chelsea with 5 games to go & want to put mental pressure on them. Chelsea will win it anyway as Spurs will drop points somewhere, maybe Sunday so it will be irrelevant anyway. Agree going in as underdogs can act as an advantage but the rest of your article is complete tosh.

  7. Adir Avraham says:

    Spurs Physically are by far the fittest team in the PL.They dont just play they grind teams out with non stop physical stuff.Arsenal will have to sit back and defend otherwise they will end up in a humiliating historical defeat. Its the last derby at The Lane. They will do anything to win.

  8. kelleson says:

    This is the kind of match Arsenal normally win, when u have given up on them they come with supprise. Am 60% sure that Arsenal will win against Spur. With this formation we are playing now am sure we can deal with any team. Sunday is the judgement day….

  9. Javier says:

    I just dont care win or loose I am tired the same all B/S

    1. Dr Livingston says:

      leave then, no one is stopping you!!

  10. big g says:

    Spurs have a right to mouth off, after so many years in Arsenals shadow they are finally going to finish above us and there is nothing we can do about it (lets hope they don’t win the league). As arsenal fans we have given them a torrid time over the years being top dog in north london and as much as I really don’t like them or the way they play the game they have done enough this season to win the bragging rights (a big thanks to Wenger and his brigade of underachievers including Kroenke). Lets hope for a bout of food poisoning.

  11. RichSAAlao says:

    If here is the only place a new fan gets informed, he would be dazed now by the fact that everything is Wenger fault.

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